Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Loving our bodies and who we are

Today, many of us share a common dilemma: not liking our bodies, or who we are!

This is like a hereditary disease, but instead of inheriting it from our parents, we inherit it from society's myopic and dysfunctional focus on external form alone.

'How do you measure up?', is a comment made by egos to other egos, creating a constant, pervading sense of restlessness and unease with oneself.

We feel judged, criticised and condemned... and we do the same to others!

Many people, men and women alike, don't like many things about themselves: their height, their weight, their nose, their belly, their hips or legs... the list is practically endless.

Whatever your perceived flaws, these strong dislikes of self are often brought about by through erroneous conditioning. The underlying premise is that the body 'shouldn't be' like it is... that life shouldn't be the way it is.

So, how can we move into loving our bodies, and who we are?

Firstly, whatever it is that you don't like about yourself, deeply realise that non-acceptance of yourself is what is causing suffering. By focusing on the external form alone, you cause yourself to separate from your Source, which is unconditional Love, and fall into a type of spiritual darkness.

When you move through life as a meditative experience, seeking to understand inner essence over the mere outer form, you naturally become aligned with your own Source, and harmony replaces dis-ease in body and mind.

Your own demons naturally begin to fade away in the brilliance of your own Light. They are merely dark shadows which have no real substance.

Some things can certainly be changed -- for example, if you are overweight, you can begin to exercise and eat more healthy foods, and cut out unhealthy foods. Yet, some things cannot be changed... and we should not try. For example, if you are a fully grown adult and are 5'9", you cannot make yourself taller, and be 6'0". Feeling bad, and then punishing yourself by beating yourself over the head with an imaginary stick because you are not 'tall enough', are pointless exercises that diminish your vitality, because you are fighting your own energy and expression.

A fish swims, a bird flies! A fish doesn't try to fly, and a bird doesn't try to swim, and they don't feel 'bad' because they aren't able to, or that their form is somehow unsuited to living life to its fullest. A small fish doesn't have a complex when it meets a bigger fish. No such comparison exists. These ideas and comparisons only exist in the human mind that has disconnected itself from a greater understanding of life.

The crucial point to understand is this: all external forms are transient. Only the Inner Self is stable and unchanging, as the witness to all we are experiencing.

If your body is presently young, strong and vibrant - by all means enjoy it. Yet, be strive to be constantly alert to the impermanent nature of life, for how will you react when you notice that your body is aging as more and more grey hairs start appearing? Will you have compassion for yourself, knowing this is a shared experience by all beings and, indeed, all forms of life? Or will you identify yourself as 'old, and become anxious or depressed, rushing to cover those signs of aging up at once?

Life simply 'is' - and life moves in greater and lesser cycles, which we are a part of, not apart from. Understanding your true essence, and letting go of the desire to constantly control the ever changing nature of forms, including your own, brings great freedom.

The key is to love and accept who you are right now, and your present form, whether you are strong or weak, big or small, short or tall, young or old - and to love your form as it changes throughout the days, weeks and years to come.

By dropping all negative comparison, and all negative sense of competition with others, which is a type of mental sickness, you will be free to harness your inner potential, and cultivate your gifts and abilities, enjoying who you are today, and who you will be in the future.

Only by loving yourself will your true power will shine forth, and all suffering end.

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director

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