Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Are you content with your lot?

Many self development gurus, usually those exclusively focused on the goal of making more money, perpetuate the false idea that 'your income always reflects how you see yourself,' but this is an overly simplistic view of reality and, if you buy into this belief, you may actually magnify any sense of lack you may feel already.

Truly, it is your feeling of contentment or discontentment that reflects how you see yourself, which actually has very little to do with how much you earn. You may have little, in terms of material wealth, but feel happy and at peace. Conversely, you may have a lot materially speaking but feel unhappy and restless.

Beyond a certain amount of prosperity, the need to earn more is often driven by the ego's fragmented sense of self - yet no amount of money will be enough to 'complete you', and make you feel whole. Money and material goods may bring a temporary sense of contentment, freedom and even power, but they cannot sustain it.

Only a connection to one's spiritual self will bring true and lasting peace, and the ability to enjoy money and material goods when they do come.

If you are in love with life, enjoying what you have, and sharing it with others whenever you can, then you are truly prosperous in both heart and mind.

If you do find you want more in terms of material wealth, there is nothing 'wrong' in that. However, you will allow greater abundance to flow into your experience by understanding and applying the power of gratitude.

True and lasting prosperity can only be found in the celebration of the eternal NOW.

Jaime Tanna

Founder and Director

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