Thursday, March 06, 2014

Life is about two subjects - wanted and unwanted

Life is always about two subjects - wanted or unwanted. Oftentimes it seems overly simplistic to the beginner to the "law of attraction" to ask 'what do I want?' but this first step of identifying one's desire clearly is crucial.

Most people bounce around in their negativity for too long, without giving purposeful attention to their desires.

In this world of "duality" - i.e. hot/cold, up/down, left/right, big/small - we cannot avoid unwanted situations for long. Notice for yourself.

Contrasting, or unwanted, situations bring us expansion. In the moment that a problem comes into focus, the solution is also birthed, but we can't see it because we are focused on the problem, which has a totally different frequency to the solution.

"Night" and "Day" are very different frequencies.

In the moment that you experience unwanted, breathe. Then ask,  'what do I really want?' and relax into it. Just by asking this question, it can bring much needed relief.

Sometimes, it an easy matter to identify what you really want. At other times there will be layers of understanding to work through before the core issue becomes apparent.

If you can get into the practice of identifying what you want, clearly and without resistance, it must come to you.

The Universe always answers your request, so you just have to ALLOW it. This is the most important part in 'vibrational' time.

Most people go back to their unwanted, dominant patterns of thought and hold themselves apart from their desires. Unconsciously they go back to the focusing on the ABSENCE of their desire.

They manage to identify their desire but then ask 'WHEN is my desire coming?', not knowing the answer, and they ask 'HOW is my desire coming?', also not knowing the answer.

When you ask 'when?' and 'how?', this often trips up your vibration, and frustrates your desires, because it focuses your mind back on the absence of your desire.

'When' exactly, and 'how' exactly, is the Universe's job, not yours! If you can trust this perfect relationship, knowing your desire has already been answered in the perfect way, in vibrational space-time, then all manner of good will line up for you. Comfort will replace unease, and peace will replace suffering.

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

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