Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Energetics of Astrology: exploring the Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart

Astrology is a fascinating subject.

Of course, the nonsense that is bandied about in the horoscopes section of popular newspapers and magazines is just plain idiotic… really, how can one Sign/Energy represent the vast complexity of the human being, with all of its wants, needs, fears and inner urges?! It just puts people off any serious inquiry – and rightly so.

Here, I’d like to share two pieces of astrological information that may shed light on 'events' in your life (ones that may have already happened, or ones that are yet to come) and prompt you to seek out an astrologer who can help you explore the inner dimensions of your birth chart, and what energies may be impacting you outside of your conscious awareness.

Saturn is the planet of structure and order, and presents the Karmic lesson, given that the Universe is precisely ordered, and Karma represents the “cause and effect” of actions taken or not taken.

Interestingly, a "Saturn return" signifies when the planet Saturn returns to its original place in our Natal Chart, which takes about 29½ years. Many people face heavy life challenges in their late twenties and early thirties as they "grow up", so this period represents the real beginning of adulthood.

Many people also seem to have a "mid-life crisis" around the age of 42, especially if they are feeling "constrained" by their life choices – whether that be their job, their marriage, or their friendships, and so on…

The planet Uranus represents the overriding desire for freedom and change, and urges us to cast aside limiting boundaries! Sometimes, that can mean a radical outer change! Since the planet Uranus takes 84 years to cycle round the Natal Chart, 42 years is the mid way point of its orbital cycle and there is an energetic "pull" caused by this opposing aspect.

But what, you may rightly ask, do all those distant planets "out there" have to do with us "here" – well, their immediate and lasting influence is hinted at by the field of Quantum Physics and Bell's theorem: i.e. locality is dead; everything is interconnected.

What happens "out there" affects us "here" (hundreds of thousands of miles away) instantaneously, whether we consciously recognize it or not.

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