Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Healing the emotional body is key to reversing ageing

At this time on the planet, the vast majority of people still think they are their physical body and have forgotten that they are made up of vortices of energy and have many subtle bodies that have a direct impact on the physical expression.

On the other hand, beyond the logic of the rational mind, nearly all of humankind intuitively realises that the most profound experiences of life are not purely physical, they are emotional ones.

Without the feeling side of the Being, our journey through life would cease to be the miracle that it is. It is always our emotional response to life that determines the quality of our journey here and the end result, if there is such a thing.

Emotions move through us just as electrical signals move through the nervous system of our physical body, and the emotional body can be sensed during experiences of Non-Ordinary Reality. For example, those exploring healing paths such as Reiki begin to sense "bodies" that lie beyond and yet intertwine with the physical body.

To better understand that the state of our emotional body has a direct impact on the health and longevity of our physical vessel, we simply need to bring awareness to our emotions again. By choosing to fully feel them whenever and wherever they arise, whether positive or negative, we will begin to release dysfunctional emotional patterns.

We must stop diluting the emotional experience through the machinery of our mind which is often playing out an ego-centric, disconnected reality.

Every time you feel a negative emotion, pay attention to these symptoms just as you would with physical pain and discomfort. Often you will be able to sense where the discordant energy is by noticing where pain or discomfort is reflected in the physical body. For example, the back of the heart centre or the area around the larynx might feel tight and constricted after an argument. The back of the head, where the occipital ridge is located, may be "throbbing" with energy as well, since this passageway marks the spot where duality is merged into unity consciousness.

When you are emotionally off centre, pay close attention by being still for a moment and sensing where the stuck energy is. Note its power or intensity, size and direction. By sending yourself, the situation and the area of your body loving-feeling thoughts, the physical and the emotional body will begin to heal.

Having a healthy, flexible emotional body will naturally lend itself to a youthful disposition and your physical body will cease to age compared to those who remain stuck in negative, reactive patterns of thought and feelings.

SPIRIT says that getting older is not the same as ageing. The latter is a belief based on the experience of "wear and tear" on the physical body, the vehicle for our self-expression in this lifetime. The body is perfectly capable of rejuvenating itself in a heartbeat once blocking energies and limiting beliefs have been cleared. The reason that the concept of ageing does not sit well with any of us is that it contradicts our broader perspective's understanding and knowing on the subject.

The tendency of the body is life-ward and it is a huge testament to its miraculous life-giving powers that most of us manage to stay so healthy for so long, despite our neglect of and lack of appreciation for the wonderful vehicle that we inhabit. The physical body is a perfect instrument for our service work - for we are all here to serve each other - and it is the perfect mirror for our consciousness to understand itself at the deepest level. The emotional body is the closest body, after the etheric twin, to our physical and the one that impacts us the most on a moment to moment basis.

The false premise of ageing stems from a misbelief. We have been told by authorities outside of ourselves that our bodies are closed systems, prone to decay, disease and malfunction. And, of course, we can all see that message being driven home in advertisements ruthlessly calculated to evoke a fear response. This so-called "truth" is being played out all around us, validating this ingrained belief that ageing is an ungracious process and that we must eventually wither and die.

Rather than realising that we are, in fact, masters of our physical vessel who can choose to leave when we deem fit, we feel we have no choice about our health or when we "go". Some of us even question whether we exist after we die, despite strong anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

And yet, what if we are capable of living far longer than we could have previously imagined, in such magnificent health that it would strip away the false paradigm laid down by our current view of human biology?

The truth is that the human body is an open, dynamic system made up of intertwining fields of electromagnetic energy, capable of self-correcting and harmonising of its own accord when the mind does not unduly interfere with the process of self-healing. The body's tendency is always to support life, always moving towards optimum health and well-being in each and every moment!

The physical body is, however, the most dense of all the bodies and reflects back to us the energies that are prevalent in the other subtler bodies - emotional, mental and all the spiritual bodies - that make up Who We Really Are.

If we would learn to tend to our mental and emotional bodies when we are young, then we would all have the optimum chance of staying in constant alignment with our spiritual source which constantly sends us a stream of energy to nourish and sustain us.

It is our emotional misalignment over time, separating us from our source, that causes us to wither away like a freshwater stream cut off from its river.

Children are excellent teachers when they are quite young, demonstrating how to move through emotions quickly - happy, sad, angry, joyful, moody, calm, resistant, playful and so forth - until they learn to copy the bad habits of those around them. This is not to cast blame but merely to observe what is so. Once fear sets in and they are schooled not to express themselves, the body's innate ability to rejuvenate is severely impacted.

However, there is still hope, for even for those of us who are much older and childhood is a distant memory, it is never too late to realise that we are carrying around a lot of unnecessary mental and emotional baggage, and to begin to let go of it. Beginning the process of healing the emotional body begins with acceptance of where you are right now.

With just a little effort, it is surprising just how quickly the physical body will heal and correct itself once limiting beliefs and negative subconscious memories are cleared from all of the bodies and minds that make up the spiritual constitution of man. In particular, when destructive emotional tendencies are recognised and overcome, the potential for rejuvenation is enormous.

Since all the systems of the body can run negative as well as positive programming, discordant energies can remain trapped in one or several of our bodies and minds until it is consciously recognised and released. The tendency of life is towards more life, which is evolution. Cycles of decay are replaced with cycles of rebirth.

As an evolving race, we have simply forgotten that our bodies are master vehicles for self-expression. We are not our bodies but we are so intimately connected with our bodies that we oftentimes believe that we are our bodies.

"In truth there is only one reality. You have no way of separating yourself from it... Your separate self, which has a huge personal stake in the world, isn't who you really are. In fact, it may be a total illusion, which is what the Buddha said." Deepak Chopra, The Shadow Effect

We have been given enough glimpses into the illusion of life to understand that we are not our bodies and that all illness is pure illusion. This is not to trivialise the illnesses and suffering that mankind is currently experiencing but, far too often, when most of us experience something that runs counter to our previous knowledge on the subject, we dismiss it out of hand even when the new experience directs us to an improved experience of life itself.

People who have had cancer and who have healed spontaneously are now simply put into a convenient category called "spontaneous regression". The "hinted at" possibility that quick recoveries, instead of long and arduous healing processes, could be the norm is routinely set aside for examination at a later date. The convenience of the label means science can ignore it and press on to look for the glory and the money that comes with the miracle cure that will save everyone from cancer.

By default almost, we have chosen to continue looking at life in a way that fits our past thinking, rather than embrace the quantum leap that miracles show us. We have forgotten that, at a much broader level of awareness, we set up the exact conditions and parameters of our lives so that we can work through them to gain understanding and wisdom.

What if tending to our emotional make-up was the single, most powerful key to eliminating decay and disease in the human body? Humanity would be immediately empowered to take of itself again and the spiritual-holistic approach to well-being would dramatically impact the direction taken by those who pursue the biological sciences.

So, why is it taking so long for us to live a new paradigm that honours our spiritual birthright?

The underlying concern for those in power, for those who fund drug research and development, is that they would be disempowered at a stroke and would additionally lose billions, if not trillions of dollars, in the process of admitting to such a thing. The cosmetic industry, tied to the hip with those same drug companies, would also cease to profit from their constant attention to all that is "wrong" with the body.

For those of us who are not willing to wait for a global awakening, we need to ask ourselves, "what if directing our attention to better feeling thoughts every moment of every day is sufficient enough to maintain excellent health and improve not-so-good health?"

Abraham, the consciousness channelled by Ester Hicks, points out that today more people are sick than ever before despite huge advances in science and medicine because of the tremendous pushing against disease. We shout "no" at a universe that is inclusive, that is based on attraction and by unduly focusing on a particular disease or illness, we activate the potential for it within us. As spiritual beings, we have encoded within us the potential for every possibility, good or bad, which is something science just isn't getting or admitting to right now.

When the ancient Rishis of India said the whole universe was contained within us, they were alluding to the etheric body, the energetic double of our physical self which contains the seed for every potential, positive and negative. As consciousness expressing through a physical body, we get to choose which aspects of life we focus on and which qualities we activate within us at the deepest level. These activations are then played out in our lives, for better or worse.

The time between thought, emotion and the actual physical manifestation of our directed attention is becoming shorter and shorter as we journey through this time-space reality. Science will soon be saying what the ancients have said so many times, so long ago. That every possibility lies dormant within us and that a state of joy is critical to physical health and vitality.

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