Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A comment on our dual nature

You have parts of your nature (psychology) that are unforgiving, petty, and anger-filled, and you have parts that are loving, generous and compassionate.

Earth is now moving into a higher vibratory field (a new harmonic of expression) and everything is being stimulated at the deepest (and subtlest) levels.

Our worst and best natures are coming out as a result of this energetic shift upwards. Have you noticed?

The intensity of our individual and collective challenges has been increasing. Have you noticed?

All these challenges need to be faced with the Light of Awareness - and a new understanding of Who We Really Are.

The question in any moment is, which part of your Self will you choose to express?

Will you elevate and expand your consciousness by choosing love, peace and tolerance, or diminish it by choosing fear, hate and intolerance?

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