Monday, March 10, 2014

Meditation is not escapism

The world is in crisis and we are being forced to 'wake up' and take ownership of our mess. No longer can we idly sit by and let others take charge - especially can we no longer sit by and watch the old consciousness do what it has always done.

As one goes inward, one reaches outward; this is the key thing to understand.

We are all being called to reach inward, to find precious inner resources, so we can all - together - help shape a magnificent, new paradigm; we can call this process of going inwards "meditation".
Recently, however, I have heard people saying that we must take action, that too many people are just 'meditating' on life. It seems that the true understanding of  meditation has been lost!

Meditation, in the true sense, is not escapism!  

It has a vital role to play in the awakening consciousness of this planet. The act of meditating is not a separate event, isolated from 'what we do' in our day to day lives.

The purpose of meditation is to help the individual find the real self, and achieve a quiet, calm rooted-ness that is unshakeable. A mountain cannot be jettisoned around like a leaf in the wind.

Meditation allows an individual to tap his or her highest potential. It helps an individual to remember the truth of his or her being - and what is that truth??

That we are the waves of ONE SEA.

Meditation is about finding stillness and, paradoxically, taking action from that inner stillness.

There are many ways to meditate...

The person who is truly doing meditation will experience a sense of interconnectedness and oneness with all of life, and will thus feel COMPELLED to TAKE ACTION to help life progress.

He will want to help his fellow neighbour... she will want to help her community... we will all want to take 'right action', and thus help the world...

Meditation is not about ESCAPISM. Going to yoga class, which is really a type of meditation, is not about ESCAPISM.

If you are meditating, whether practising asanas on the yoga mat or doing some other form of meditation, be alert to your intention. Notice if you trying to escape your challenges, your troubles... or if you are willing to face them and transmute them.

Notice if meditation brings you into a state of compassion for self and others. If so, you will feel compelled to move into right action after a period of stillness.

Conversely, there are still many today who are taking action to COMPENSATE for their own vibrational misalignment. They have no awareness of the 'inner' self. This type of action is, at best, ineffective. At its worst, it is draining.

If you are not aware, you will run around trying to be of service but you are unable to truly give because you are giving from the small self, and not the Greater Self.

Meditate, then take action.

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

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