Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Give thanks for your challenges

Give thanks for your challenges, because you have called them into your life to help shape your true preferences, and to know yourself at the deepest level.

Life is constantly evolving through duality, or polarity, and you are part of the Great Mystery, the Grand Design. We are each vital to Spirit's understanding - for we are part of the whole, and unique in our self-expression.

In our limited human form, we must seek to remember our Greater Self, for even small challenges will tend to drag the mind into worry and/or anxiety (future time), especially if we are asleep and unaware. For those of us who are aware, we have the opportunity to bring the conscious mind under the Will of the Divine Mind, which understands the nature of the lesson, and which can bring Grace to any situation, no matter how dire.

The greater the challenge (the greater its size and intensity), the more likely we are to be dragged into a state of worry and helplessness.

For example, you don't have enough money to pay your bills and you fear that you and your family may lose your home... or you are diagnosed with a serious illness, and you fear physical limitation and/or death... or you find out that someone close to you has betrayed and emotionally wounded you.

Even in the face of such great challenges (the three biggies are health, money and relationships), we must seek to understand that THIS moment is the only moment that exists, and our point of personal power to recreate ourselves anew.

Embrace whatever negative emotions surface and move through them, all the while seeking to draw closer to your True Self.

This very moment contains the Greatest Peace and is free of the mind's vacillation between past and future projections of worry, doubt, anxiety, bitterness, doom and gloom, and fear.

What state do you wish to create within your body and mind?  Go inside your heart, and ask yourself this question now. It could be love, strength, wisdom, courage, tolerance, forgiveness, or some other positive quality. You will get an intuitive sense of it.

You can be sure that the lesson is to go within and draw upon the Infinite Well of your own Being, which is unlimited in its Power.

Your task is to be HERE now, utterly present in your body, and in a state of relaxed watchfulness.

The more you practice watching your own mind (being the observer), the more you will be aware of its restlessness, which continually robs you of your true state of being, which is peace.

Practice being in the ETERNAL NOW, and your life will transform itself. Practice this at all times, but especially when things look bleak.

Give thanks for your challenges when they come - and move into greater awareness of Self.

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

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