Thursday, February 04, 2010

Do affirmations lead us to self-delusion?

I heard a personal development coach say that affirmations can be the beginnings of self-delusion but is this really true, and what exactly is Self-Delusion from SPIRIT's point of view?

Most people today are taking action, but they are still following the "do-have-be" or "have-do-be" paradigm, both of which flows counter to how the Universe works.

They are trying to do something (work harder) to have something (more money) to be something (happy and content). Or they believe that if they "have" a thing (more time, more money, more love), they can finally do a thing (write a book, take up a hobby, go on holiday, buy a home, strike up a new relationship), which will allow them to "be" a certain thing - happy, content, peaceful, prosperous etc.

Taking action from a lack-vibration makes life so much harder that it was meant to be for no amount of action can compensate for misalignment with one's Inner Being or Spiritual Source. We need to remember to go straight to being something first and act from that position always, remembering the great truth that every possibility exists within us at the deepest level.

Of course, on the other end of the scale, burying your head in the sand in the name of "staying positive" is not a good strategy either. Saying affirmations without taking subsequent action misses the point entirely!

Our work is firstly to bring ourselves into harmony with Self, tending to our emotional centre, and then ACT from that place of joyful connection. We are the blissful union of Spirit and Matter, so there is nothing grander than allowing the energy of Spirit to flow through you as you take action.

Only a mind which has forgotten, which does not recognise its innate power, its Divine heritage, feels powerless and consequently "strives" to make it in the world. It makes sense to stop and ask ourselves from time to time, whom are we trying to please, and what are we trying to prove to ourselves or others? A person who remembers their Divine connection has nothing to prove to anyone, least of all themselves.

Jesus said, "be of the world, not in it", saying to us that we can enjoy worldly success but we do not need to be trapped by the illusion of always wanting more and trying to do more, while failing to appreciate all we are today. Nor should we fall into error by seeking to prove we have "made it" and judging those who have not "made it".

SPIRIT says Self-Delusion is simply this. Not being true to your deepest feelings, and thus not being in tune with your Source.

Taking action without first aligning with your Inner Being first ensures poor results at best for no action can compensate for misalignment. Think of ten-pin bowling. If the bowling ball is running straight, perfectly aligned, it will easily strike all of the pins. A bowling ball thrown askew, no matter how forcefully, may hit a few pins but it most likely will miss the mark altogether.

You will naturally feel compelled to take action when in harmony with the Infinite Stream of Wellness within. Your work will be "love made manifest" because it will spring from the Eternal Source of Wisdom that is Unconditional Love.

There is a saying that "faith without action serves no useful purpose" but there is also a good saying "don't be the richest man in the graveyard".

Many people are heavily focused on money, or their lack of it, because it seems to be an indicator of what one can have, or not have, at least materially speaking and yet, the best measure of success is to notice, in present moment awareness, if you are feeling joy or not.

The man who dreams of wealth and yet walks daily toward certain financial disaster, and the woman who wishes for happiness and takes steps that lead her toward certain despair, are both creating from a place of misalignment - that is, from their lack of sensitivity to their emotional guidance system. Yet who is to say, that those places of extreme contrast are not the right and perfect set of circumstances for them at a Soul Level? Often, we human beings love the drama, and these places of intense feelings can give birth to a new consciousness.

In terms of frequency, those who are experiencing lack, are at one end of the emotional scale. Feelings ranging from anger to frustration to bitterness may be "their daily bread", so they simply cannot jump to feeling joy and excitement and bliss on the vibrational scale, and it feels false for them to do so by repeating affirmations.

When any of us choose to say positive affirmations, it doesn't feel true for us, we are really vibrationally focused vibrationally on the opposite of what our heart desires. If your radio dial is set to 88.9FM, you cannot affirm you are at 997 FM, you need gradually increase the frequency dial by reaching for better feeling thoughts.
When experiencing contrast, the key is always to take a vibrational step towards feelings that bring relief, and then listen to inner promptings to move forward.

In SRT circles, SPIRIT has shared that we continuously move through cycles called Octaves of Learning.

We must be aware of something first in order to change it, or move towards it. We then need the desire to create the energy necessary to manifest change. Thirdly, we must have the faith that we can achieve this, which is really a matter of trust. Fourthly, we must be willing to change because without changing our habitual thinking patterns, nothing will change! We must set realistic and achievable goals and work diligently on them. Finally, we must learn to rest as a particular phase comes to an end and appreciate all that we have done. The eighth step leads us back to a new awareness.

The inner growth that our experiences and challenges bring to us is, without doubt, the most important aspect of our Soul's journey but, of course, it is pleasant to notice our successful accomplishments in the "real" world.

The first step in aligning with Source is to be aware of your current emotional state. You don't have to be perfect all the time (which those on the spiritual path often feel do!) or pretend that everything is rosy when it clearly isn't for you! That is a denial of what is and that consciousness may lead you to set up reverse energy on yourself.

You just have to let yourself be, enjoy being alive, and start appreciating all that you are today. If you are in a dark place, you must find a way to make peace with yourself and the situation to create a new vibrational set point.

Once you have come back to centre, and are starting to feel better, you can begin to see what inner improvements are required and then move towards them using your emotional guidance system. SPIRIT will then move towards you and Law of Attraction will assemble all co-operative forces to assist you in your inner and outer journey.

Self-development is a deeply personal journey, one that you know best as you step forward. By virtue of your birth here, as a Leading Edge Creator in this time-space reality, you are entitled to do nothing and not be penalised for it. Doing nothing would be punishment enough, because a life without experiencing the joy of co-creation is no life at all!

As you remember your alignment with your Non-Physical Being, you will find yourself feeling less and less of the pain and frustration that you feel when you are seeking to please others and align with their thoughts and feelings on a particular subject, instead of your own.

See life through the eyes of your Inner Being, using affirmations to help you create a new vibrational set point, and then move to action!

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