Thursday, May 02, 2013

Everybody is perfect

Everybody is perfect... Every body is perfect, including yours.

It is only the false judgments that you have learnt from sources outside of your true self that keep you stuck in patterns of unworthiness and self-limitation.

Whether you are a man or a woman, stop comparing yourself to others, and simply start loving yourself again. This is not an ego-centric, narcissistic trip that puts you above all others. This is simply that you recognise your innate worth, that with which you were born.

God, which is Life, is everywhere. This includes inside of you, and inside of everyone else. The nature of duality means we forget who we are from time to time. Today, is the time to remind yourself of Who You Really Are. 

The recognition that you are part of Life, and your commitment to love your Self will bring you a sense of grace; and if, perchance, you have been neglecting taking care of your body, the healthful solutions you are seeking will come to you more easily, if you stay in the vibration of self-acceptance. Judging yourself only locks you into your self-made prison of condemnation, and there is nothing worse than this.

The cells of your body are constantly renewing themselves, moment by moment, based on invisible energy attractor-patterns, and the dominant content of your everyday thoughts seep into the very fabric of your cellular matrix. 

Therefore choose positive loving thoughts (high energy-attractor patterns) rather than unkind thoughts (low energy-attractor patterns). 

Be kind to yourself and others.

Affirm, "I see the highest and best in myself and others."

And so it is.

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