Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Law of Attraction: Letting Go of Clock Time

Those new to the path of healing through energy/vibration will often say, "I've been doing this 'x amount of time', and nothing much has changed."

Whether it's money, health, or relationships, it's a common mistake to put a timeline on things, and then experience disappointment.

The thoughts and feelings you have, on any subject, indicate your vibrational set points... whatever you've attracted, or are attracting, up until now reflect those frequencies.

If you want to change the results you're seeing in your life, then you have to change your innermost thoughts and feelings... your innermost frequencies.

Doing the inner work means you have to learn to stay rooted in the now, and CONSISTENTLY hold a new frequency for long enough to see a new result manifest, whether in terms of your health, a positive shift in a relationship, or greater financial and spiritual abundance...

Always remember, your life is playing out according to the dominant frequencies you hold within. To change the results you are experiencing, you have to be able to identify and change the frequencies you're holding.

Life is always changing but if you keep unconsciously choosing the same thoughts, then you might believe that life is relatively static. If you stagnate, then life stagnates. The river no longer flows, it becomes ice...

Learn to flow again by becoming aware of your inner frequencies, and consciously changing them as life takes you down different pathways... allow changes to happen through you, spontaneously and effortlessly.

It is your own resistance to change that keeps you stuck, nothing else.

When you step onto the healing path, remember this at all times: results do not manifest according to man-made 'clock time', they manifest in 'vibrational time', when all the vibrational aspects line up. Your job is keep focused and alert to your thoughts and feelings/emotions, the Universe will take care of the rest.

So, give your undivided attention to the now, and keep fine tuning the frequencies of your life!

That's the way to have the most fun, playing this Game we call Life.

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director

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