Friday, June 21, 2013

Becoming more aware of your internal dialogue

You are talking to yourself at every moment of every day. Ask yourself, "how often am I aware of my internal dialogue?"

When you are speaking to others, whether giving advice or criticism, feeling love, or feeling intolerance and having less than loving thoughts, your mind is recording the thoughts and feelings you have about the persons and situations you are dealing with.

When you unconsciously re-act, you act out the same energies that are within yourself. You recreate them within your self, and strengthen them.

When you pause to notice what is within, it creates a gap and the possibility of change, an opportunity to demonstrate a higher aspect of your nature. This is called being more conscious, more self-aware.

People see self-consciousness as a negative thing. But being conscious of one's Self has a higher aspect to consider. For when you become more aware of your true self, more good can flow into your life.

Self-consciousness is only difficult or painful at the beginning, because we see what was previously hidden, buried and covered-up. We see the darkness through our own Light, so we can release it.

Darkness is the ignorance of the lower self, personality, or ego.

Begin to take opportunities in your day to make positive, appreciative, loving statements to yourself. This will help you be more aware of when the inner dialogue is negative.

Talking to yourself with awareness can be likened to reprogramming the software of your mind, and is done by affirming a new, positive thought. You could also call it self- hypnosis. The label doesn't really matter.

The best times to make positive statements to yourself is just before you fall asleep at night, or first thing in the morning when you wake up. This is when your subconscious mind is open and receptive to new impressions. Your conscious, waking mind is less likely to object, based on the limited data it has - which is rooted in the past!

This positive affirmation practice can be combined with your morning yoga routine, or morning jog, workout at the gym etc. Do them just before, and then during your activity. Use the power of your mind to focus constructively.

The most important thing about self-talk is that you need to make statements that you believe in, at least in part. Like a climber scaling a steep precipice, you must get a foothold in the groove of your own mind.

It is also helpful to affirm that you are connected with a Greater Power than yourself. You can call it whatever you want - God, Spirit, The Universe, Buddha, The Christ within - the main thing is to recognise that you are a droplet from the Great Ocean of Consciousness, but you are not the Ocean.

Before you reached even your teenage years, your mind had already been programmed with hundreds of thousands of hours of programming, some of it loving, supportive and nourishing, but much of it was probably unsupportive and self-limiting, or self-destructive.

How do you know? Simply look for areas in your life which are consistently not working. These areas most likely have negative beliefs underpinning them, which need to be released.

As an adult, you can reprogram your own mind and take your power back. This is especially important to do in areas of your life which are not working.

Blessings on the path.

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

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