Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Are you addicted to your mobile phone?

Conscious Living Tip: Keep your mobile switched off whilst travelling to or from work at least one day this week.

Ask yourself, does it really need to be on all the time? Do you really need to check your emails, text messages, voicemails, tweets and other messages so frequently? (Maybe you do... but I doubt it).

On your way to or from work try smiling (yes, people may think you're weird, especially if you do this during the rush hour commute in London, for example), then try smiling at someone else (be genuine and you may get a smile back, if they haven't called for help!), look out the window of your bus or train with fresh eyes (can you see the window with all those other people crammed in front of you??)... if you can, try making sure you walk through a park or green, and inhale some long, deep, good-feeling breaths... really be present.

Basically, keep your mobile off for as long as you can. Watch yourself "needing" to switch it on (it will happen!)... watch the habit and let it go.

Enjoy the feeling of being free.

Switch your mobile on later, when you feel you want to. Or perhaps you really need to check your messages/tweets/emails now?

Jaime Tanna

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