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The Soul's choice

"...physical illness is really the result of negative belief systems and that the body can actually literally change as a result of the shift of a belief pattern. One is really subject only to what is held in mind. It is a common observation that many people have recovered from almost every illness known to mankind by following spiritual pathways."

Dr. R. Hawkins

Yesterday, I posted the above quote on Energy Therapy's Facebook page, a place where we regularly examine the nature of consciousness, and look to alternative ways of viewing the body and mind to create a fuller, richer, healthier life. 

This comment attracted a lot of "likes" but one Facebook user was particularly disgruntled. 

She said, "I do not believe this for one moment. It is too broad a statement. Really disappointed in your post. How do you explain sick children? Or sick babies?"

I found it interesting that a quote which is essentially positive - that one can recover from almost every illness - was looked at in a negative way. 

Yet, whilst I understand why people react in this way, it is largely down to common misperceptions about the nature of Reality.

Today, with modern medicine largely failing to address the holistic needs of its patients, we need to look beyond our materialistic biological science, which only addresses the physical structure and form of the human body, and spectacularly fails to pay attention to its energetic structure, and the role of consciousness in creating life, whether that is human life, or some other form of life.

Consciousness can be said to be an energy/field that exists within the human body but also beyond it - and we refer to this energy as "the Soul" or "the Spirit" in spiritual healing. Many gifted healers and psychics tune into their client's energy field, and can "read" the data contained therein, which contains all of the potentials for the human being in this lifetime, and which also holds data from past lives and other lives - whether that data is positive or negative.

Let's get one thing clear here before anyone starts accusing me (again) of saying that I am saying that children deserve to be ill. I am saying no such thing!

I believe that every human being, whether infant, child or adult, wants to be well - and which parent could honestly put their hand up and say that they actually wish their child to be born with a defect or severe illness. We can safely say no one in their right mind!

Yet to say that the Soul energy has no part to play in determining the health or sickness of the infant is hugely short-sighted!

Beyond the obvious, where there is a direct causal relationship between the mother doing something  and the infant being born with an illness, science is at a complete loss when the mother does everything right, and the child is still born with a major illness, or serious birth defect.
 We really need to look beyond the narrow framework of our materialistic science, which cannot explain birth marks, deformities, and many other illnesses in infants. It is at a complete loss!

So, where to look?

I believe the answer is already here for those who wish to know. For example, there is the pioneering work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, who has written many excellent books on the subject, after thousands of hours of painstaking research. I can highly recommend Children Who Remember Past Lives or Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect for those of you interested in exploring the subject further.

Dr Stevenson's critical research points to the continuity of life... which is why all great masters have said that death is not an ending, but a beginning. If we look at life in this way, then the incoming Soul may already have belief patterns (i.e. energy patterns) to deal with in this lifetime. Seen in this way, we can understand babies and children are not an exception to the rule.

Just because we, as adults, do not remember our past lives, or between lives, doesn't mean they don't exist, or that they don't impact us. 

For those of you who are interested in this fascinating subject, you may also wish to look at Andy Tomlinson's book on Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives, called Healing the Eternal Soul.

People tend to get self-righteous and accusatory when they hear me say (or anyone else say) that illnesses can be carried over from another lifetime.

The woman continued her rant:

"So, you believe little children who are dying of cancer are doing so because they held negative belief systems in past lives? Therefore, we are all victims/benefactors of our past lives? These poor children must have been awful people before to die so young...will they never get to change their future lives or do they just get reborn over and over to die before they have a chance to?"

What can I say to this?

The same thing I've said before! That we must look to "life after death" and "the soul's choice".

The soul may choose to experience an illness, either at the beginning of its human life, during it, or at the end. We may be able to change it, or we may not.

Many people erroneously equate "past life" energies with the idea of negative karma - the idea that we are somehow punished for our actions. This is tied up with the Christian idea of "sin" and "eternal damnation", which are flawed concepts.

If a child puts their hand on a hot stove, the child's hand will simply get burnt - there is no punishment. God does not punish the child... some unseen power does not punish the child for doing something "wrong". Yet, there is cause and effect being played out here. 

If we understand the hermetic saying "as above, so below", then we will understand that there is also cause and effect at the macro-cosmic level - at the Soul level.

It is important to understand that we choose our individual paths at the Soul level, so we cannot be victims. Yet, from our human viewpoint, it can often appear that we are - and one of the first reactions is anger (and judgment!) when we encounter the spiritual truth that there is "carry over energy" from previous lives. That energy may express itself in the form of an illness, whether we like it or not.

Yet Jesus said, "judge not". The only karma is Love... often we fight illness, and judge it as something bad. Yet, an experience of illness can bring healing and understanding in other ways. The conscious mind is not always going to understand this.

I am not saying that is easy, or even wanted. There is a Divine Plan for us all, whether we understand it or not. 

Yet, let us return to the positive aspect of this comment by David Hawkins - that we can recover or reverse illness by shifting our belief system. In SRT circles, we would call this "changing our programming."

This knowledge gives us understanding, hopefully comfort, and a degree of power to change our "victim consciousness" to "creator consciousness".

In the case of an infant, or even a foetus, it may be possible to change the energy, so that a diseased state becomes a healthy one.

Let me give an example of a wonderful example of using this knowledge to help others. In this example, I used Spiritual Response Therapy to connect with the Soul's energy, and help a very distressed mother-to-be.

(Note: I want to caution that I do not know in advance what the outcome of any clearing/healing work will be!)

In 2009, a pregnant client came to see me in a highly distressed state. She was 40 years old, with a healthy weight and good eating habits; she did not smoke, and had abstained from drinking any alcohol during her pregnancy.

However, despite all of the excellent care she had been taking of herself, plus the fact she was a top medical doctor in her field, ultrasound scans of her foetus at 30 weeks and 5 days old suddenly showed evidence of foetal defects, which had been later confirmed in a follow up check two weeks later. In particular, the right kidney was showing up as a dysplastic cyst.

Here are the results of the scans given to me by my client:
  • A scan at 12 weeks + 5 days (first trimester) showed normal foetal development (transabdominal scan with Aloka 5000).
  • At 23 weeks + 1 day, the following were visualised and appeared normal: head, brain, face, spine, neck and skin, chest, four-chamber view and great vessels, abdominal wall, gastro-intestinal tract, extremities and skeleton.
  • The diagnosis stated “no obvious fetal defect”.
  • At 30 weeks + 5 days, however the left kidney was normal but the right kidney was shown as abnormal:

The diagnosis stated:

 “The left kidney is entirely normal and the bladder and amniotic fluid are also normal. The views of the right kidney were limited and the kidney was difficult to visualise clearly. There appears to be a central fluid structure with echogenic cortex. The kidney was very small. There were no dilated ureters seen. We would recommend another scan in about 4 weeks time to ensure the left kidney, bladder and AF remain normal. The baby should be started on prophylactic antibiotics as reflux with dysplasia as a possibility. The appearances could also be a result of a severe PUJ obstruction which lead to loss of function and involution. The right kidney may also be a cystic dysplastic kidney and the central fluid filled structure could be a cyst. A radioisotope at about 4-6 weeks will confirm if the right kidney has any useful function. Further management will depend on the function and whether the kidney involutes as a consequence of being dysplastic, or is in fact a refluxing kidney with reduced function.”

At 32 weeks + 5 days, the left kidney continued to look normal but there was a cystic area on the right measuring 15x14mm. The bladder looked normal.

My client contacted me a week after the SRT clearing, which works with the Soul energy to change energy patterns held in the field of the body-mind. This is done through intention and focused awareness.

My client was extremely relieved (and also delighted!) to inform me that a week after the clearing, scans showed two healthy kidneys. The development of the foetus had corrected itself! I was also very relieved for mother and baby too.

At 33 weeks + 4 days, her medical notes said, “I note the earlier concerns about the right kidney with the possibility of a vascular lesion and then possible dysplastic status… on scan today, the kidney was completely normal. It was clearly present with normal corticomedullary differentiation. I could not see the cystic lesion described at the last scan.”

She went on to have a normal, healthy baby despite early medical evidence to the contrary but, notably, none of her peers were interested in the very unusual, and remarkably quick, turnaround in the health of the foetus. They casually dismissed it as a misreading of the earlier scan, or an anomalistic event.

Once again, an opportunity to peer beyond the physical self into the immortal self was missed! Why? Because science currently has no way of measuring consciousness, so it pretends it doesn't exist.

My client called her child her “miracle baby” because she indeed went on to have a normal, healthy baby girl despite all medical evidence to the contrary. 

"I have spent my life and career working in science and medicine and therefore I have had no experience of such form of therapy before. I dont know how, but it works."  

BC,  Senior Physician
I consider David R Hawkin's insights, and the pioneering work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, amongst many others now, to be of tremendous value to us all.

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

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