Sunday, May 16, 2010

Are you just a statistic?

Statistics are usually based on numbers only and often they fail to take into account the invisible energy which lies behind the results being measured. The Oxford Dictionary says a statistic is a "fact or piece of data obtained from a study of a large quantity of numerical data." Nothing more.

And yet whole industries have sprung from observing What-Has-Been, based on the erroneous assumption that What-Has-Been determines What-Will-Be.

Health Insurance is a huge industry turning over billions of pounds worldwide and most of it is based on driving fear into those it seeks to take money from. Insurance companies specialising in health, and their underwriters, are negatively focused and use past data to categorically define which segment of the population is most likely to get cancer, or which group is most likely to die of a heart attack and so forth.

This is not to say there is no correlation between smoking and cancer, or that a lack of exercise and poor diet often leads to obesity. Yet, we are energy beings and it is our connection or disconnection to Source that drives us to engage in constructive or destructive behaviours, which eventually leads to particular outcomes or consequences. The issue is with myopically labelling something or someone without taking into appreciation the psycho-spiritual nature of disease and illness.

And our media sources, they love to report on these negative statistics and further drive home these narrowly focused messages, deep into our subconscious. Our press and TV greatly add to the negative vibrational currents already in place by bringing us tremendously distorted pictures of the troubles in the world, versus the Well-Being of our planet.

Good news does not seem to be worthy of attention, except for fleeting mentions, so one has to look very hard to find good or positive aspects in a newspaper or news report. Of course, this is largely because the public continue to show a morbid fascination with stories which tell of pain, suffering and negative consequences.

The vibrations of negativity and despair are ingested at a deep level, so the underlying vibration of mass consciousness is mainly fear-based and that has a big impact on how energies play out on a personal, national and global scale.

Many of us today are so numb to this type of suggestion, that daily reports of murder, rape, war, terrorism, suicide, child abuse and so forth are just added to the pile of negative data already sitting in our subconscious minds, just below the level of our conscious awareness. We now we don't feel good when we read these stories but if we truly allowed ourselves to feel a valid emotional response to the incoming data, it would surely send us in a downward spiral of depression.

This is not the same as saying that we cannot take action to help others, that we cannot demonstrate love, for we are are part of a stream of consciousness that is, at its essence, indivisible. And to that degree, we cannot and must not idly sit by and watch our fellow brothers and sisters suffer as a result of a lack of will to put right the wrongs of the world, to correct severe imbalances caused by erroneous thinking.

From a position of strength, joy and total alignment with our Inner Being, we can choose to take action.  Indeed, we will be inspired to action through our connection to our Spiritual Source, which always has a beneficial result because the underlying energy is positive.

Were we to practice mindfulness and abstain from fixating on the distorted pictures presented to us, we would quickly find our lives would be relatively unaffected by many of the negative conditions of the world.  Just as we can stand on a sandy beach and watch a storm rage far out over the ocean, we can stand in the positive energies of our mind stream and be an attractor of positive circumstances and events, regardless of what is happening around us.

On a personal level, we must take care of ourselves first. We must honour our needs as well as the needs of those around us. We cannot give love to others if we are not in balance ourselves. We must learn to focus our personal energies in a constructive way, marrying our thoughts with our feelings to understand where we are, vibrationally speaking, and where we are headed.

Whatever the current disharmonious out-picturing of mass consciousness, many of us who would not necessarily be impacted by those events in the first place, through our undivided attention to those negative vibrations, draw those circumstances into our lives through the Law of Attraction’s laser precision and make those negative “facts” a living reality for us. And so, we become just another statistic.

Taking the recent financial crisis as an example, those people I know who remained positively focused had many opportunities for abunant living flow into their awareness that simply would not have happened if they had bought into the media hype and become negatively focused.

Some were able to borrow money at low interest rates for special projects and invested a portion of it elsewhere to offset the debt accrued. Others found they could buy expensive items because they were substantially reduced and now within their price range.

However, the people who continued to beat the drum of doom and gloom, how bad things were, how much worse they were going to be before they got better, and how they were probably likely to lose their job, for those people the Universe could not bring them the insights and opportunities for greater abundance, happiness and joy.

The lesson is quite simple. Never give your power away! Become the observer, as well as the participant, of your life and you will quickly see for yourself how energy follows awareness, how you are the Master Attractor of all that is playing out in your life.

The mind is creature of habit and it looks at something and re-acts. That is to say, it acts it out again based on past conditioning and past judgments.  It becomes a valuable tool only when harnessed by the Master Teacher within, which means you have to stay emotionally centered in your Sacred Heart and create from a space of loving awareness.

The mind loves to analyse and dissect information but it does not see Universal Truth. If it is presented with negative data, it will extrapolate worst case scenarios and run them over and over again. However, the mind when linked with the heart has perfect balance and the ability to know a greater truth.

The Soul portion of you does not react, it creates in present moment awareness. It knows that it can offer a different vibration at any time, which must lead to a different outcome; the mind then simply labels this new outcome as a different statistic, once it happens often enough to a large enough number of people.

We must learn to be discerning about the thoughts we accept and the thoughts we the offer to the world.  Therefore, choose to seek out books and programmes which inspire and uplift you and do not pay too much attention to the world’s negative stories that are being fed to you. You can tune into worldly affairs from time to time and take appropriate action to help, when inspired to do so. Giving to charities is an excellent way to use money for good, to further the evolution of society and create change for the better.

What-Is has no bearing on what is coming unless you are continually regurgitating the story of What-Is. If you find yourself playing the victim, or categorising yourself into one of the media’s various negative statistics, find some time to detach from those thoughts that have caused the negative conditions of your life.  Start to practise mindfulness.

"It makes no difference whether the thought you are thinking is one you have deliberately chosen to focus upon or whether you are merely lazily observing something and therefore thinking the thought. You are still thinking the thought, offering the vibration, and reaping the manifestational result of that thought.” Abraham-Hicks

Do you really want to prove to yourself, and others, that you are a statistic, a victim of fate?  Or do you wish to prove to yourself, time and again, that your personal choices of thought, feeling and emotion determine your destiny?

Choose now to own your personal power and say “I decide which path I take, and which outcome I choose. I choose to stay positively focused in my life, seeking out aspects which please me, which bring me feelings of great joy. And so it is!

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