Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What are you accepting as your truth?

Photograph: MGM and Columbia Pictures
What blockbuster movies and 'must see' TV programmes are you watching? What video games are you playing? What magazines, newspaper articles, or books, are you reading?

What are you "feeding your mind" with? What are you accepting as your truth? What are your deepest beliefs about life and death?

Are you choosing consciously or unconsciously? If it is the former, then you will have some say over what you attract into your life. If it is the later, you will most likely feel that you are "at the effect" of events that happen in your life. You will also likely feel that you have no direction over your own ship, as you drift rudderless across the great ocean of life, tossed here and there by fate.

The latest 007 movie, "Skyfall", has been met with widespread acclaim but what struck me was that the underlying message is out of sync with the new vibrational ("thought") energy of our planet, and this movie belligerently seeks to reinforce a decrepit view that we should all live in fear of some unseen enemy - and that we should therefore seek to rally as much force around us as possible. 

It blatantly states that we need our unseen heroes in the field, and governments (all faceless authorities) to protect us... whilst we live in fear of the unknown.

Jason Bourne (played by Jason Bourne) was much more relatable as the soldier waking up to his own inner voice of authority, and having the courage to make atonement for his actions.

M's (Judy Dench's) line "how safe do you feel?" speaks to the frightened child within all of us.

Were you listening? What was your gut reaction?

Nothing is going to make us feel safe, unless we start acting as one humanity... one brotherhood, one global community, and one planet.

NOW is the time to move into greater trust and awareness, despite our differences, even when deep-seated differences are playing out on the world stage as war and terrorism. The latter is an old cultural story that must go! And it's not one our governments and institutions will readily drop, for their investments are great.

Ego playing out at the highest level will seek to destroy the other, in the name of safety. Yet, the other is YOU. All great spiritual masters have said this.

This idea of "oneness" won't make sense from a purely logical mind perspective. Yet, a deeper inquiry into the nature of reality will reveal an interconnectedness that transcends all sense of separatism.

We have, as individuals and nations, caused each other much hurt, pain, suffering, misery and grief, because we have continued to label some (certain religions, cultures and ethnic groups) as "bad" just because their views do not fit ours, or because they won't readily do what we tell them to do.

It's time to look a little bit deeper, isn't it?

Think about your life. Do you like it when someone tells you what to do? Do you agree with destructive criticism that makes you "wrong", and thus erodes your self-esteem? What about if someone tells you that you can't do something that you believe you have a fundamental right to do?

Why do we continue to believe the hype of terrorism fed in from those who only seek to preserve antiquated structures of control, based on reinforcing unproven, unseen fears in the collective psyche?

If we shine light on these shadows, they will disappear. So, let us look with our light (our full awareness), and shine the light for others to see, even if it's not popular.

Something to consider... something to remember.... and definitely something to act upon.

Jaime Tanna

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