Friday, July 23, 2010

Expressing Unity Consciousness

Unity Consciousness is both the knowing and realisation that we are ONE with everything and everyone around us, as well as ONE with our spiritual source, that which I refer to as SPIRIT.

Each day, make it a habit to start with an affirmative prayer that acknowledges your own Divinity. The power of your prayer is activated through your intention, so bring your attention to the heart space and allow the resonance of your words to resonate powerfully through your entire being. A basic rule of thumb is, if you don't feel it (the energy in and behind your words), you haven't shifted your vibration.

Avoid the trap of merely paying lip-service to your prayer. To affirm something is to make something firm in mind. Then, through the Law of Mind Action, this knowing is faithfully out-pictured as a living truth in our day to day experience of life.

It is quite easy to fall into patterns of separation, an "us" versus "them" or "me" versus "you" mentality, simply because we are uniquely bound to our own perspective and limited by our own perceptions, beliefs, values and judgments. However, as we deepen our spiritual knowing, we begin to have a much more encompassing view of our own lives and the lives of those people with whom we come into contact.

Clearly apparent to all who have awoken from their hypnotic slumber, who have lifted the veil of illusion, there is unfortunately much negative conditioning spread out all over the world today because our media overly emphasises pain, separation and violence. It is vital to our evolution that we detach from such negative stories and conditioning, instead actively seeking out all that is good and positive about the world around us.

Every day, take a reality check on your dominant, inner vibration. Where is it? Is it hopeful or anxious? Is it one of pain or one of joy? Beware of getting caught in the unconscious mind stream of doom and gloom, especially in relation to the world's current or future geo-political landscape, such as the possible collapse of the world's financial markets or the continued poisoning of our Mother Earth.

We must view all events as essential to the forward movement of consciousness for whenever there is contrast, we have clarity. Yet we cannot move towards the greater good, the healing of our individual and worldly troubles, if our problems continue to be the active vibrations within us. It defies Law.

Common negative energies that block us from allowing the good to flow through are fear, frustration, fatigue, addictions (physical, mental and emotional), ego, doubt, doom, depression, separation consciousness, self-limitation, self-punishment, self-destruction and self-centeredness.

These blocking energies are part of the All-That-Is, yet demonstrate that we can be drawn into fear consciousness, so it is paramount that we seek to maintain our connection to SPIRIT in each moment. This joyful, natural connection naturally allows our inner current of love, positivity and hopefulness to flow out into the world and transmute any fear into love.

As we seek to move in oneness with SPIRIT, we will be continually refreshed and nourished so that we can be of service to others around us. Compassion is the offspring of unity consciousness, so having compassion for ourselves and others is vital to our individual and collective ascension.

Ask yourself, "to what degree am I practising the consciousness of oneness in my day to day interactions with others?" (SRT practitioners, you may like to ask SPIRIT to give you an optimum percentage to aim for and check in on a frequent basis as to where you are).

We are here to embody SPIRIT in the physical, whilst allowing ourselves to be imperfect. We must constantly seek to remember that there is always perfection in the process of life, judging none of it.

We must also continue to practise orderly thinking in our affairs. Clearing energies and raising our vibration is our platform for heightened spiritual growth. If we are idle, scattered or fearful in our thinking, our connection to SPIRIT suffers and our lives will fall demonstrably short of our true potential.

The affirmations given below are to help us remember our oneness, the purpose of our life here, and to deepen our trust in expecting only the good to flow into our lives.


"I feel my ONENESS with SPIRIT. I affirm that I am ONE with everyone who comes into my life, recognising that they are individuations of SPIRIT, perfect and whole in truth."

"I trust. I trust in all situations. I trust and allow SPIRIT to provide all that I desire for true success to manifest in my life and to bring about divine order and harmony in all my affairs."

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