Friday, April 26, 2013

A note on: Making Ends Meet

Are you are "trying to make ends meet"? You cannot.

Life is a circle, and the energy you give out returns to you. A perception of lack sets up a vibratory field that simply causes you to experience more lack.

Only by moving into a vibration of fullness, or wholeness, will you beget fullness.

What is the quickest way to do this? By understanding the fullness and richness of THIS MOMENT, and by CELEBRATING ALL THAT YOU HAVE and ALL THAT YOU ARE!

Start a "gratitude journal" today. Move into the feeling of gratitude, and watch the Universe not only match your vibration but multiply the reasons for which you are giving thanks.

What you consistently hold in your Mind and Heart, comes forth. It is Law.

And so it is.

Jaime Tanna

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