Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Understanding the Law of Attraction: Keys to conscious and deliberate creation

When you ask the Universe for something, it hears the ESSENCE of your request. If you are struggling financially, you will naturally ask for more money. The Universe hears that request as "financial ease" - but exactly what that means will be different according to each person's unique mix of perceptions and beliefs.

However, if your predominant vibration is one of "lack", it may take some time to adjust your vibration to one of "ease" and "plenty". And you cannot measure this in man-made "clock time".

Have you noticed that those who are poor and win a lot of money often seem to lose it just as quickly? There is an unseen, dominant frequency within each person that the Universe is responding to.

Your vibrational "set point" determines the outcome of each situation you encounter. If you don't like what you are receiving, you can change it.

"Having" or "not having" is determined by you, else all the power to change the circumstances and conditions of your life would lie outside of yourself, and that wouldn't be fair.

The Universe, at least, is fair.

The main cause of frustration for those seeking to change the unwanted circumstances of their lives is expecting an overnight change!

You simply cannot "jump" vibrational ranges! In terms of frequency, we can say that you cannot go from a low frequency of 100Hz to a very high frequency of 100,000Hz in one go!

Instead, you have to "fine tune" your vibration each day. Incrementally, you can adjust your frequency - the signal you are sending and receiving...

When something keeps showing up that is unwanted, keep reaching for the positive aspects of the situation. If you do, the outer conditions will soon mirror your inner mental pictures and feelings.

Key tip: RELIEF accompanies a true change in vibration. If you don't feel relief, nothing has really shifted!

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

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