Friday, November 08, 2013

Who Are You Really?

Beyond your programming - your religious, ethnic, cultural and societal beliefs - who are you are you really?

Each morning as you wake up, seek to be alert to the glimmer of pure consciousness observing the personality self.

Before your thoughts "run away with you", learn to be still in the silence of your own Being.
There is a moment just before all your programming takes effect...

Watch yourself with mindfulness... yet playfully also... no seriousness... delight in the exquisite inquiry into Self. There are depths not yet explored...

As you draw close to your true self, seek to remember - and thus "know" - the following spiritual truths:

*You are not only your body... you are more than your physical body.

*You are not just your mind... you are far more than your thoughts.

*You are not your emotions... you are far more than your reactions.

In truth, you are an "unlimited" being, and this is the "ground" of your being. Freedom is your very essence!

Yet without seeking to cultivate watchful awareness of your True Self each day, you will only recognise yourself as your smaller, personality self, and this is far cry from the Timeless and Immortal "You".

In your imagination, you still remember the grand possibilities for you in THIS lifetime. You remember your magnificent potential.

You are creative essence, and you are thus able to recreate yourself anew, whenever you decide to.

Many unwanted tendencies have come about from an unconscious programming. You may have simply accepted what has been given to you, from family, friends, teachers and society, without true discernment; by learning to get in touch with your Grander, Greater Self, you can quickly deprogramme yourself from any unwanted, negative thoughts and beliefs that are hindering your self-worth and self-expression.

Today, right now, give yourself permission to change whatever you need to change to come into alignment with your innermost Radiant Self. You need not wait for another to give this permission to you.

If you will but make this practice of self-awareness a habit, you will start to live in joy!
Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

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