Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Case of Sarah Colwill - Foreign Accent Sydrome or Xenoglossy?!

Sarah Colwill, 38, suddenly gained a Chinese accent since falling ill with a migraine in 2010, conveniently labelled as 'Foreign Accent Syndrome'.

"...since that fateful 2010 day, Sarah's focus has been almost entirely on getting her voice back. But with doctors and scientists equally mystified, it's been a struggle. There is one clue though - Sarah is a migraine sufferer. She gets them, she says, around 10 times a month and so far, medics have been unable to find anything that gets rid of them completely. This could be important, as one of the few things known about Foreign Accent Syndrome is that its linked to headaches and is thought to be a type of neurological brain damage." 

[Excerpt from Daily Mail article:]

This article makes no mention of the Soul, or the idea that Consciousness extends beyond the actual physical body.

It is a well know fact (yes, fact!) that people can access "other lives" through past-life regressions or even spontaneously. This is another piece of evidence - and, once again, ignored!

According to the past-life research of the late Dr Ian Stevenson, there have been many instances of Xenoglossy, meaning the ability to speak/understand a foreign language that has not been learned in the present lifetime.

In addition to the recovery of a language from a past lifetime, in some xenoglossy cases, the entire past life personality emerges and essentially takes over the body of the contemporary personality.

In Sarah Colwill's case, she has not taken on the personality of the life, just the accent. A "doorway" in the inner mind has opened. Remember, the brain is receiving signals from the field of consciousness - it is not a self-contained box!

If you're interested in the subject of our real nature, and the journey of the Soul, you may like to read Dr Semkiv's excellent, and highly accessible, book on the subject of reincarnation here:

These ideas of "past lives" and "reincarnation" are so horrific to modern, scientific, reductionist thought, that we now have an entirely stupid name for this trans-personal phenomenon: Foreign Accent Syndrome.

I know which theory intuitively and also rationally makes the most sense; yet, to even look at the evidence for Xenoglossy, we have to at least be open to the understanding that we are not simply our bodies.

Isn't it time we stopped overlooking the multidimensional nature of our souls?

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

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