Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Living an authentic life

A great number of people muddle through the emotional backwaters of their lives. Quite often they deny their true feelings altogether, which is the root cause of stagnated emotional energy and much pain. Are you one of them?

Many of us learn our patterns of behaviour from a young age - and are often playing old recorded tapes that are no longer serving us.

Don't say "I'm alright", when you're clearly not... notice when there are lots of stressors negatively impacting your life and allow yourself to acknowledge that you might need help.  

Realise that "it's okay not to be okay", and that you might benefit from seeking advice from seeking out spiritual counselling, energy healing, and/or professional guidance.

Your family and friends may not have the awareness or experience to offer you a balanced perspective. Even if they do, they may lack the detachment necessary to offer impartial advice.

When you get help, don't expect your spiritual counsellor or energy healer to clean up your emotional fallout. Don't falsely project all your negativity, and shirk emotional responsibility. You must learn to look within to see the root cause of imbalance - the outer is simply a reflection of what is within.

The key is to take full responsibility for how you are feeling, in this moment, and learn to transmute any negative emotion into positive emotion. 

Focus your attention on where you want to go, then commit to living it!

It's important to live an authentic life.

Jaime Tanna

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