Friday, November 08, 2013

Who Are You Really?

Beyond your programming - your religious, ethnic, cultural and societal beliefs - who are you are you really?

Each morning as you wake up, seek to be alert to the glimmer of pure consciousness observing the personality self.

Before your thoughts "run away with you", learn to be still in the silence of your own Being.
There is a moment just before all your programming takes effect...

Watch yourself with mindfulness... yet playfully also... no seriousness... delight in the exquisite inquiry into Self. There are depths not yet explored...

As you draw close to your true self, seek to remember - and thus "know" - the following spiritual truths:

*You are not only your body... you are more than your physical body.

*You are not just your mind... you are far more than your thoughts.

*You are not your emotions... you are far more than your reactions.

In truth, you are an "unlimited" being, and this is the "ground" of your being. Freedom is your very essence!

Yet without seeking to cultivate watchful awareness of your True Self each day, you will only recognise yourself as your smaller, personality self, and this is far cry from the Timeless and Immortal "You".

In your imagination, you still remember the grand possibilities for you in THIS lifetime. You remember your magnificent potential.

You are creative essence, and you are thus able to recreate yourself anew, whenever you decide to.

Many unwanted tendencies have come about from an unconscious programming. You may have simply accepted what has been given to you, from family, friends, teachers and society, without true discernment; by learning to get in touch with your Grander, Greater Self, you can quickly deprogramme yourself from any unwanted, negative thoughts and beliefs that are hindering your self-worth and self-expression.

Today, right now, give yourself permission to change whatever you need to change to come into alignment with your innermost Radiant Self. You need not wait for another to give this permission to you.

If you will but make this practice of self-awareness a habit, you will start to live in joy!
Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

GMO Free

We must learn to live in harmony with nature, and its cycles, rather than seeking to control and manipulate it.

Advances in technology, without due respect for nature's innate intelligence, will lead to bitter lessons to swallow. Advances in technology without similar advances in consciousness are dangerous to the well-being of humanity.

Due to the buffer of time that exists between action and re-action, between thought and manifestation, we may have to wait a while to see the potential negative effects of actions taken today but the results will be self-evident in the long run.

Do we wish to simply be the guinea pigs, or rats, for "the men in white coats?"

Are we not self-aware, intelligent beings who understand our relationship to life, and our role within its grand design?

Our intellect is only a small portion of our total intelligence - yet intellect has been put on a pedestal. Our intuitive faculty (feminine/yin) must be brought into balance alongside reason (masculine/yang).

If we will but listen, intuitively we know what is "right" for us to eat -- what is helpful, constructive and nourishing, and what is decidely unhelpful, destructive and depleting to the body's "energy system".

This is why so many people today are returning to growing their own food, and eating organic. This is also why so many people are utterly resistant to the idea of GM crops.

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

Friday, October 04, 2013

Discernment isn't judgment!

Remember this: discernment isn't judgment.

Discernment, according to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, means "to distinguish with difficulty by sight or with the other senses", whereas judgment, in the negative sense of this word, usually means to criticise another from a sense of feeling morally superior.
According to the dictionary, discernment implies that there may be some difficulty seeing, or acknowledging something using our five senses. In a very real sense, our physical nervous system is limited to specific ranges of perception. It is only by going upwards in consciousness that we tap into our subtle nervous system and begin to sense things beyond the norm.

Awareness determines our experience of life - and awareness changes dramatically as we go upwards in consciousness. This ascension process is not easy by any means, especially when there are so many entrenched personal and collective beliefs in place.

What is awareness exactly? For me, it is a heightened perspective on something...

As an example, you have a big toe but you are not usually aware of your big toe throughout the day. However, if you stub your toe, all your attention will be directed to that area of the body, and you suddenly become aware of it. You always had a big toe, of course, but your awareness of it was quite limited, or even non-existent!

In competitive sporting events, athletes regularly hurt or injure themselves without an awareness of the injury occurring in the moment. They only notice afterwards, when the adrenaline has gone.

If we ascend in consciousness, and start to gain a greater awareness and appreciation of life, we will increase our spiritual faculty of discernment.
At this stage, we may run into a bumpy road... things that we used to do may not "fit" anymore. We may not "fit" in with society. Yet, this should not stop us!
If we can't shine the light of our own consciousness for others, then nothing is going to fundamentally change. Humanity will just stay the same, at best, or we will go backwards because of our unwillingness to evolve.

As an example, I regularly tell my beginning students to the field of "energy work" that drinking even a small amount of alcohol lowers one's physical and auric vibration. If you've ever drunk alcohol, you will know that the "happy" feeling soon turns into a very sleepy state.

Actually, alcohol deadens the nervous system, and it's toxic and dehydrating to the brain cells. Hangover anyone?

If you begin to meditate to "raise your consciousness", then drinking is not a "cool" thing to do because it will throw your mind right out of your body. For those who meditate already, you will know it is not that easy to "tame the monkey mind".

In SRT circles, many practitioners will abstain from doing "energy clearing" on themselves or their clients if they've had even one drink. This is because their energy field tends to become unstable and open to lower astral forms which "interfere" with their ability to link to  their higher mind, or superconscious. Can this be proven scientifically, in the narrow sense of that word? No.

It there a discernible change in the energy field? Yes.

As mentioned before, drinking alcohol numbs the brain cells and dehydrates them - and makes the nervous system very sluggish. That's why most people immediately reach for a strong cup of coffee after they've had a "big" night out! Often a throbbing head, nausea, and a marked sensitivity to bright lights accompanies dehydration caused by drinking too much alcohol. Yet, somehow, making ourselves sick has become a favourite pastime. It's "fun", apparently.

However, discernment would indicate that "feeling sick" is not "fun" - if you woke up with a splitting headache, felt like vomiting, couldn't eat anything, couldn't stand bright lights, and you hadn't been out drinking heavily the night before, you would rush to the doctor, wouldn't you?

Of course, who wants to hear this? Not many people I can tell you. If you're reading this far, and you're not angry, good for you!

Who reacts badly to this sort of information? Practically everyone!

Who thinks it's judgmental and "preachy"? Practically everyone!

Yet, remember: discernment isn't judgment.  Discernment is simply a greater level of awareness and understanding.

I don't care whether you drink, or don't... it's up to you! It's your body, it's your life... you have the final say in what works for you, and what doesn't. As the late Osho said, I am not here to please you, or appease you, but to make you more conscious.

I used to drink when I was younger (in my 20s and early 30s), and I loved having a glass of wine with my meals. All very sophisticated, so I thought. 

However, when I started immersing myself in the world of energy healing, my body started to change in very subtle, yet profound ways... very quickly, my body started communicating with me again. Better said, it was always communicating but I wasn't listening before! Somehow I had tuned out that vital, internal communication... I was, like many people, living in my head, and analysing everything through my intellect -- a very small, limited portion of our total intelligence.
After doing energy work for some time, I noticed that whenever I tried to drink even a small amount of alcohol, the energy at the top of my head (the "crown chakra") become fuzzy and chaotic, and a sense of dullness entered me. This was a subjective experience but I could not deny my internal shift in perception. It was self-evident.

Did I stop drinking alcohol immediately? No, but I started to cut back.

It wasn't easy... I missed the social aspect of drinking.. of "fitting in" to society... I didn't want to be "left out", or "judged" by others. Yet, I felt different.

At that point, I realised I had a choice..  for me, going back to old habits wasn't an option after realising that those habits didn't serve me any longer.

I was meditating a lot, and I remember asking the Universe for clear guidance on alcohol as something inside me was battling with my alienation from alcohol...

Shortly thereafter, a passage from the Conversations with God series synchronously landed in my lap... if you've read it, you may remember it... it's the passage where Neale Donald Walsch (the author) asks God directly about alcohol.

Neale believed that "everything in moderation" was key, including alcohol but God unequivocally said, "the body was not meant to intake alcohol".

When Neale countered, "Jesus turned water into wine!", God replied, "nobody's perfect". I had to laugh!

Whether or not you drink alcohol is up to you -- but why do you think they spend millions of dollars on alcohol advertising to make it look cool? 

Most people, as they feel more connected with their bodies through eating well, and doing yoga, t'ai chi, reiki or some other meditative practice, tend to cut back on drugs like alcohol, and also coffee.

I've had lots of students object, sometimes strongly, to my comments about alcohol when they come to my beginning Reiki or SRT courses... a few weeks later, however, after practising Reiki self-treatment or clearing their energy system with SRT, they tell me they "don't like" alcohol anymore :)

They "blame me" with a smile on their faces - sure, they feel a little uncomfortable when they are out in groups and people ask them what they would like to drink, but they notice the difference because their awareness has shifted. They realised the effect that drinking has on their energy system... so they either heavily cut back, or they choose to eliminate it altogether.

Be warned... if you are thinking of "not drinking"... those you call your friends may not like it, and will almost certainly react to your change of heart. They may not be supportive of your desire to be healthier.

Most of your friends will be okay with you giving up alcohol if you've been an alcoholic... they can sympathise with you. Or they'll be okay with it if it goes against your religious beliefs (are you going to change your religion?). Or, they're okay if you say you're driving home, so you can't have a drink on a night out... again, sympathy is in order... poor you!

Yet, if you willingly choose not to drink alcohol at a dinner party or social do, then you are looked at as if you are quite mad... and even anti-social!

"What? Come on, one drink won't kill you..."

"What's the matter? Don't be such a girl!" (typcially said to a man, but I've also heard it said to women!)

"Don't be so BORING..."

"You're no FUN anymore..."

The list could go on...

The need to drink alcohol to relax and/or have fun seems to be an almost religious belief, and thus defended with an absolute fervour at times!

It's honestly up to you whether you drink, or not. Yet, now that you have a greater awareness of its negative effects on consciousness, and your body's energy system, you have choice.

When you drink, just observe yourself.  Notice your state before, during and afterwards. See it as an "experiment" in watching the self. What is your truth?

As Soren Kierkegaard rightly said, "I know the truth only when it becomes life in me."

If you're happy drinking alcohol, and you disagree with what I've said here, that's absolutely fine!

Do I personally have a problem hanging out with friends who drink in moderation? Not at all, it is their life after all, and I certainly don't want to sermonise them. Yet, have I mentioned my understanding in passing? Absolutely! I want to share my knowledge and understanding with others, if it can help them find a greater sense of balance and self in their lives.

Blessings on the path of discernment.
Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Soul's choice

"...physical illness is really the result of negative belief systems and that the body can actually literally change as a result of the shift of a belief pattern. One is really subject only to what is held in mind. It is a common observation that many people have recovered from almost every illness known to mankind by following spiritual pathways."

Dr. R. Hawkins

Yesterday, I posted the above quote on Energy Therapy's Facebook page, a place where we regularly examine the nature of consciousness, and look to alternative ways of viewing the body and mind to create a fuller, richer, healthier life. 

This comment attracted a lot of "likes" but one Facebook user was particularly disgruntled. 

She said, "I do not believe this for one moment. It is too broad a statement. Really disappointed in your post. How do you explain sick children? Or sick babies?"

I found it interesting that a quote which is essentially positive - that one can recover from almost every illness - was looked at in a negative way. 

Yet, whilst I understand why people react in this way, it is largely down to common misperceptions about the nature of Reality.

Today, with modern medicine largely failing to address the holistic needs of its patients, we need to look beyond our materialistic biological science, which only addresses the physical structure and form of the human body, and spectacularly fails to pay attention to its energetic structure, and the role of consciousness in creating life, whether that is human life, or some other form of life.

Consciousness can be said to be an energy/field that exists within the human body but also beyond it - and we refer to this energy as "the Soul" or "the Spirit" in spiritual healing. Many gifted healers and psychics tune into their client's energy field, and can "read" the data contained therein, which contains all of the potentials for the human being in this lifetime, and which also holds data from past lives and other lives - whether that data is positive or negative.

Let's get one thing clear here before anyone starts accusing me (again) of saying that I am saying that children deserve to be ill. I am saying no such thing!

I believe that every human being, whether infant, child or adult, wants to be well - and which parent could honestly put their hand up and say that they actually wish their child to be born with a defect or severe illness. We can safely say no one in their right mind!

Yet to say that the Soul energy has no part to play in determining the health or sickness of the infant is hugely short-sighted!

Beyond the obvious, where there is a direct causal relationship between the mother doing something  and the infant being born with an illness, science is at a complete loss when the mother does everything right, and the child is still born with a major illness, or serious birth defect.
 We really need to look beyond the narrow framework of our materialistic science, which cannot explain birth marks, deformities, and many other illnesses in infants. It is at a complete loss!

So, where to look?

I believe the answer is already here for those who wish to know. For example, there is the pioneering work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, who has written many excellent books on the subject, after thousands of hours of painstaking research. I can highly recommend Children Who Remember Past Lives or Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect for those of you interested in exploring the subject further.

Dr Stevenson's critical research points to the continuity of life... which is why all great masters have said that death is not an ending, but a beginning. If we look at life in this way, then the incoming Soul may already have belief patterns (i.e. energy patterns) to deal with in this lifetime. Seen in this way, we can understand babies and children are not an exception to the rule.

Just because we, as adults, do not remember our past lives, or between lives, doesn't mean they don't exist, or that they don't impact us. 

For those of you who are interested in this fascinating subject, you may also wish to look at Andy Tomlinson's book on Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives, called Healing the Eternal Soul.

People tend to get self-righteous and accusatory when they hear me say (or anyone else say) that illnesses can be carried over from another lifetime.

The woman continued her rant:

"So, you believe little children who are dying of cancer are doing so because they held negative belief systems in past lives? Therefore, we are all victims/benefactors of our past lives? These poor children must have been awful people before to die so young...will they never get to change their future lives or do they just get reborn over and over to die before they have a chance to?"

What can I say to this?

The same thing I've said before! That we must look to "life after death" and "the soul's choice".

The soul may choose to experience an illness, either at the beginning of its human life, during it, or at the end. We may be able to change it, or we may not.

Many people erroneously equate "past life" energies with the idea of negative karma - the idea that we are somehow punished for our actions. This is tied up with the Christian idea of "sin" and "eternal damnation", which are flawed concepts.

If a child puts their hand on a hot stove, the child's hand will simply get burnt - there is no punishment. God does not punish the child... some unseen power does not punish the child for doing something "wrong". Yet, there is cause and effect being played out here. 

If we understand the hermetic saying "as above, so below", then we will understand that there is also cause and effect at the macro-cosmic level - at the Soul level.

It is important to understand that we choose our individual paths at the Soul level, so we cannot be victims. Yet, from our human viewpoint, it can often appear that we are - and one of the first reactions is anger (and judgment!) when we encounter the spiritual truth that there is "carry over energy" from previous lives. That energy may express itself in the form of an illness, whether we like it or not.

Yet Jesus said, "judge not". The only karma is Love... often we fight illness, and judge it as something bad. Yet, an experience of illness can bring healing and understanding in other ways. The conscious mind is not always going to understand this.

I am not saying that is easy, or even wanted. There is a Divine Plan for us all, whether we understand it or not. 

Yet, let us return to the positive aspect of this comment by David Hawkins - that we can recover or reverse illness by shifting our belief system. In SRT circles, we would call this "changing our programming."

This knowledge gives us understanding, hopefully comfort, and a degree of power to change our "victim consciousness" to "creator consciousness".

In the case of an infant, or even a foetus, it may be possible to change the energy, so that a diseased state becomes a healthy one.

Let me give an example of a wonderful example of using this knowledge to help others. In this example, I used Spiritual Response Therapy to connect with the Soul's energy, and help a very distressed mother-to-be.

(Note: I want to caution that I do not know in advance what the outcome of any clearing/healing work will be!)

In 2009, a pregnant client came to see me in a highly distressed state. She was 40 years old, with a healthy weight and good eating habits; she did not smoke, and had abstained from drinking any alcohol during her pregnancy.

However, despite all of the excellent care she had been taking of herself, plus the fact she was a top medical doctor in her field, ultrasound scans of her foetus at 30 weeks and 5 days old suddenly showed evidence of foetal defects, which had been later confirmed in a follow up check two weeks later. In particular, the right kidney was showing up as a dysplastic cyst.

Here are the results of the scans given to me by my client:
  • A scan at 12 weeks + 5 days (first trimester) showed normal foetal development (transabdominal scan with Aloka 5000).
  • At 23 weeks + 1 day, the following were visualised and appeared normal: head, brain, face, spine, neck and skin, chest, four-chamber view and great vessels, abdominal wall, gastro-intestinal tract, extremities and skeleton.
  • The diagnosis stated “no obvious fetal defect”.
  • At 30 weeks + 5 days, however the left kidney was normal but the right kidney was shown as abnormal:

The diagnosis stated:

 “The left kidney is entirely normal and the bladder and amniotic fluid are also normal. The views of the right kidney were limited and the kidney was difficult to visualise clearly. There appears to be a central fluid structure with echogenic cortex. The kidney was very small. There were no dilated ureters seen. We would recommend another scan in about 4 weeks time to ensure the left kidney, bladder and AF remain normal. The baby should be started on prophylactic antibiotics as reflux with dysplasia as a possibility. The appearances could also be a result of a severe PUJ obstruction which lead to loss of function and involution. The right kidney may also be a cystic dysplastic kidney and the central fluid filled structure could be a cyst. A radioisotope at about 4-6 weeks will confirm if the right kidney has any useful function. Further management will depend on the function and whether the kidney involutes as a consequence of being dysplastic, or is in fact a refluxing kidney with reduced function.”

At 32 weeks + 5 days, the left kidney continued to look normal but there was a cystic area on the right measuring 15x14mm. The bladder looked normal.

My client contacted me a week after the SRT clearing, which works with the Soul energy to change energy patterns held in the field of the body-mind. This is done through intention and focused awareness.

My client was extremely relieved (and also delighted!) to inform me that a week after the clearing, scans showed two healthy kidneys. The development of the foetus had corrected itself! I was also very relieved for mother and baby too.

At 33 weeks + 4 days, her medical notes said, “I note the earlier concerns about the right kidney with the possibility of a vascular lesion and then possible dysplastic status… on scan today, the kidney was completely normal. It was clearly present with normal corticomedullary differentiation. I could not see the cystic lesion described at the last scan.”

She went on to have a normal, healthy baby despite early medical evidence to the contrary but, notably, none of her peers were interested in the very unusual, and remarkably quick, turnaround in the health of the foetus. They casually dismissed it as a misreading of the earlier scan, or an anomalistic event.

Once again, an opportunity to peer beyond the physical self into the immortal self was missed! Why? Because science currently has no way of measuring consciousness, so it pretends it doesn't exist.

My client called her child her “miracle baby” because she indeed went on to have a normal, healthy baby girl despite all medical evidence to the contrary. 

"I have spent my life and career working in science and medicine and therefore I have had no experience of such form of therapy before. I dont know how, but it works."  

BC,  Senior Physician
I consider David R Hawkin's insights, and the pioneering work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, amongst many others now, to be of tremendous value to us all.

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

Thursday, September 12, 2013

What is the price of telling the Truth? - A Tribute to Whistleblowers

WHAT EXACTLY IS THE PRICE OF TELLING THE TRUTH in a society where telling lies seems to bring the most benefit?

Not benefit to the majority, mind you. Only benefit to the MINORITY - lead by a few selfish individuals who have very narrow ideas of "what works" in society.

AREN’T WE ALL TIRED of the lies our own governments tell us? Of LISTENING TO THE HYPROCISY of "DO AS I SAY, BUT NOT AS I DO!"??

In the UK, we are seeing the present government insist on bringing FRACKING to blight the beauty of our natural landscape and poison our water supplies, despite massive public protest.

Now, instead of listening to the people, the government is trying to rush through a GAGGING LAW to prevent charities, NGOs, and other non-party organisations from speaking out against them, whilst their LOBBYISTS continue to pay them huge sums of money behind the scenes to ensure a "favourable" outcome.

The UK government - supposedly democratic - wants to censor the Internet, including "esoteric material". It speaks of "protecting the children" but has decreased the budget of its leading Child Protection Agency. Why doesn't it EDUCATE PARENTS to take a more active role in their children's lives?

Isn't it time for a NEW PARADIGM? One that honours Freedom and Justice for ALL?!

The only way for this to happen is for us to stand up and SPEAK THE TRUTH, when prompted by our INNER VOICE.

A voice which cares more about the Unity and Oneness of the HUMAN RACE, than the greediness and narrow-mindedness of self-serving authority figures.

We would to well to exercise BETTER DISCERNMENT as to who we put in power over us. And when we (the public), do put others in power, there must be TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY!

We must act each day! Whenever we can! We must not leave it to others to do the work!

Let a NEW DAWN rise!

Listen to this short clip on "a tribute to whistleblowers". 

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

Monday, September 09, 2013


Earlier this year, in July, the UK Media were wholly engaged in disseminating the propaganda about Prime Minister David Cameron’s plans to put in filters to block pornography from harming children, whilst failing to mention that a host of other categories were also involved, with alarming ramifications down the road.

What could the public do, except cheer and advocate that this was the “right thing” to do? 

Worryingly, there was no critical analysis of exactly what Mr Cameron was discussing with the major ISPs, which deliver internet access to 95% of British users! 

Luckily, a few people smelt a rat, and investigated further… what they found was shocking!

Firstly, it was discovered that the filtering company that would implement Prime Minister Cameron’s deal with the four biggest ISPs was Chinese firm Huawei.

Politicians in both the UK and US have raised concerns about alleged close ties between Huawei and the Chinese government but, not surprisingly, the company says the worries are without foundation.

Are they?

Customers who do not want filtering still have their traffic routed through the monitoring system! In other words, they are being spied upon, without consent!

Additionally, and of interest to all of us here in the UK, Huawei were actually banned from bidding for Australia's biggestinternet project, the National Broadband Network (NBN), because of concerns it might lead to cyber attacks due to their strong ties with China. 

Secondly, Open Rights Group was amongst the first to discover that Mr Cameron’s plans also include possible plans to block “esoteric material” and “web forums” amongst other categories. This was also reported on Wired and The Huffingon Post.

Esoteric material? Web forums?


Who will determine what the word "esoteric" means?  It is painfully obvious that the word "esoteric" is a broad catch-all term/category that is ripe for misuse by our government and their lobbyists. Certainly, 'esoteric material' could mean anything that the government wants!

Usually, the word esoteric points to spiritual teachings and/or practices that fall outside of mainstream religion – for example, information about paganism, about witchcraft, shamanism, and those that contain “alternative” spiritual ideas - all of which the government would deem "radical" and "unsuitable" for children.

The highly interesting phenomena of UFOs and Crop Circles would undoubtedly fall into that category also.

"Esoteric material” could easily be extended to any websites that mention “healing”, or are seen to be “cult like”. Of course, we have no idea who is deciding all this, as it is being done behind the scenes.

Reiki, for example, is a popular alternative healing modality in the UK. Yet, when Reiki first came to the USA, and then to the UK, those practising it were seen as weird and Reiki societies were branded as “cults” or “sects” by those outside of Reiki circles.

If so-called cults or sects are automatically blocked by the intended filters, less and less people will come to know about esoteric material that could actually benefit them! Thousands of people have benefited from Reiki, and hundreds of books have been written on the subject now. 

Pharmaceutical lobbying continues to influence governmental decisions about healthcare, and they would no doubt rub their hands with glee if they could block many alternative websites that don’t conform to “mainstream thought” on health!

Censorship is seemingly happening everywhere as “those in power” seek to control what information we have access to. TED Talks, once a platform for cutting-edge talks on science, has now been hijacked by those who wish to dumb down what information is disseminated to the general public.

TED’s rulership has censored the “radical” ideas of leading British scientists Rupert Sheldrake and Graham Hancock because both Sheldrake and Hancock spoke about “consciousness” (very unscientific, apparently) and also raised very pertinent questions about scientific dogmas that prevail within society’s worldview of reality. 

Isn't it valid for a leading scientist to question the mainstream scientific approach? Apparently not!

When you understand that the parents of the children will also not access this type of "esoteric" information, we can see that the UK is at serious risk of going backwards in consciousness! The UK is being positioned as a big kindergarten in which even adults will be treated as children that need to be 'protected'.

Yet, education is far more effective than dogmatic rules and regulations ever could be! Education empowers society, whereas covert rules and regulations disempower us at a stroke.

Mr Cameron and the UK government could easily demand that all schools have a duty of care to EDUCATE PARENTS about installing anti-porn software on their home computers, and instruct them on how to more effectively monitor their children’s behaviour. Surely, we want parents more involved in their kids’ lives, not less?!

“Set it and forget it” is a terrible example to children!




Do you really want to open the doors to full-blown censorship of the internet down the road? This pretext of blocking pornography provides Mr Cameron and his government with the perfect opportunity to decide what websites are secretly removed from the public eye down the road. Not immediately, but down the road.

Yet, could it be YOUR blog? Could it be YOUR business? Could it be YOUR livelihood?  

Does your website or blog mention anything that the government deems to be “unsafe” or “unfit” for “the safety of the children?” How will you know exactly?

The implications of Mr Cameron’s censorship are not only worrying but they are also totally unworkable, and out of touch with the reality of the internet.
What if advice on dealing with sexual abuse is blocked? What if a child or teenager is abused at home, and the finding of such a resource online could literally save that child’s life from further harm?
Wikipedia founder and high profile adviser to Prime Minister Cameron, Jimmy Wales, has repeatedly called Mr Cameron’s online porn filter 'an absolutely ridiculous idea'.

On top of all this, we have to ask why the government hasn't been doing anything to protect children in real terms, apart from its public announcement to censor the internet?

Ex-CEOP chief says that the Prime Minister's child-abuse police figures are wrong, and Tracy Edwards MBE, the former round-the-world yachtswoman who worked as a project manager for CEOP in 2007, insists that reduced funding is letting known paedophiles escape punishment. 

"CEOP has incredible intelligence on people who are abusing children," she said. "They have the intelligence on who these people are, where they are, but they don't have the resources to go and arrest them, and they certainly don't have the resources to go through their computer drives."

Her comments were backed up by Jim Gamble in an interview with Radio 4:

"This government has stood still for two years with regards to CEOP - CEOP's budget has, in real terms, decreased," he said. "There are 50,000 predators, we're told by CEOP, downloading images on peer-to-peer, not Google, peer-to-peer. Yet from CEOP intelligence, only 192 were arrested last year." 

More food for thought!

When I found about the government’s intention to block esoteric material, alongside pornography, I immediately started a petition on because I was seriously alarmed by the implications of this manoeuvre. 

The government is supposed to be accountable to the general public. The very fact that this is a closed-door process should ring alarm bells for all of us! What exactly is the government’s agenda? Nobody really knows!

Alarmingly, this is not the only instance of the government trying to silence the public voice, or suppress information that could be seen to “harm” its own agenda.

MP Chloe Smith has recently been trying to rush through a new "gagging law" which would stop charities and other non-profit organisations running campaigns one year before elections because it could "harm" those in power. Quite rightly, there has been a massive outcry against this legislation by charities and other non-party organisations across the UK, leading to a U-turn by the government.

Now it is time for another massive outcry against the proposed “pornwall” filters that are set to come into effect next year (2014).

There has already been a dangerous precedent set here in the UK, with public WiFi hotspots at McDonald's and Caffe Nero blocking "alternative belief/spirituality" websites, and Orange blocking websites that promote “esoteric practices” on their pay-as-you-go phones.

This is simply unbelievable – and actually contravenes the Human Rights convention! But does the UK government care?

The Guardian recently picked up that the UK government wishes to scrap the Human Rights Act and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights! 

Should we be concerned about living in a country that appears democratic on the surface but is actually acting more like Big Brother every day? Absolutely!

Can we do something about it? Yes! But we have to take massive, consistent action against it and demand that the government act openly and accountably towards its public.

Adult filtering amounts to censoring legal content. The UK would be the first "democratic" society to do this, and this sets a terrible example to other countries with interests in suppressing information!

If we sleepwalk into censorship in the UK, other countries will surely follow suit. Other governments are watching carefully to see what they can get away with! 

Conservative MP Joy Smith says she wants to see Canada adopt legislation that requires residents to request access to pornography from their internet service providers or have all pornographic material preemptively blocked.

Bill No. 2511/2012-CR introduced by Congressman Omar Chehade and the Nationalist caucus raises serious questions about individual freedoms in Peru. The project aims to establish a national system of mandatory filters for all Internet providers to prevent access to pages with pornographic content. This filter would be applied by default to all users of the Internet and the only way around it would be by expressly asking the operator to turn it off.

So let's stop this from being a run-away train RIGHT NOW! Write to David Cameron and copy your own MP in now! Express your extreme concern about what is being planned!

You can contact No. 10 Downing Street via its web form, or write directly to David Cameron at If you are emailing him directly, please be polite, and also include your full postal address.

A sample letter can be found here.

act NOW!
Make sure you tell all your friends and family members that their internet freedom really is at stake. Then sign the petition on before it’s too late!

This could easily be OUR last chance to maintain internet freedoms. If we allow this, there will be no turning back! At the very least, it would be a huge struggle. Freedom lost is not easily regained.

You take the blue pill - go back to sleep, and believe that David Cameron's internet censorship really is about 'protecting the children'. You take the red pill - stay informed and see just how deep the implications of default online censorship go.

"I myself feel that it is very important that my ISP supplies internet to my house like the water company supplies water to my house. It supplies connectivity with no strings attached."  Tim Berners-Lee - Creator of the world wide web

With hope,

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Case of Sarah Colwill - Foreign Accent Sydrome or Xenoglossy?!

Sarah Colwill, 38, suddenly gained a Chinese accent since falling ill with a migraine in 2010, conveniently labelled as 'Foreign Accent Syndrome'.

"...since that fateful 2010 day, Sarah's focus has been almost entirely on getting her voice back. But with doctors and scientists equally mystified, it's been a struggle. There is one clue though - Sarah is a migraine sufferer. She gets them, she says, around 10 times a month and so far, medics have been unable to find anything that gets rid of them completely. This could be important, as one of the few things known about Foreign Accent Syndrome is that its linked to headaches and is thought to be a type of neurological brain damage." 

[Excerpt from Daily Mail article:]

This article makes no mention of the Soul, or the idea that Consciousness extends beyond the actual physical body.

It is a well know fact (yes, fact!) that people can access "other lives" through past-life regressions or even spontaneously. This is another piece of evidence - and, once again, ignored!

According to the past-life research of the late Dr Ian Stevenson, there have been many instances of Xenoglossy, meaning the ability to speak/understand a foreign language that has not been learned in the present lifetime.

In addition to the recovery of a language from a past lifetime, in some xenoglossy cases, the entire past life personality emerges and essentially takes over the body of the contemporary personality.

In Sarah Colwill's case, she has not taken on the personality of the life, just the accent. A "doorway" in the inner mind has opened. Remember, the brain is receiving signals from the field of consciousness - it is not a self-contained box!

If you're interested in the subject of our real nature, and the journey of the Soul, you may like to read Dr Semkiv's excellent, and highly accessible, book on the subject of reincarnation here:

These ideas of "past lives" and "reincarnation" are so horrific to modern, scientific, reductionist thought, that we now have an entirely stupid name for this trans-personal phenomenon: Foreign Accent Syndrome.

I know which theory intuitively and also rationally makes the most sense; yet, to even look at the evidence for Xenoglossy, we have to at least be open to the understanding that we are not simply our bodies.

Isn't it time we stopped overlooking the multidimensional nature of our souls?

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

Friday, September 06, 2013

The War on Consciousness and the Rise of Ayahuasca

Take a few minutes to listen to this inspiring video titled "The War on Consciousness" by Graham Hancock.

If you are on a mobile device and can't see the embedded video, here's the link:

This is a removed TED Talk since the very notion that humans might have consciousness was so offensive to the TED "high priests" that they felt the talk needed to be suppressed and removed it from circulation. Luckily, it is still active on YouTube (but for how long?).

In his talk (recorded earlier this year), Graham Hancock talks openly about the increasing use of Ayahuasca to help raise one's consciousness, highlighting a desperate need for mankind to wake up in the face of massive, self-destructive tendencies that are combining to threaten a world-wide ecological disaster of gargantuan proportions. We are honestly on a sinking ship, but our governments and those who wield the most power just want it to be "business as usual"!

Control, power and greed underpin the vast majority of the western world's business, economic and political activities. Even worse, the east is now copying the west's approach, diminishing its rich spiritual heritage.

Could the rise of individual consciousness be so threatening to the current paradigm, which only benefits the few (i.e. "the rich and powerful") while the majority suffer, that those in power would do anything they can to suppress it? The answer is a resounding "yes"!

Ayahuasca (if you haven't heard of it already) is a natural hallucinogenic that helps to elevate consciousness.

Peruvian shamans commonly mix the leaves of DMT (dimethyltryptamine) containing plants like Psychotria with the the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, which is a source of monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), allowing humans to drink the plant (rather than smoking it) in order to receive its potent effects.

The use of ayahuaca continues to remain illegal in many western countries, so it is interesting to note that many people are flocking to the Amazonian Jungle to try it for themselves. It is not something to be tried lightly, as it has severe physical, mental and emotional effects.

My friend, and astrologer, Mark Flaherty's world turned upside down when he was diagnosed with an "incurable illness", but a voice within insisted that the answer lay with ayahuasca—a sacred, visionary plant medicine.

Mark left his home, here in England, to live among the shamans of the Peruvian Amazon, and participated in hundreds of ayahuasca ceremonies.

His book "Shedding the layers" is a truly captivating true story of his fight to heal himself through unorthodox means, and a demonstration of faith in a healing power that shapes, yet transcends, the human experience.

The purpose and intent of the ayahuasca brew typically brings about an ascension in consciousness.

DMT naturally occurs in humans in trace amounts , where it functions as a neurotransmitter - but it has been deemed "illegal" by "those in power"!

Don't you find it extremely interesting that a drug that helps people connect with their inner spirit (or spiritual self), and thus ascend in consciousness, is clamped down very hard upon by a hypocritical "authority"?

This same authority (our governments) actively encourage the use of other drugs, such as alcohol, which typically bring about a sharp devolution in consciousness (just go to any pub or bar on a weekend!) as people indulge in "boozing benders" to escape their long working week, and jobs they typically hate!

This behaviour, of course, keeps them exactly where the government wants them to be - nursing their hangovers, and not questioning their day-to-day reality! The bigger questions of life are simply avoided entirely: "Who am I?", "Why are we here?", "What is the purpose of life?" and so on...

Of course, the government gets a nice fax tax, and it pretends that it's doing a good job for society by "cleaning up all those drunk bums" on the street, and tackling alcohol-fuelled crime and anti-social behaviour caused by drinking copious amounts of legally provided alcohol.

Oh, did I forget to mention all the advertising that is allowed to make drinking look cool, since the government continually receives nice, fat paychecks from the pro-alcohol lobbyists!

Society needs alcohol, apparently, but not ayahuasca.

Society, apparently, also needs anti-depressants and other drugs created by Big Pharma to save itself from its own self-destruction - typically created by an ever increasing sense of isolation and disconnection - but doesn't need ayahuasca.

Did I forget to mention the incredible amount of money that our governments receive from the leading pharmaceutical companies to ensure their products reach the market as "safe" and "effective"?

Did you know that people who routinely drink lots of alcohol (which is highly toxic to the brain and body), and then drink lots of caffeine to "wake themselves up" after a night out,  will eventually become severely dehydrated and often suffer from depression, not to mention other ill effects of long-term "social drug" abuse. Just go to any hospital and see for yourself!

Eventually, our "social" habits do catch up with us!

Of course, Big Pharma kindly supplies all the hospitals with its radical new drugs to take care of you, once your body fails. Who's constantly getting richer from other people's misery? Drugs for life, anyone?

God help us all if we don't all wake up soon! Let's help each other - the truth is out!

Well done Graham Hancock!

Peace and Light,

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy

Friday, August 16, 2013

Combining Reiki with other therapies

For me, Reiki represents one of the purest and most natural forms of energy healing available on our planet today, and I have no wish to dilute the essence of its message. 

On the other hand, because Reiki means "spiritual energy", the Greater Power that is Reiki will guide us to use other therapies and/or methods as we progress along our own healing journeys.

Reiki is our ever present, ever patient teacher, if we will but listen.

In my own work, I regularly combine Reiki with two other therapies to facilitate the best, or highest, possible outcome for my clients: Spiritual Response Therapy, affectionately known as SRT, and Sound Healing.

I hope to share here a concise overview of how these modalities work to complement Reiki in my own practice.

When a client comes to see me, even if they have specifically asked for Reiki, I usually suggest that we begin with a consultation to determine what is happening from their point of view, and clear life energies using SRT.

What is important is that the client knows which part of the session is SRT and which is Reiki.  I do not confuse them by muddling up modalities - this is vital to understand. If you are going to combine therapies for the highest good of your clients, I suggest having a clear intention and structure also.

SRT is a form of ‘information dowsing’ that is quintessentially non-local. Like Reiki, it can easily be done ‘at a distance’ and it allows me to change information in the field that may be flowing counter to the client’s physical, emotional and mental health. This is done through intention and directed attention to the field of consciousness, whilst working at the super-conscious level.
Through intention, breath and the mechanism of dowsing, I link to my High Self and use a set of channelled charts to access and clear information held in the various energy bodies where the negative programming is stored. In SRT, we talk about 'energies running' or 'programming' or 'negative charge' and our work is rooted in the spiritual principle of the Law of Mind Action: whatever you think about, you create energy around it, and have to deal with that energy.

One of the most useful aspects of the whole SRT process is something we call "prep to work". Here, I check to see if the client's aura has any cracks or holes, and/or if they have any energy attachments or blocks that are preventing a clear connection to their High Self. If they do, Spirit can simply clear it.

When I sit down to work with Spirit, I prepare myself to work as a clear channel - with Spirit acting as my own High Self - and I also prep the client to work with their High Self. In this way, there is person-to-person communication (human level), and also higher level communication happening simultaneously. The prep also helps reduce ego level, which can interrupt the quality of the flow of healing energy and information.

After preparing to work, I will then ask Spirit if there are negative energies (programming) affecting the client in any of the 13 bodies of consciousness? These bodies hold all positive and negative programming, created as potentials to experience when we incarnate.

If there are negative energies to clear, it is as simple as asking for them to be cleared. No ritual is required. Expert dowsing skills are, however, essential to ensure the answers received are clear, true and accurate, coming from the High Self and not the conscious mind.

What I understand from my work is that the negative programming provides the basis for our earthly challenges, which prompts us to ask deeper questions of ourselves, and explore life as it was meant to be lived. This is the basis for greater expansion of consciousness.

SRT is similar to Reiki in that it addresses the 'root cause' of the client's problem energetically.  In Reiki, we may use the HSZSN symbol as a focusing tool to get to the energetic root cause of a problem. For me, SRT helps one to discover the art of asking the right questions with regard to fundamentally changing consciousness. I like this direct approach, which is rather detective-like!

What I find interesting is that, as with Reiki, different SRT practitioners will work in slightly different ways to each other because they perceive things differently, and thus the healing intention and outcome will be unique.

Specifically with dowsing, asking different questions will bring through different answers.There is an art to intuitively perceiving the 'right' questions to ask, and it generally takes a great deal of practice to dowse whilst holding the 'right' question in mind.

We are all individual channels for Spirit/Source/God/The Universe, so it is perfectly natural that we will have some similar viewpoints, but also very different ones. Our different perspectives add to the richness of the tapestry we call Life.

Esther Hicks, of Abraham-Hicks, asked the Non Physical consciousness Abraham, 'If we have been talking to God, why doesn't God say the same thing to everyone? Why isn't everybody getting the same message?'

Abraham said, 'Everybody isn't asking the same question. Everybody is not at the same point of understanding. Everybody is not even wanting the same thing... We are all about eternalness which means we are about difference. It is in our difference that desires of all kinds come forth, and as all of these new desires pop up, every one of them—even in their difference—is important.'

After clearing the bodies of consciousness, I will then use Reiki to complement the healing process. I have trained in both Western and Eastern style techniques, so I tend to favour the more intuitive, eastern-style methods to hone in specific client issues.

Whilst giving Reiki, I do find the spontaneous use of sound coming through to heal and balance the physical and subtle bodies. A lot of times, I will observe the flow of Reiki in silence - but, many times, I am guided to tone and chant directly on or over the physical body.

In the practice of Usui Reiki, the Kotodama is chanted at second and third degree levels to help awaken consciousness further. In Japan the word for mantra is either Kotodama, meaning “words carrying spirit”, or Jumon meaning “chant”. According to Suzuki-San, who is thought to be one of Sensei Usui’s original students, the mantras for the Reiki symbols were the first extra piece of information to be introduced to Sensei Usui’s first teachings.

Kotodama is an ancient Shinto practice that used the vibrations of sound to interact with the natural environment. Mantras invoke a specific vibration through sound and most effective when toned, or spoken aloud.

For those of you who have taken second degree, and thus know the proper pronunciation for the Reiki symbols, I invite you to experiment chanting the symbols out loud (softly). This can greatly magnify the quality of the Reiki energy coming through you. Try it and see!

In Reiki, we don't generally say the symbol names out loud - primarily because this would disturb the client but also because there is a degree of secrecy and sacredness for the symbols and their names. However, chanting the symbol names has a totally different quality to it, and can help create a very soothing experience for the client.

After taking my Reiki Master Teacher training in 2005 and launching Energy Therapy, I went on to take my Karuna Reiki Master Teacher training in 2006. Shortly after taking the training, I found that my voice started to change and that I was creating very unusual sounds whilst toning and chanting - without any effort on my part. I was absolutely fascinated and went on to study with Jonathan Goldman, a pioneer in the use of sounds for healing.

Using an externally created sound, coupled with clear, focused intention, it is possible to project a "healing" sound into the body, reminding the body of its natural resonant frequency, thereby restoring the blueprint for perfect health again.

This is not a new truth but an old truth revisited:

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."John 1:1

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." Proverbs 18:21

In terms of healing it has been said many times that the human body is like an orchestra and that if we are well, everything can be said to be playing in tune. However, when we are ill, there will be parts of us that are out of tune and throwing our body system out of balance.

Whilst remembering the magic formula of Sound + Intention = Manifestation/Healing, we can tap into the power of sound through toning and chanting. Indeed, sound will naturally move through the body to create a space for healing to take place, bringing the client back into alignment with the life force within.

We simply need to trust and allow ourselves to be a vehicle for sound from the higher dimensions. If we trust, then the "right" note will come out. It may not sound pleasant to our ears but it will be the one that creates the shift. It is important to remember that not all sounds are melodious!

Alongside the voice, I also use Reiki Drumming as a separate healing modality, or in combination with my voice.  I also have a strong connection with aboriginal healing, and own several original Yidaki (or didgeridoos). Both the drum and didgeridoo help to create very deep healings for clients as Reiki "rides" the sound waves that are created by these primordial instruments.

Finally, as an Aura-Soma Practitioner, I also like to use the visible colour and light energy of Aura-Soma Pomanders and Quintessences to support the well-being of the client. Each of the frequencies are quite different and complement any healing session.

I invite you to allow yourself to grow with Reiki, and explore your own sense of uniqueness. The last thing that Reiki wants is to be "boxed".

All blessings,

Jaime Tanna
Founder and Director of Energy Therapy