Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Self-Mastery: The Art of Manifesting

As we head into 2011, we are being asked to demonstrate our mastery, which is already present in our DNA. 
What this means to us, as humans walking upon this earth, is that we have great opportunities before us to co-create love, peace and abundance in our personal lives, and on a global scale. We each have free choice as to whether we are willing to embrace our masterhood and walk the path of our soul, or whether we choose to remain where we are.

If we embrace our true path, we will become much more balanced and in harmony with the energetic planetary shifts that are happening much more frequently.

The energy of plenty is upon us but we must draw it to us through our intention, and by taking the action steps that we are prompted to take. If we truly want to manifest abundance in our lives, we must master the art of coordinating multiple fields of intentionality.

This sounds complicated but, at its essence, this is as simple as feeling a positive feeling in our hearts and minds. On the other hand, manifesting does not seem to be easy for most of us because we are so used to offering the vibration of what we are observing, rather than the vibration of what we wish to see enter (and stay) our lives.

To manifest anything, including health, love and financial abundance, you must:
  1. Identify CLEARLY what you want to manifest. Do not keep changing your mind!
  2. Shift your vibrational state to MATCH your desire.
    The most coherent, vibrational state is one of gratitude and joy that your desire has already been granted. You must simply allow it to flow into the containing vehicle... YOU are the receiving vessel. When you sincerely ask for something, you become part of the energy that is summoning that request.
  3. LOCK IN your new vibrational state!
  4. Do not allow yourself to fall into negative vibrations, such as anger, depression, confusion, frustration or negativity for prolonged periods of time. Yes, be true to yourself and be honest with those around you - but also look to pivot vibrationally. Extended periods of separation from your Source often delays your desires.
  5. TAKE AN AFFIRMATIVE ACTION to demonstrate your faith.
    Your body, mind and soul must be in alignment! You cannot give thanks for something and later take an action that runs counter to your desire without neutralising the energy that is bringing your manifestation into 3D reality.
    Base your faith on universal timing, not clock (i.e. man-made!) time. The first is the truth, the second is illusion.
Happy manifesting!