Thursday, June 30, 2011

Creating Your New Story

Let your dominant intention be to revise and improve the content of the story you tell yourself every day of your life. Remember, if you complain, you simply attract more pain! 

The universal, ever-present principle of attraction means that the essence of that which is like unto itself, is drawn.

The story you tell others is the story you tell yourself. Therefore, carefully observe your every thought, word and deed for the power of creation is always on and responding to you, whether you are conscious of it, or not.

You are the author and master story-teller of your life. You created your life exactly as it is playing out today. Choose, right now, to re-write all aspects of your story that you wish to change and be willing to change yourself first!

All old, self-limiting and self-destructive habits must go! You cannot keep wishing for things to change but insist on doing the same old things. A change requires a new vibration to be active within you.

Affirm, "I am the author and master story-teller of my life. As I re-write my story, I trust and follow my inner guidance. I have faith in the omnipotent power of the Universe to draw to me all the circumstances, conditions and events of my life to make my new story a living reality."

And so it is.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What does "being spiritual" really mean?

peace symbol
Many people are turned off from spirituality and/or religion because they have come across too many who choose to sermonize their beliefs, or simply because they see no place for it in the "real" world. This is a shame.

The Tibetan Buddhist, TD Lakha Lama, said that spirituality means "spirit-in-reality", and he was right! Whether we see it as the Holy Spirit, the spirit of love, or the spirit of the universe, it's how we use that quality to heal and transform our day to day realities that really counts.

It's how we use our inner qualities, such as love, tolerance, wisdom, non-judgment, forgiveness and compassion, to deal with difficult situations that truly matters. It's easy to love when others are being loving, but the challenge is to be loving when others are not.

It's when the chips are down, that we are invited to dig deep and find that intangible, invisible energy that glues life together again, that heals all wounds and dissolves all sense of hatred and division. This is what spirituality is about. It's not about labelling and judging others, deciding whether they are "spiritual enough" to live up to our values, which is about as far away from real spirituality as you can get.

Being spiritual is not about being a pushover by any means. You may have to stand firm and peacefully challenge someone else's behaviour, especially if they are being abusive or intrusive.
If you choose to take a breath (symbolically taking in the breath of Spirit), you may just give yourself some much needed space for something better to manifest in your life. So many of us hold on to things that we don't need - both literally and metaphorically.

To express our sense of spirituality, we need to let something from inside ourselves shine through. Some call it Light. Some call it Love. Some call it God.

And so it is.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The magnetic instruction sets of our DNA: Astrology as a Science

The magnetic instruction sets of our DNA have yet to be discovered (and "proven") by science. Kryon has spoken of them in the channellings by Lee Carroll and I wish to touch upon it here.

Within the magnetic structure of our DNA, not only do we have our biology but also our karmic overlays (lessons from past lives/other lifetimes) and the exact magnetics of when we were born.

One of our magnetic imprints is a snapshot in time of where the planets were positioned in our solar system at the time of our birth. This imprint is transferred to us by earth's magnetic fields which constantly interact with and receive information from the solar winds.

There is a constant stream of communication going on at the DNA level that our modern day science is not yet aware of - and yet the ancients were very aware of it.

Today, however, we can appreciate how huge amounts of information is transferred wirelessly in the blink of an eye. Let's use this awareness to get past our own limited perceptions of ourselves and what we're capable of.

This magnetic attribute of DNA gives us the mechanics of how astrological information is transferred to us and is something we carry around with us all our lives, whether we acknowledge it or not. This is why an adept astrologist can read a person's natal chart and give startlingly accurate information on their past, present and future energy potential for this lifetime.

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences and deserves respect. Indeed, at one time Astronomers were Astrologers also.

Unfortunately, popular astrology is rarely helpful to the individual's quest to understand himself or herself, and only serves to discredit the valuable work of those who take the time to read the energy of the human sitting before them.

If you're really interested in Astrology, find out your time and place of birth as accurately as you can and seek out a seasoned astrologist who can give you insights into your character and the potentials you have lined up, both good and bad.

One word of caution, however: don't buy into any fear! Difficult potentials that are discussed during an astrology reading should be addressed in ways that are helpful to you.

Spirit will not give you a difficult situation without the tools and ability to overcome it. If someone is putting you into fear, leave! Use discernment and own your power at all times.

Astrology is a map of your own energy potentials but you get to make the choice as to which ones you activate.

And so it is.