Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do you know how to pray effectively?

Do you know how to pray effectively? How long is it since you prayed as part of your everyday activities?

Certainly, prayer is an ever present help in time of trouble but you do not have to wait for contrasting situations to appear to make prayer an integral and constructive part of your life.

Prayer is, quite simply, a heartfelt request to your own connection to Non Physical source - it has nothing to do with churches, or mosques, or temples.

By asking Source, your request is granted, every time. You just need to unite mentally and emotionally with the good you wish to embody, and the creative powers of your inner being will respond accordingly.

Do you trust that you are part of a Greater Intelligence, and that you are being heard? Not only heard, but listened to. Not only listened to, but cared for.

And so it is...

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