Thursday, June 20, 2013

Your prayers are always answered

Whenever you have a need, great or small, that inner call for help is answered, immediately. How the answer shows up may or may not be immediately apparent. However, if we can trust that we are connected to an Invisible and Benevolent Power that makes all things possible, then we will know we are safe, and that all is really well.

If you are very sick, you would go to see your neighbourhood energy healer, holistic practitioner, or doctor, or have them visit you at your home; if you have a leak that is causing damage to your home, you would call your friendly plumber who would magically appear to fix the problem. If suddenly find yourself out of work, you might stumble across your dream job through a "coincidental chat" with a friend of a friend, who happens to need a person just like you!

All these instances are parts of the Divine showing up in response to your request for help. You ask (any "prayer" is a request for help on some level), and it is given, every time. Some people call this power God, others may call it "The Universe", it does not matter what the label is. The main feeling you have when the answer to your prayer comes is a feeling of RELIEF.

You may not have seen it this way before, but the invitation is there to give thanks that God has literally appeared in your life!

Today, right here, right now, choose to let go of any limiting ideas that God is separate from you (there is nothing that God is not), and that God has to show up in a particular way; for example, many religious folk will only acknowledge God if "He" appears to them in "Light form" or "with a throng of luminescent angels". Yet, this is limiting God! These are only human constructs of how the unknowable can be partially knowable, or how the unseen can be partially seen.

It has been said many times, that Divinity is here in myriad forms, speaking to us all the time in countless ways. And all of us here are unique, wonderful parts of the Divine, because we stem from the same wonderful Source, which is Love. As we all know, Love is energy, and energy changes form - it cannot be destroyed, ever.

Remember this: you are really God in miniature form because the Universe is holographic, and each part mirrors the whole!

Of course, our minds may not reflect that pure Source of Unconditional Love all of the time because the image in the mirror of our own consciousness may be distorted. Most of the human race has adopted many false beliefs that prevent us living a life of Grace, Harmony and Peace: false beliefs like, we are separate from God and each other, we have to struggle, only the fittest survive, it's a "dog eat dog" world and so on. Yet, as God clearly said to Neale in Conversations with God, "I have sent you nothing but angels".

When someone appears in your life to help you, to uplift you in some way, no matter how small, that is actually God showing up. Remember that.

We are all sparks of the Divine, manifested here on Earth. Our fundamental essence is love and, deep down, we feel at our best when we are in the flow, helping others to feel good too. A caring word, or a loving touch, are two of the most precious gifts we can share - and they cost us nothing.

Sharing our greatest joys, and not just our sorrows, is one of our deepest human needs. We elevate each other through tapping into our highest potential and sharing that with each other.

Heaven is here on Earth, if we can but change the narrow filters of our lens.

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

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