Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Politics is our spirituality, demonstrated

Photograph: marketwatch.com
The monetary crisis with the Eurozone and Cyprus demonstrates that most of us will be personally, and perhaps dramatically, affected by political and economic decisions taken at the highest levels.

We, as citizens of the World, need to carefully discern who we CHOOSE to put in power, for in doing so we say something about ourselves.

We cannot say we are not responsible for the current state of our world. WE ARE responsible for our action or non-action, both at the time of voting, and in whether or not we take a stand in our day to day lives.

The world is so much more interconnected on the outer plane. It has always been so on the inner plane. The chaos we are facing is hugely relevant to waking us up from our stupor. The Great Shift is here and impacting all of us. No longer can we sit on the sidelines and allow so-called campaigners and activists to take a stand. We are all being called to take a stand and be at the cause of events, not just at the effect.

Politics is our spirituality, demonstrated. This was said in Conversations with God, and the truth of this statement is being played out at the highest levels today, as we choose to elect, and re-elect, certain individuals and groups to power...

Yet, are we electing the right people? Are we looking to see if they are upholding their promises to serve us?

Have you noticed? Many politicians, and others in high positions of power continue to "sit pretty" and spout rhetoric at those who are struggling. They say such things as "we're all in this together", when clearly, we're not. We do not yet have access to a level playing field.

Right now, we are each being called upon to take a stance, and make our voices heard, to help shape a world we can be proud of.

We can choose to be at the cause of what is happening across our Geo-political landscape, rather than just at the effect.

How we act now, individually and collectively, will determine what our future holds for us... Chaos, or order. The misery of separation, or unity of consciousness. War, or peace. Despair, or hope.

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

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