Monday, January 18, 2010

Embracing Wholeness

The Universe is a holographic technology, and it works perfectly.

The word "hologram" comes from the Greek words "holos" meaning "whole" and "gramma" meaning "message". Each part of this wonderful Universe is self-contained and yet mirrors the whole. Each part has its own unique role, or message, to play and yet is part of the whole message.

And what is that message? Truth, joy, and freedom - these are the vibrations that represent the essence of our deepest expression.

Jesus, the man, embodied the Christ Consciousness, and he consistently saw the perfection of the process. He did not "fight" against the darkness, he made peace with it, and always acted from that position of constant alignment with Source energy, which he called The Father within.

The polarity of darkness has been anchored here on earth because we have collectively asked for it to find our inner strength and compassion, and to declare Who We Really Are. However, the darkness does not have to be our experience for we can choose to remember who we are, and thus act from the Light.

However, if we constantly polarise our experiences, and fall into judgement, to that degree do we perpetuate the illusion of separation, and add to the darkness. What we judge, creates a charge in us that must be resolved. This is why Jesus said, "thou shalt not judge", and why the old proverb says those who "live by the sword, die by the sword". It is the Law of Attraction, the law of Inner Vibration.

Often we see people around us who appear disadvantaged in one way or another. Sometimes it is us who find ourselves on the back foot, staring into a perceived tunnel of darkness. Yet those conditions are often the right and perfect conditions metaphysically speaking.

From our limited perspective, we cannot always know the exact reason for the conditions we find ourselves in, but we have the innate ability to know whether we are in alignment with our Source and take the emotional journey required of us as we seek to reveal our highest and grandest truths. From that place of deep trust, comes a unique opportunity to transcend the conditions that seemingly hold us in bondage.

Will we allow ourselves to be believe that darkness is an aspect of love, the only frequency that truly exists?

Only by embracing the energy of Compassion, which is the highest aspect of Self-Love, can we move to a heightened sense of awareness of the Eternal Self, a way of Being that we can choose to become.

"What if one person chooses to see beyond hate for those who oppress, while still living among those who oppress? This does not mean that they condone, agree with or would ever choose to have oppression in their lives. It simply means that one person has chosen to become more than the circumstances that they find themselves immersed within, breaking the cycles of response that has been, becoming the higher choice." - Gregg Braden, Walking Between The Worlds

People who are spiritually clear discover that they can live fully present in Ordinary Reality while simultaneously maintaining their connection with their Spiritual Source. They choose to embrace wholeness, rather than separation. Without a negative charge within them, there is nothing to attract further darkness to them.

"Healing means holding the lamp long enough to see God in everyone, to recognise the Divine in everything." - Joyce Hawkes, Cell Level Healing.

When we break down our inner walls of distance, distraction and indifference, we can hear and act on our Inner Guidance, our emotional guidance system, which represents our rudder through life's infinite waters of experience.

There is a single source of creation, a fundamental vibration, which we are all tapped into, if we will allow it to be so. That essence is pure joy and is the seed tone of the standing wave that allows the hologram of life's patterns.

A natural and unique pattern exists for each of us as individuations of the ONE consciousness. Each of us here carries our own unique Soul Signature, an emanation of the ONE vibration, and through steady alignment with our Spiritual Source, we automatically tap into a natural, unlimited flow of energy that is available for our life here and our service to others.

We have at our disposal highly tuned bodies that interpret our day-to-day sensory input - for example, we perceive hot and cold, light and dark, up and down etc, and everything in-between through our Vibrational Reality. Emotion is the energy we attach to our sensory input, that is to say our feelings, and this constantly gives us precise bio-feedback as to our alignment or misalignment with our Inner Being, our Eternal Source.

Whether our emotion is coherent, or incoherent, constructive or destructive, clearly reveals to us whether our Source agrees with our interpretation of what we are experiencing. The greater the discord, the further we are from the vibration of Love and the vibration of Well-Being that flows within, through and around us.

Until we begin to move beyond our personality's needs, to embrace our Soul's desire for creative freedom, we tend to remain trapped in dysfunctional patterns of interpretation.

When you and I react, we take an action that we have taken before. When we 'react', what we are doing is assessing the incoming data, searching our memory bank for the same, or similar, experience, and acting the way we did before. This is an automatic response to a particular stimulus or stimuli and is the work of the mind, not the work of our Soul... our Soul creates, our mind reacts.

Through the modus operandi of the mind, our reaction may or may not serve our desire for inner peace and harmony. Through the modus operandi of the Soul, our response will always serve the larger picture, the broader intent, the Highest Goal.

Most of us have been conditioned to look for others for approval from a very young age, and quickly become disconnected from our emotional guidance system, which is the essential guiding mechanism for following our true path in any given moment. Whenever we look to others for approval, we immediately place ourselves in a position of extreme disadvantage because they can never know what is right for us.

Yet, we have failed to listen to our emotional guidance system, and we have continued to act from positions of weakness, seeking to control how others behave to please us. Walking in virtual darkness, disconnected from our Inner Being, we have decided to impose laws and regulations to control external circumstances, to make "our way" the right way to live.

We have forgotten that diversity does not have to mean disharmony. We have forgotten that contrasting situations do not have to bring us suffering. We have operated from the flawed premise that to be in harmony with another, we have to want and believe the same things.

We have forgotten that life is process, that we are leading-edge creators, contributing to the expansion of All-That-Is. We have forgotten that God, our Spiritual Source, has not made its mind up on everything and come to exact conclusions about the "rightness" and "wrongness" of the circumstances of our lives.

Yet all of this can change in an instant as we remember and act from Who We Really Are, seeking alignment within before taking any action. The technology that lies within us is simple and yet utterly profound. Let us now operate from our true sense of Self, which knows it cannot be harmed and has nothing to fear. Let us seek alignment with our Source, embracing those dark moments which propel us into greater clarity.

Let us choose to walk the path of Joy and Inner Peace.

Monday, January 04, 2010

The Joy of Sex - How to better understand yourself as a sexual being

"Everything in the Universe is cyclic in nature and dualistic in nature until you get to the fundamental octave that integrates all duality into unity." - The Hathor Material, by Tom Kenyon

Our innate sexual energy continues to be a source of mystery for most of us. Although we are living in modern times where, at least in the West, the outer ritual of sex has been demystified, most people have not realised the dual opposing force of yin and yang, male and female, exists within them at the deepest level.

It is all too easy to see life from a purely dualistic perspective, and to polarise differences into the "battle of the sexes". We must endeavour to remember that each man also has the female within him and each woman also has the male within her.

From an energetic standpoint, all persons are both male and female, and at the subtlest levels of energy and consciousness, we are potentially androgynous, meaning 'balanced between' the sexual polarities of our energy make-up.

I recall observing this fact and recognising it from very early on in my life, as most young children do before they are socialised to think otherwise.

Sexual energy, and having sex, points to our origins as human beings and can be described as a pure creative energy force that pulses rhythmically through the very core of our being. How we choose to express that creative energy is always up to us. For example, with intention and awareness, we can choose to raise the life force from our root, sacral and energy centres near the base of the spine through all of our energy centres when having sexual intercourse; or we can achieve this through yogic breathing or other energy-based methods.

This phenomenon of the energy moving up the spine through all centres at once causes an experience of sexual bliss - that is to say, oneness - and raises consciousness.

The Hathors, as channelled by Tom Kenyon, say that as we balance the masculine and feminine currents within, holding the intention to elevate ourselves in consciousness, we will begin to have intuitions and understandings about things that are very valuable to us and our earthly brothers and sisters. This is called 'gnosis', which means 'knowledge' and it comes as a feeling or sudden knowing.

An active sexual relationship is not necessary, however, to reach high states of consciousness, for if one practices celibacy and at the same time causes the life force to rise from the root and sexual centres near the base of the spine, one will experience a state of oneness also.

The Hathors further point out that, today, the ancient understanding of the role of celibacy has been lost for the most part. Its purpose was to allow "Mystery School" students to explore their own sexually-based energy patterns. By entering the realms of the Self, the initiate could facilitate the merging of the male and female aspects, an event known as the 'alchemical marriage'.

Most people today are naturally interested in sex, rather than celibacy, for it is part of our pre-programmed biological makeup and our natural desire to merge with another being is nothing less than life seeking to know its Source.

"You can unite the chemical elements of life in a petri dish. Yet this would not satisfy the most basic urges of the soul, which it turns out, are much larger than procreation, and have to do with re-creation of Who and What You Really Are." - Conversations with God, Book 3, by Neale Donald Walsch

Sex always helps us to feel good about ourselves when expressed naturally and joyfully. Yet, most of the dominant thoughts that currently prevail around sex, marriage, birth and death - and especially those laws which seek to control the behaviour of others in relation to these themes - have typically been passed down from those who were out of alignment with their Inner Being.

SPIRIT has shared with me that ejaculation, for example, does not have to equate to depletion of the life force in the body since the sexual energy and fluids are easily separated. If a man does not "disconnect" from his higher chakras, particularly the heart, and his intention of how to move that energy is clear before having sex, the energy will move up the spine during orgasm rather than being released from the body.

Often, however, men are socialised to be primarily stimulated through their root chakra alone and fail to connect through their higher energy centres at the time of orgasm. A simple shift in awareness is all that is necessary.

Women naturally connect through the heart, so not only is sex an emotionally heightened experience but they also are able to raise the energy up, leading to multi-cellular orgasm and a heightened state of oneness.

Culturally, many young women in Western countries are seeking to emulate their male peers and to have sex from the root chakra alone, which deprives them of their natural instinct. This is not necessarily wrong but it may not serve them in their broader goal as a spiritual being having a physical experience.

Until we, both collectively and individually, stop thinking of sex as "dirty" and portraying it as such, we will fail to bring our Spiritual Source into the picture and these two vital aspects of our Well-Being will continue to remain exclusive in our thoughts, and in our actions.

Most people would prefer to leave God out of the bedroom, as it were, but nothing could be further from the truth since sex and spirituality are mutually inclusive. You cannot separate the Non-Physical You from you, so your Source knows everything you are experiencing, wanted and unwanted.

The consciousness known as Abraham, channelled by Esther Hicks, reminds us that there is no greater symbol of co-creative harmony than the physical blending of two people in sexual interaction:

"Being physical does not separate you from Source, and having sex does not diminish your Spiritual connection... There is nothing more Spiritual than to allow the true spirit that is you to flow through you into your physical life." - The Vortex (Teachings of Abraham), by Esther and Jerry Hicks

And in like manner, in his book Conscious Dreaming, Robert Moss reminds us that "society has confused the nature of both spirituality and sexuality and set them falsely at odds with each other".

Engaging in sex, as inspired from your Connection with your Inner Being, is a delicious, physical experience, while engaging in sex out of lack feelings of commitment or responsibility, or to manipulate and control, for hidden motives, and for ego gratification, is a far cry from its divine gifting.

"Don't destroy sexual innocence and pleasure and the purity of the fun, the joy, by misusing sex. Don't use it for power, or hidden purpose; for ego gratification or domination; for any other purpose other than the purest joy, and the highest ecstasy, given and shared which is love, and love recreated - which is new life!" - Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch

Mankind fell in consciousness many earth years ago, and since that time he was wandered in virtual darkness, virtually unaware of his spiritual birthright. However, this is a time of great awakening, which means that the erroneous conclusions and limiting beliefs of our past need not be the limitations of our future.

The majority of our negative emotions arise not because the subject of our thought is wrong but because we are condemning something that our Source does not condemn. Our source is one of pure love, not one of condemnation.

For those of us who are interested in walking a spiritual path, it must surely be a relief to realise that the sexually inactive do not qualify for enlightenment more than the sexually active do. Further, it is not a requirement of the highly evolved that all sexual experience be muted, nor all sexual energy elevated.

The invitation of life is to always raise our energy, our life force, to the highest level in every possible moment and thus act as a whole being. And yet, we are not condemned for not doing so. We merely need to observe what serves us in each moment, and what does not.

Within us is contained the power and mystery of life itself, a precious gift which we can choose to honour and cherish. We can only do that by loving ourselves completely, and expressing ourselves in a way that honours our natural sexual desires.