Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Self-Mastery: The Art of Manifesting

As we head into 2011, we are being asked to demonstrate our mastery, which is already present in our DNA. 
What this means to us, as humans walking upon this earth, is that we have great opportunities before us to co-create love, peace and abundance in our personal lives, and on a global scale. We each have free choice as to whether we are willing to embrace our masterhood and walk the path of our soul, or whether we choose to remain where we are.

If we embrace our true path, we will become much more balanced and in harmony with the energetic planetary shifts that are happening much more frequently.

The energy of plenty is upon us but we must draw it to us through our intention, and by taking the action steps that we are prompted to take. If we truly want to manifest abundance in our lives, we must master the art of coordinating multiple fields of intentionality.

This sounds complicated but, at its essence, this is as simple as feeling a positive feeling in our hearts and minds. On the other hand, manifesting does not seem to be easy for most of us because we are so used to offering the vibration of what we are observing, rather than the vibration of what we wish to see enter (and stay) our lives.

To manifest anything, including health, love and financial abundance, you must:
  1. Identify CLEARLY what you want to manifest. Do not keep changing your mind!
  2. Shift your vibrational state to MATCH your desire.
    The most coherent, vibrational state is one of gratitude and joy that your desire has already been granted. You must simply allow it to flow into the containing vehicle... YOU are the receiving vessel. When you sincerely ask for something, you become part of the energy that is summoning that request.
  3. LOCK IN your new vibrational state!
  4. Do not allow yourself to fall into negative vibrations, such as anger, depression, confusion, frustration or negativity for prolonged periods of time. Yes, be true to yourself and be honest with those around you - but also look to pivot vibrationally. Extended periods of separation from your Source often delays your desires.
  5. TAKE AN AFFIRMATIVE ACTION to demonstrate your faith.
    Your body, mind and soul must be in alignment! You cannot give thanks for something and later take an action that runs counter to your desire without neutralising the energy that is bringing your manifestation into 3D reality.
    Base your faith on universal timing, not clock (i.e. man-made!) time. The first is the truth, the second is illusion.
Happy manifesting!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Riding the invisible waves of life

Many people are unaware of the hidden ebbs and flows of energy that underpin their daily existence, unaware of the hidden cycles that are playing out in line with the cosmic rhythm.

Invisible rhythms underlie most of what we assume to be constant in ourselves and the world around us and we are constantly moving in sync to a cosmic rhythm, whether we are aware of it or not.

We must seek to become aware of ourselves by listening to the natural rhythms within us, as well as those which are all around us.

Have you seen professional surfers? They are masters at reading the energy of the waves that come rolling into shore from the deep ocean. Some waves are small, some big, some gigantic. Yet, the process of reading that energy is the same, every time, no exceptions.

Whatever the size of the wave, if the surfer does not read the wave correctly, he or she will wipe out and get dumped in the proverbial "washing machine".

As an amateur surfer who loves the ocean, I love the feeling of catching a wave! It brings me pure joy and a sense of exhilaration. Riding the crest of the wave is fun and effortless once I am able to catch one and ride it into shore, just tweaking the direction I want to go in.

Anyone who has tried to surf will quickly tell you that it takes time, patience and constant practice to read and catch waves at the right time, to time the take off (called "popping") to perfection. Going too soon means nose diving into the water... moving too slowly, you miss the energy and the wave passes you by.

Life has hidden waves of energy that flow in from the deep cosmic ocean of our universe. These waves come in small and big cycles; and like a surfer, we must become adept at waiting patiently, reading the clues of the energy that is building around us and catching the wave when the time is right.

A lot of people are still working hard to produce wealth and financial abundance, for example, but producing hardly any tangible result for the sheer amount of physical effort they are generating. They are trying to compensate for a lack of inner vibrational alignment which points to a lack of energy awareness. Basically, there is not wave to ride for them. They are just paddling, using up lots of energy and not really getting anywhere. They paddle hard but their momentum falls flat...

Others move too quickly and are dumped unceremoniously on the bottom of the reef, and consequently become so they are afraid of picking themselves up and trying again. Or they move too slowly and miss vital opportunities for leverage, also missing the fun and excitement too!

We must learn to sense the invisible waves of life with our intuition. We must wait and be still, conserving our energy when we need to, but ready to act at a moment's notice. As we keep ourselves still but ever mindful, we will know precisely when to act and how to act.

Ask yourself, "am I aware of the invisible energy that underpins each and every one of my life experiences?" If you start by being absolutely honest with yourself, you will then have the power to change your circumstances.

From a young age, we have been conditioned to disconnect from our inner voice and put our intellect up on a pedestal. This is the cause of much frustration, disappointment and even bitterness in our daily lives. Learn to honour and trust your intuition again as it is vital to your wellbeing! Women are generally better at this than men and children are the best at it, until they are taught to go against the grain.

To become a pro surfer in the world of invisible energy we must become excellent at knowing and managing our own personal energy first. This energy is like our surf board. If we don't know how our own surf board works, we are going to crash when we take it out on the ocean.

Life is constantly moving, like the ocean, and it has both shallow and deep currents. The waves are favourable sometimes but many times they are also choppy and difficult to ride. Often, because of a lack of awareness, we don't know which ones we're caught up in until we're in them.

We can begin to navigate the smaller waves of life by paying attention to how we feel in day to day situations. When small challenges come up, these are the choppy but smaller waves that life is sending our way. As we become adept at handling these day to day, smaller waves, when the bigger waves come rolling in, we will be ready.

The choppy, bigger waves are things like recessions, ill health, the end of a relationship, death and so forth. The point here is not that the bigger waves are necessarily bad but if we know how to ride those waves, we will move through these experiences to greater heights, and with more grace.

Even the smaller, favourable waves demand that we pay attention. If you are not able to handle the responsibility that comes with small successes, you will certainly not be able to manage the proportionate responsibility that comes with huge success.

If you knew the waves were going to be choppy and difficult, you'd probably decide not to go out surfing at all. Yet, in life many people intuitively know that a particular course of action will ultimately lend itself to a rough, choppy and undesirable experience but continue to ignore their inner guidance. Some even end up in choppy seas without having managed to ride the smaller waves.

Sometimes we cannot avoid the difficult waves. They come upon us seemingly without warning and so we need to be ready. Readiness is not a sense of doom and gloom, or worry about the future. It means to be in the moment, practised and ready for action, yet expecting nothing.

Seek out your pro surfers to learn from, those who are adept at navigating life's currents and start having fun riding the unseen, invisible waves that you are constantly drawing into your own life today!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Expressing Unity Consciousness

Unity Consciousness is both the knowing and realisation that we are ONE with everything and everyone around us, as well as ONE with our spiritual source, that which I refer to as SPIRIT.

Each day, make it a habit to start with an affirmative prayer that acknowledges your own Divinity. The power of your prayer is activated through your intention, so bring your attention to the heart space and allow the resonance of your words to resonate powerfully through your entire being. A basic rule of thumb is, if you don't feel it (the energy in and behind your words), you haven't shifted your vibration.

Avoid the trap of merely paying lip-service to your prayer. To affirm something is to make something firm in mind. Then, through the Law of Mind Action, this knowing is faithfully out-pictured as a living truth in our day to day experience of life.

It is quite easy to fall into patterns of separation, an "us" versus "them" or "me" versus "you" mentality, simply because we are uniquely bound to our own perspective and limited by our own perceptions, beliefs, values and judgments. However, as we deepen our spiritual knowing, we begin to have a much more encompassing view of our own lives and the lives of those people with whom we come into contact.

Clearly apparent to all who have awoken from their hypnotic slumber, who have lifted the veil of illusion, there is unfortunately much negative conditioning spread out all over the world today because our media overly emphasises pain, separation and violence. It is vital to our evolution that we detach from such negative stories and conditioning, instead actively seeking out all that is good and positive about the world around us.

Every day, take a reality check on your dominant, inner vibration. Where is it? Is it hopeful or anxious? Is it one of pain or one of joy? Beware of getting caught in the unconscious mind stream of doom and gloom, especially in relation to the world's current or future geo-political landscape, such as the possible collapse of the world's financial markets or the continued poisoning of our Mother Earth.

We must view all events as essential to the forward movement of consciousness for whenever there is contrast, we have clarity. Yet we cannot move towards the greater good, the healing of our individual and worldly troubles, if our problems continue to be the active vibrations within us. It defies Law.

Common negative energies that block us from allowing the good to flow through are fear, frustration, fatigue, addictions (physical, mental and emotional), ego, doubt, doom, depression, separation consciousness, self-limitation, self-punishment, self-destruction and self-centeredness.

These blocking energies are part of the All-That-Is, yet demonstrate that we can be drawn into fear consciousness, so it is paramount that we seek to maintain our connection to SPIRIT in each moment. This joyful, natural connection naturally allows our inner current of love, positivity and hopefulness to flow out into the world and transmute any fear into love.

As we seek to move in oneness with SPIRIT, we will be continually refreshed and nourished so that we can be of service to others around us. Compassion is the offspring of unity consciousness, so having compassion for ourselves and others is vital to our individual and collective ascension.

Ask yourself, "to what degree am I practising the consciousness of oneness in my day to day interactions with others?" (SRT practitioners, you may like to ask SPIRIT to give you an optimum percentage to aim for and check in on a frequent basis as to where you are).

We are here to embody SPIRIT in the physical, whilst allowing ourselves to be imperfect. We must constantly seek to remember that there is always perfection in the process of life, judging none of it.

We must also continue to practise orderly thinking in our affairs. Clearing energies and raising our vibration is our platform for heightened spiritual growth. If we are idle, scattered or fearful in our thinking, our connection to SPIRIT suffers and our lives will fall demonstrably short of our true potential.

The affirmations given below are to help us remember our oneness, the purpose of our life here, and to deepen our trust in expecting only the good to flow into our lives.


"I feel my ONENESS with SPIRIT. I affirm that I am ONE with everyone who comes into my life, recognising that they are individuations of SPIRIT, perfect and whole in truth."

"I trust. I trust in all situations. I trust and allow SPIRIT to provide all that I desire for true success to manifest in my life and to bring about divine order and harmony in all my affairs."

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Healing the emotional body is key to reversing ageing

At this time on the planet, the vast majority of people still think they are their physical body and have forgotten that they are made up of vortices of energy and have many subtle bodies that have a direct impact on the physical expression.

On the other hand, beyond the logic of the rational mind, nearly all of humankind intuitively realises that the most profound experiences of life are not purely physical, they are emotional ones.

Without the feeling side of the Being, our journey through life would cease to be the miracle that it is. It is always our emotional response to life that determines the quality of our journey here and the end result, if there is such a thing.

Emotions move through us just as electrical signals move through the nervous system of our physical body, and the emotional body can be sensed during experiences of Non-Ordinary Reality. For example, those exploring healing paths such as Reiki begin to sense "bodies" that lie beyond and yet intertwine with the physical body.

To better understand that the state of our emotional body has a direct impact on the health and longevity of our physical vessel, we simply need to bring awareness to our emotions again. By choosing to fully feel them whenever and wherever they arise, whether positive or negative, we will begin to release dysfunctional emotional patterns.

We must stop diluting the emotional experience through the machinery of our mind which is often playing out an ego-centric, disconnected reality.

Every time you feel a negative emotion, pay attention to these symptoms just as you would with physical pain and discomfort. Often you will be able to sense where the discordant energy is by noticing where pain or discomfort is reflected in the physical body. For example, the back of the heart centre or the area around the larynx might feel tight and constricted after an argument. The back of the head, where the occipital ridge is located, may be "throbbing" with energy as well, since this passageway marks the spot where duality is merged into unity consciousness.

When you are emotionally off centre, pay close attention by being still for a moment and sensing where the stuck energy is. Note its power or intensity, size and direction. By sending yourself, the situation and the area of your body loving-feeling thoughts, the physical and the emotional body will begin to heal.

Having a healthy, flexible emotional body will naturally lend itself to a youthful disposition and your physical body will cease to age compared to those who remain stuck in negative, reactive patterns of thought and feelings.

SPIRIT says that getting older is not the same as ageing. The latter is a belief based on the experience of "wear and tear" on the physical body, the vehicle for our self-expression in this lifetime. The body is perfectly capable of rejuvenating itself in a heartbeat once blocking energies and limiting beliefs have been cleared. The reason that the concept of ageing does not sit well with any of us is that it contradicts our broader perspective's understanding and knowing on the subject.

The tendency of the body is life-ward and it is a huge testament to its miraculous life-giving powers that most of us manage to stay so healthy for so long, despite our neglect of and lack of appreciation for the wonderful vehicle that we inhabit. The physical body is a perfect instrument for our service work - for we are all here to serve each other - and it is the perfect mirror for our consciousness to understand itself at the deepest level. The emotional body is the closest body, after the etheric twin, to our physical and the one that impacts us the most on a moment to moment basis.

The false premise of ageing stems from a misbelief. We have been told by authorities outside of ourselves that our bodies are closed systems, prone to decay, disease and malfunction. And, of course, we can all see that message being driven home in advertisements ruthlessly calculated to evoke a fear response. This so-called "truth" is being played out all around us, validating this ingrained belief that ageing is an ungracious process and that we must eventually wither and die.

Rather than realising that we are, in fact, masters of our physical vessel who can choose to leave when we deem fit, we feel we have no choice about our health or when we "go". Some of us even question whether we exist after we die, despite strong anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

And yet, what if we are capable of living far longer than we could have previously imagined, in such magnificent health that it would strip away the false paradigm laid down by our current view of human biology?

The truth is that the human body is an open, dynamic system made up of intertwining fields of electromagnetic energy, capable of self-correcting and harmonising of its own accord when the mind does not unduly interfere with the process of self-healing. The body's tendency is always to support life, always moving towards optimum health and well-being in each and every moment!

The physical body is, however, the most dense of all the bodies and reflects back to us the energies that are prevalent in the other subtler bodies - emotional, mental and all the spiritual bodies - that make up Who We Really Are.

If we would learn to tend to our mental and emotional bodies when we are young, then we would all have the optimum chance of staying in constant alignment with our spiritual source which constantly sends us a stream of energy to nourish and sustain us.

It is our emotional misalignment over time, separating us from our source, that causes us to wither away like a freshwater stream cut off from its river.

Children are excellent teachers when they are quite young, demonstrating how to move through emotions quickly - happy, sad, angry, joyful, moody, calm, resistant, playful and so forth - until they learn to copy the bad habits of those around them. This is not to cast blame but merely to observe what is so. Once fear sets in and they are schooled not to express themselves, the body's innate ability to rejuvenate is severely impacted.

However, there is still hope, for even for those of us who are much older and childhood is a distant memory, it is never too late to realise that we are carrying around a lot of unnecessary mental and emotional baggage, and to begin to let go of it. Beginning the process of healing the emotional body begins with acceptance of where you are right now.

With just a little effort, it is surprising just how quickly the physical body will heal and correct itself once limiting beliefs and negative subconscious memories are cleared from all of the bodies and minds that make up the spiritual constitution of man. In particular, when destructive emotional tendencies are recognised and overcome, the potential for rejuvenation is enormous.

Since all the systems of the body can run negative as well as positive programming, discordant energies can remain trapped in one or several of our bodies and minds until it is consciously recognised and released. The tendency of life is towards more life, which is evolution. Cycles of decay are replaced with cycles of rebirth.

As an evolving race, we have simply forgotten that our bodies are master vehicles for self-expression. We are not our bodies but we are so intimately connected with our bodies that we oftentimes believe that we are our bodies.

"In truth there is only one reality. You have no way of separating yourself from it... Your separate self, which has a huge personal stake in the world, isn't who you really are. In fact, it may be a total illusion, which is what the Buddha said." Deepak Chopra, The Shadow Effect

We have been given enough glimpses into the illusion of life to understand that we are not our bodies and that all illness is pure illusion. This is not to trivialise the illnesses and suffering that mankind is currently experiencing but, far too often, when most of us experience something that runs counter to our previous knowledge on the subject, we dismiss it out of hand even when the new experience directs us to an improved experience of life itself.

People who have had cancer and who have healed spontaneously are now simply put into a convenient category called "spontaneous regression". The "hinted at" possibility that quick recoveries, instead of long and arduous healing processes, could be the norm is routinely set aside for examination at a later date. The convenience of the label means science can ignore it and press on to look for the glory and the money that comes with the miracle cure that will save everyone from cancer.

By default almost, we have chosen to continue looking at life in a way that fits our past thinking, rather than embrace the quantum leap that miracles show us. We have forgotten that, at a much broader level of awareness, we set up the exact conditions and parameters of our lives so that we can work through them to gain understanding and wisdom.

What if tending to our emotional make-up was the single, most powerful key to eliminating decay and disease in the human body? Humanity would be immediately empowered to take of itself again and the spiritual-holistic approach to well-being would dramatically impact the direction taken by those who pursue the biological sciences.

So, why is it taking so long for us to live a new paradigm that honours our spiritual birthright?

The underlying concern for those in power, for those who fund drug research and development, is that they would be disempowered at a stroke and would additionally lose billions, if not trillions of dollars, in the process of admitting to such a thing. The cosmetic industry, tied to the hip with those same drug companies, would also cease to profit from their constant attention to all that is "wrong" with the body.

For those of us who are not willing to wait for a global awakening, we need to ask ourselves, "what if directing our attention to better feeling thoughts every moment of every day is sufficient enough to maintain excellent health and improve not-so-good health?"

Abraham, the consciousness channelled by Ester Hicks, points out that today more people are sick than ever before despite huge advances in science and medicine because of the tremendous pushing against disease. We shout "no" at a universe that is inclusive, that is based on attraction and by unduly focusing on a particular disease or illness, we activate the potential for it within us. As spiritual beings, we have encoded within us the potential for every possibility, good or bad, which is something science just isn't getting or admitting to right now.

When the ancient Rishis of India said the whole universe was contained within us, they were alluding to the etheric body, the energetic double of our physical self which contains the seed for every potential, positive and negative. As consciousness expressing through a physical body, we get to choose which aspects of life we focus on and which qualities we activate within us at the deepest level. These activations are then played out in our lives, for better or worse.

The time between thought, emotion and the actual physical manifestation of our directed attention is becoming shorter and shorter as we journey through this time-space reality. Science will soon be saying what the ancients have said so many times, so long ago. That every possibility lies dormant within us and that a state of joy is critical to physical health and vitality.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Are you just a statistic?

Statistics are usually based on numbers only and often they fail to take into account the invisible energy which lies behind the results being measured. The Oxford Dictionary says a statistic is a "fact or piece of data obtained from a study of a large quantity of numerical data." Nothing more.

And yet whole industries have sprung from observing What-Has-Been, based on the erroneous assumption that What-Has-Been determines What-Will-Be.

Health Insurance is a huge industry turning over billions of pounds worldwide and most of it is based on driving fear into those it seeks to take money from. Insurance companies specialising in health, and their underwriters, are negatively focused and use past data to categorically define which segment of the population is most likely to get cancer, or which group is most likely to die of a heart attack and so forth.

This is not to say there is no correlation between smoking and cancer, or that a lack of exercise and poor diet often leads to obesity. Yet, we are energy beings and it is our connection or disconnection to Source that drives us to engage in constructive or destructive behaviours, which eventually leads to particular outcomes or consequences. The issue is with myopically labelling something or someone without taking into appreciation the psycho-spiritual nature of disease and illness.

And our media sources, they love to report on these negative statistics and further drive home these narrowly focused messages, deep into our subconscious. Our press and TV greatly add to the negative vibrational currents already in place by bringing us tremendously distorted pictures of the troubles in the world, versus the Well-Being of our planet.

Good news does not seem to be worthy of attention, except for fleeting mentions, so one has to look very hard to find good or positive aspects in a newspaper or news report. Of course, this is largely because the public continue to show a morbid fascination with stories which tell of pain, suffering and negative consequences.

The vibrations of negativity and despair are ingested at a deep level, so the underlying vibration of mass consciousness is mainly fear-based and that has a big impact on how energies play out on a personal, national and global scale.

Many of us today are so numb to this type of suggestion, that daily reports of murder, rape, war, terrorism, suicide, child abuse and so forth are just added to the pile of negative data already sitting in our subconscious minds, just below the level of our conscious awareness. We now we don't feel good when we read these stories but if we truly allowed ourselves to feel a valid emotional response to the incoming data, it would surely send us in a downward spiral of depression.

This is not the same as saying that we cannot take action to help others, that we cannot demonstrate love, for we are are part of a stream of consciousness that is, at its essence, indivisible. And to that degree, we cannot and must not idly sit by and watch our fellow brothers and sisters suffer as a result of a lack of will to put right the wrongs of the world, to correct severe imbalances caused by erroneous thinking.

From a position of strength, joy and total alignment with our Inner Being, we can choose to take action.  Indeed, we will be inspired to action through our connection to our Spiritual Source, which always has a beneficial result because the underlying energy is positive.

Were we to practice mindfulness and abstain from fixating on the distorted pictures presented to us, we would quickly find our lives would be relatively unaffected by many of the negative conditions of the world.  Just as we can stand on a sandy beach and watch a storm rage far out over the ocean, we can stand in the positive energies of our mind stream and be an attractor of positive circumstances and events, regardless of what is happening around us.

On a personal level, we must take care of ourselves first. We must honour our needs as well as the needs of those around us. We cannot give love to others if we are not in balance ourselves. We must learn to focus our personal energies in a constructive way, marrying our thoughts with our feelings to understand where we are, vibrationally speaking, and where we are headed.

Whatever the current disharmonious out-picturing of mass consciousness, many of us who would not necessarily be impacted by those events in the first place, through our undivided attention to those negative vibrations, draw those circumstances into our lives through the Law of Attraction’s laser precision and make those negative “facts” a living reality for us. And so, we become just another statistic.

Taking the recent financial crisis as an example, those people I know who remained positively focused had many opportunities for abunant living flow into their awareness that simply would not have happened if they had bought into the media hype and become negatively focused.

Some were able to borrow money at low interest rates for special projects and invested a portion of it elsewhere to offset the debt accrued. Others found they could buy expensive items because they were substantially reduced and now within their price range.

However, the people who continued to beat the drum of doom and gloom, how bad things were, how much worse they were going to be before they got better, and how they were probably likely to lose their job, for those people the Universe could not bring them the insights and opportunities for greater abundance, happiness and joy.

The lesson is quite simple. Never give your power away! Become the observer, as well as the participant, of your life and you will quickly see for yourself how energy follows awareness, how you are the Master Attractor of all that is playing out in your life.

The mind is creature of habit and it looks at something and re-acts. That is to say, it acts it out again based on past conditioning and past judgments.  It becomes a valuable tool only when harnessed by the Master Teacher within, which means you have to stay emotionally centered in your Sacred Heart and create from a space of loving awareness.

The mind loves to analyse and dissect information but it does not see Universal Truth. If it is presented with negative data, it will extrapolate worst case scenarios and run them over and over again. However, the mind when linked with the heart has perfect balance and the ability to know a greater truth.

The Soul portion of you does not react, it creates in present moment awareness. It knows that it can offer a different vibration at any time, which must lead to a different outcome; the mind then simply labels this new outcome as a different statistic, once it happens often enough to a large enough number of people.

We must learn to be discerning about the thoughts we accept and the thoughts we the offer to the world.  Therefore, choose to seek out books and programmes which inspire and uplift you and do not pay too much attention to the world’s negative stories that are being fed to you. You can tune into worldly affairs from time to time and take appropriate action to help, when inspired to do so. Giving to charities is an excellent way to use money for good, to further the evolution of society and create change for the better.

What-Is has no bearing on what is coming unless you are continually regurgitating the story of What-Is. If you find yourself playing the victim, or categorising yourself into one of the media’s various negative statistics, find some time to detach from those thoughts that have caused the negative conditions of your life.  Start to practise mindfulness.

"It makes no difference whether the thought you are thinking is one you have deliberately chosen to focus upon or whether you are merely lazily observing something and therefore thinking the thought. You are still thinking the thought, offering the vibration, and reaping the manifestational result of that thought.” Abraham-Hicks

Do you really want to prove to yourself, and others, that you are a statistic, a victim of fate?  Or do you wish to prove to yourself, time and again, that your personal choices of thought, feeling and emotion determine your destiny?

Choose now to own your personal power and say “I decide which path I take, and which outcome I choose. I choose to stay positively focused in my life, seeking out aspects which please me, which bring me feelings of great joy. And so it is!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How long should you stay in your current job?

The first thing that must be remembered as we consider this question is that the mere thought, idea or vibration of "a career or job for life" flows in opposition to Who We Really Are. We always need change to some degree, however subtle. We are change itself!

The dichotomy of our nature means that our broader perspective, our Inner Being, is eternal and stable and yet always changing. Our personalities are projections of our Soul's consciousness which allow us to birth new desires all the time and grandly move towards those desires with joy!

All of us were born with a triad of core intentions pulsing at the heart of our being: freedom, growth and joy! Thus, as multi-dimensional, multi-faceted spiritual beings, we have the potential to change direction at any time during our lives. Each of us, at our core, absolutely reject any limitations on that freedom and feel inner discord and vibrational imbalance when we fail to honour that sense of freedom.

There is no such thing as failure, only a belief in failure which immobilises us.  Each preceding part of our lives always sets the ground for the next evolutionary step. Often, even experiences that we do not really enjoy serve us by acting as a powerful catalyst for change, giving us absolutely clarity about what we do not want and thus perfect clarity about what we do want. And as we allow ourselves to focus on our desires without resistance, great change is possible, no matter what our age.

Whether you like Kentucy Fried Chicken or not, the story of Colonel Harland Sanders is truly amazing. This story is inspirational because it's an example of how perseverance, dedication, and ambition can create success, regardless of age or circumstances.

All of our lives would be infinitely happier if we would allow ourselves to trust, to go with the flow and follow our inspiration to recreate ourselves anew. Constantly, from our human perspective, we are birthing new desires and our Inner Being is constantly expanding to hold the essence of those requests. It is only a question of releasing the old and turning our attention to what we truly want, what we truly wish to demonstrate, who we truly wish to be.

Not only is it right that we should allow our desires to shape our lives but it is pefectly natural that they should do so:

"If this life experience has inspired the desire within you, this life experience has the wherewithal to fulfill it down to the very last detail." Abraham-Hicks, Money and the Law of Attraction

Currently there is the prevailing belief all over the world that children should go to school, then to college and/or university (if they can afford to) and look for a company or a role/career that they will follow for the rest of their lives.  This is ingrained into so many cultures the world over that any desire to deviate from the norm is met with disapproval, discouragement and even penalties.

And yet, we are free beings, free to choose who we wish to be at any moment.  Do you take a moment to ask yourself each day, "why am I doing this?", "who am I doing this for?" and "does this bring me joy?"

Asking the simple question "why" is a powerful motivator for inner change.  Moment to moment, ask yourself WHY?

The prevalent attitudes of our society are typically reflected in how we greet each other when we meet someone for the first time.  We often say "what do you do for a living?", rather than "what's your passion?" Okay, the alternative question may be a little odd when meeting a stranger but the first question seems to underpin society's need to hear how we are each proving our worth.

Today, just as ever, switching jobs too often is frowned upon, as if it were some sort of deep personality flaw. Young people who do not immediately find their "career for life" and travel for a while or work in a non-related role to the one they decide eventually to pursue often invent stories to explain large gaps in their CVs. Sadly, being true to one's internal guidance in order to find clarity, is commonly judged by society to be akin to a lack of will and a lack of commitment to the world, when exactly the opposite is true.

And yet, to gain clarity, it is often necessary to try out different activities to feel which ones are best aligned with one's Inner Being, one's personality and gifts.

If we could all gravitate towards those activities and embrace those desires that harmonise with our core intentions of freedom, joy and spiritual growth, we would have a much happier world, with far less bitterness and resentment. The consciousness Abraham, channelled by Ester Hicks, invites us to make a career of living a happy life rather than trying to find work that will produce enough income so that we can do things with our money that we then make us happy.

It is still a fact today that most people just do not like what they do and so they feel it is okay to demand more money for their misery. The bad for the bad, so to speak.  They sacrifice their time and energy at work to receive money to have fun after work and at the weekend:

"Your life is not about what you will do after work, on the weekend, or after you retire. Your life is happening now and is really represented by how you are feeling now." Abraham-Hicks, Money and the Law of Attraction

The supreme irony is that when we stop struggling, when we do the things that bring us feelings of joy and freedom, all else is added unto us. When we make following our inner guidance system our absolute top priority, then our potential for sustained happiness, health, wealth and success is always at its peak.

Let us each remember to cast aside all of our unspoken, outdated rulebooks that are not serving us. Let us discard the erroneous social viewpoint that we ought to prove our worth to ourselves and others by falling into a predetermined box of how we should behave.

When we are in vibrational alignment with our Inner Being, when our desires and beliefs are in balance, we will never find a need to justify our choices to others. All feelings of imbalance will be replaced by utter sure-footedness and a true sense of Who We Really Are.

We can only ever uplift others from a position of strength and clarity and total alignment. When you find the freedom to change your story, your life will change. Learn to tell a different story and your life will be different from those around you, often inspiring others to make positive changes in their own lives.

Ask yourself, "does my story inspire others?"

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Do affirmations lead us to self-delusion?

I heard a personal development coach say that affirmations can be the beginnings of self-delusion but is this really true, and what exactly is Self-Delusion from SPIRIT's point of view?

Most people today are taking action, but they are still following the "do-have-be" or "have-do-be" paradigm, both of which flows counter to how the Universe works.

They are trying to do something (work harder) to have something (more money) to be something (happy and content). Or they believe that if they "have" a thing (more time, more money, more love), they can finally do a thing (write a book, take up a hobby, go on holiday, buy a home, strike up a new relationship), which will allow them to "be" a certain thing - happy, content, peaceful, prosperous etc.

Taking action from a lack-vibration makes life so much harder that it was meant to be for no amount of action can compensate for misalignment with one's Inner Being or Spiritual Source. We need to remember to go straight to being something first and act from that position always, remembering the great truth that every possibility exists within us at the deepest level.

Of course, on the other end of the scale, burying your head in the sand in the name of "staying positive" is not a good strategy either. Saying affirmations without taking subsequent action misses the point entirely!

Our work is firstly to bring ourselves into harmony with Self, tending to our emotional centre, and then ACT from that place of joyful connection. We are the blissful union of Spirit and Matter, so there is nothing grander than allowing the energy of Spirit to flow through you as you take action.

Only a mind which has forgotten, which does not recognise its innate power, its Divine heritage, feels powerless and consequently "strives" to make it in the world. It makes sense to stop and ask ourselves from time to time, whom are we trying to please, and what are we trying to prove to ourselves or others? A person who remembers their Divine connection has nothing to prove to anyone, least of all themselves.

Jesus said, "be of the world, not in it", saying to us that we can enjoy worldly success but we do not need to be trapped by the illusion of always wanting more and trying to do more, while failing to appreciate all we are today. Nor should we fall into error by seeking to prove we have "made it" and judging those who have not "made it".

SPIRIT says Self-Delusion is simply this. Not being true to your deepest feelings, and thus not being in tune with your Source.

Taking action without first aligning with your Inner Being first ensures poor results at best for no action can compensate for misalignment. Think of ten-pin bowling. If the bowling ball is running straight, perfectly aligned, it will easily strike all of the pins. A bowling ball thrown askew, no matter how forcefully, may hit a few pins but it most likely will miss the mark altogether.

You will naturally feel compelled to take action when in harmony with the Infinite Stream of Wellness within. Your work will be "love made manifest" because it will spring from the Eternal Source of Wisdom that is Unconditional Love.

There is a saying that "faith without action serves no useful purpose" but there is also a good saying "don't be the richest man in the graveyard".

Many people are heavily focused on money, or their lack of it, because it seems to be an indicator of what one can have, or not have, at least materially speaking and yet, the best measure of success is to notice, in present moment awareness, if you are feeling joy or not.

The man who dreams of wealth and yet walks daily toward certain financial disaster, and the woman who wishes for happiness and takes steps that lead her toward certain despair, are both creating from a place of misalignment - that is, from their lack of sensitivity to their emotional guidance system. Yet who is to say, that those places of extreme contrast are not the right and perfect set of circumstances for them at a Soul Level? Often, we human beings love the drama, and these places of intense feelings can give birth to a new consciousness.

In terms of frequency, those who are experiencing lack, are at one end of the emotional scale. Feelings ranging from anger to frustration to bitterness may be "their daily bread", so they simply cannot jump to feeling joy and excitement and bliss on the vibrational scale, and it feels false for them to do so by repeating affirmations.

When any of us choose to say positive affirmations, it doesn't feel true for us, we are really vibrationally focused vibrationally on the opposite of what our heart desires. If your radio dial is set to 88.9FM, you cannot affirm you are at 997 FM, you need gradually increase the frequency dial by reaching for better feeling thoughts.
When experiencing contrast, the key is always to take a vibrational step towards feelings that bring relief, and then listen to inner promptings to move forward.

In SRT circles, SPIRIT has shared that we continuously move through cycles called Octaves of Learning.

We must be aware of something first in order to change it, or move towards it. We then need the desire to create the energy necessary to manifest change. Thirdly, we must have the faith that we can achieve this, which is really a matter of trust. Fourthly, we must be willing to change because without changing our habitual thinking patterns, nothing will change! We must set realistic and achievable goals and work diligently on them. Finally, we must learn to rest as a particular phase comes to an end and appreciate all that we have done. The eighth step leads us back to a new awareness.

The inner growth that our experiences and challenges bring to us is, without doubt, the most important aspect of our Soul's journey but, of course, it is pleasant to notice our successful accomplishments in the "real" world.

The first step in aligning with Source is to be aware of your current emotional state. You don't have to be perfect all the time (which those on the spiritual path often feel do!) or pretend that everything is rosy when it clearly isn't for you! That is a denial of what is and that consciousness may lead you to set up reverse energy on yourself.

You just have to let yourself be, enjoy being alive, and start appreciating all that you are today. If you are in a dark place, you must find a way to make peace with yourself and the situation to create a new vibrational set point.

Once you have come back to centre, and are starting to feel better, you can begin to see what inner improvements are required and then move towards them using your emotional guidance system. SPIRIT will then move towards you and Law of Attraction will assemble all co-operative forces to assist you in your inner and outer journey.

Self-development is a deeply personal journey, one that you know best as you step forward. By virtue of your birth here, as a Leading Edge Creator in this time-space reality, you are entitled to do nothing and not be penalised for it. Doing nothing would be punishment enough, because a life without experiencing the joy of co-creation is no life at all!

As you remember your alignment with your Non-Physical Being, you will find yourself feeling less and less of the pain and frustration that you feel when you are seeking to please others and align with their thoughts and feelings on a particular subject, instead of your own.

See life through the eyes of your Inner Being, using affirmations to help you create a new vibrational set point, and then move to action!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Embracing Wholeness

The Universe is a holographic technology, and it works perfectly.

The word "hologram" comes from the Greek words "holos" meaning "whole" and "gramma" meaning "message". Each part of this wonderful Universe is self-contained and yet mirrors the whole. Each part has its own unique role, or message, to play and yet is part of the whole message.

And what is that message? Truth, joy, and freedom - these are the vibrations that represent the essence of our deepest expression.

Jesus, the man, embodied the Christ Consciousness, and he consistently saw the perfection of the process. He did not "fight" against the darkness, he made peace with it, and always acted from that position of constant alignment with Source energy, which he called The Father within.

The polarity of darkness has been anchored here on earth because we have collectively asked for it to find our inner strength and compassion, and to declare Who We Really Are. However, the darkness does not have to be our experience for we can choose to remember who we are, and thus act from the Light.

However, if we constantly polarise our experiences, and fall into judgement, to that degree do we perpetuate the illusion of separation, and add to the darkness. What we judge, creates a charge in us that must be resolved. This is why Jesus said, "thou shalt not judge", and why the old proverb says those who "live by the sword, die by the sword". It is the Law of Attraction, the law of Inner Vibration.

Often we see people around us who appear disadvantaged in one way or another. Sometimes it is us who find ourselves on the back foot, staring into a perceived tunnel of darkness. Yet those conditions are often the right and perfect conditions metaphysically speaking.

From our limited perspective, we cannot always know the exact reason for the conditions we find ourselves in, but we have the innate ability to know whether we are in alignment with our Source and take the emotional journey required of us as we seek to reveal our highest and grandest truths. From that place of deep trust, comes a unique opportunity to transcend the conditions that seemingly hold us in bondage.

Will we allow ourselves to be believe that darkness is an aspect of love, the only frequency that truly exists?

Only by embracing the energy of Compassion, which is the highest aspect of Self-Love, can we move to a heightened sense of awareness of the Eternal Self, a way of Being that we can choose to become.

"What if one person chooses to see beyond hate for those who oppress, while still living among those who oppress? This does not mean that they condone, agree with or would ever choose to have oppression in their lives. It simply means that one person has chosen to become more than the circumstances that they find themselves immersed within, breaking the cycles of response that has been, becoming the higher choice." - Gregg Braden, Walking Between The Worlds

People who are spiritually clear discover that they can live fully present in Ordinary Reality while simultaneously maintaining their connection with their Spiritual Source. They choose to embrace wholeness, rather than separation. Without a negative charge within them, there is nothing to attract further darkness to them.

"Healing means holding the lamp long enough to see God in everyone, to recognise the Divine in everything." - Joyce Hawkes, Cell Level Healing.

When we break down our inner walls of distance, distraction and indifference, we can hear and act on our Inner Guidance, our emotional guidance system, which represents our rudder through life's infinite waters of experience.

There is a single source of creation, a fundamental vibration, which we are all tapped into, if we will allow it to be so. That essence is pure joy and is the seed tone of the standing wave that allows the hologram of life's patterns.

A natural and unique pattern exists for each of us as individuations of the ONE consciousness. Each of us here carries our own unique Soul Signature, an emanation of the ONE vibration, and through steady alignment with our Spiritual Source, we automatically tap into a natural, unlimited flow of energy that is available for our life here and our service to others.

We have at our disposal highly tuned bodies that interpret our day-to-day sensory input - for example, we perceive hot and cold, light and dark, up and down etc, and everything in-between through our Vibrational Reality. Emotion is the energy we attach to our sensory input, that is to say our feelings, and this constantly gives us precise bio-feedback as to our alignment or misalignment with our Inner Being, our Eternal Source.

Whether our emotion is coherent, or incoherent, constructive or destructive, clearly reveals to us whether our Source agrees with our interpretation of what we are experiencing. The greater the discord, the further we are from the vibration of Love and the vibration of Well-Being that flows within, through and around us.

Until we begin to move beyond our personality's needs, to embrace our Soul's desire for creative freedom, we tend to remain trapped in dysfunctional patterns of interpretation.

When you and I react, we take an action that we have taken before. When we 'react', what we are doing is assessing the incoming data, searching our memory bank for the same, or similar, experience, and acting the way we did before. This is an automatic response to a particular stimulus or stimuli and is the work of the mind, not the work of our Soul... our Soul creates, our mind reacts.

Through the modus operandi of the mind, our reaction may or may not serve our desire for inner peace and harmony. Through the modus operandi of the Soul, our response will always serve the larger picture, the broader intent, the Highest Goal.

Most of us have been conditioned to look for others for approval from a very young age, and quickly become disconnected from our emotional guidance system, which is the essential guiding mechanism for following our true path in any given moment. Whenever we look to others for approval, we immediately place ourselves in a position of extreme disadvantage because they can never know what is right for us.

Yet, we have failed to listen to our emotional guidance system, and we have continued to act from positions of weakness, seeking to control how others behave to please us. Walking in virtual darkness, disconnected from our Inner Being, we have decided to impose laws and regulations to control external circumstances, to make "our way" the right way to live.

We have forgotten that diversity does not have to mean disharmony. We have forgotten that contrasting situations do not have to bring us suffering. We have operated from the flawed premise that to be in harmony with another, we have to want and believe the same things.

We have forgotten that life is process, that we are leading-edge creators, contributing to the expansion of All-That-Is. We have forgotten that God, our Spiritual Source, has not made its mind up on everything and come to exact conclusions about the "rightness" and "wrongness" of the circumstances of our lives.

Yet all of this can change in an instant as we remember and act from Who We Really Are, seeking alignment within before taking any action. The technology that lies within us is simple and yet utterly profound. Let us now operate from our true sense of Self, which knows it cannot be harmed and has nothing to fear. Let us seek alignment with our Source, embracing those dark moments which propel us into greater clarity.

Let us choose to walk the path of Joy and Inner Peace.

Monday, January 04, 2010

The Joy of Sex - How to better understand yourself as a sexual being

"Everything in the Universe is cyclic in nature and dualistic in nature until you get to the fundamental octave that integrates all duality into unity." - The Hathor Material, by Tom Kenyon

Our innate sexual energy continues to be a source of mystery for most of us. Although we are living in modern times where, at least in the West, the outer ritual of sex has been demystified, most people have not realised the dual opposing force of yin and yang, male and female, exists within them at the deepest level.

It is all too easy to see life from a purely dualistic perspective, and to polarise differences into the "battle of the sexes". We must endeavour to remember that each man also has the female within him and each woman also has the male within her.

From an energetic standpoint, all persons are both male and female, and at the subtlest levels of energy and consciousness, we are potentially androgynous, meaning 'balanced between' the sexual polarities of our energy make-up.

I recall observing this fact and recognising it from very early on in my life, as most young children do before they are socialised to think otherwise.

Sexual energy, and having sex, points to our origins as human beings and can be described as a pure creative energy force that pulses rhythmically through the very core of our being. How we choose to express that creative energy is always up to us. For example, with intention and awareness, we can choose to raise the life force from our root, sacral and energy centres near the base of the spine through all of our energy centres when having sexual intercourse; or we can achieve this through yogic breathing or other energy-based methods.

This phenomenon of the energy moving up the spine through all centres at once causes an experience of sexual bliss - that is to say, oneness - and raises consciousness.

The Hathors, as channelled by Tom Kenyon, say that as we balance the masculine and feminine currents within, holding the intention to elevate ourselves in consciousness, we will begin to have intuitions and understandings about things that are very valuable to us and our earthly brothers and sisters. This is called 'gnosis', which means 'knowledge' and it comes as a feeling or sudden knowing.

An active sexual relationship is not necessary, however, to reach high states of consciousness, for if one practices celibacy and at the same time causes the life force to rise from the root and sexual centres near the base of the spine, one will experience a state of oneness also.

The Hathors further point out that, today, the ancient understanding of the role of celibacy has been lost for the most part. Its purpose was to allow "Mystery School" students to explore their own sexually-based energy patterns. By entering the realms of the Self, the initiate could facilitate the merging of the male and female aspects, an event known as the 'alchemical marriage'.

Most people today are naturally interested in sex, rather than celibacy, for it is part of our pre-programmed biological makeup and our natural desire to merge with another being is nothing less than life seeking to know its Source.

"You can unite the chemical elements of life in a petri dish. Yet this would not satisfy the most basic urges of the soul, which it turns out, are much larger than procreation, and have to do with re-creation of Who and What You Really Are." - Conversations with God, Book 3, by Neale Donald Walsch

Sex always helps us to feel good about ourselves when expressed naturally and joyfully. Yet, most of the dominant thoughts that currently prevail around sex, marriage, birth and death - and especially those laws which seek to control the behaviour of others in relation to these themes - have typically been passed down from those who were out of alignment with their Inner Being.

SPIRIT has shared with me that ejaculation, for example, does not have to equate to depletion of the life force in the body since the sexual energy and fluids are easily separated. If a man does not "disconnect" from his higher chakras, particularly the heart, and his intention of how to move that energy is clear before having sex, the energy will move up the spine during orgasm rather than being released from the body.

Often, however, men are socialised to be primarily stimulated through their root chakra alone and fail to connect through their higher energy centres at the time of orgasm. A simple shift in awareness is all that is necessary.

Women naturally connect through the heart, so not only is sex an emotionally heightened experience but they also are able to raise the energy up, leading to multi-cellular orgasm and a heightened state of oneness.

Culturally, many young women in Western countries are seeking to emulate their male peers and to have sex from the root chakra alone, which deprives them of their natural instinct. This is not necessarily wrong but it may not serve them in their broader goal as a spiritual being having a physical experience.

Until we, both collectively and individually, stop thinking of sex as "dirty" and portraying it as such, we will fail to bring our Spiritual Source into the picture and these two vital aspects of our Well-Being will continue to remain exclusive in our thoughts, and in our actions.

Most people would prefer to leave God out of the bedroom, as it were, but nothing could be further from the truth since sex and spirituality are mutually inclusive. You cannot separate the Non-Physical You from you, so your Source knows everything you are experiencing, wanted and unwanted.

The consciousness known as Abraham, channelled by Esther Hicks, reminds us that there is no greater symbol of co-creative harmony than the physical blending of two people in sexual interaction:

"Being physical does not separate you from Source, and having sex does not diminish your Spiritual connection... There is nothing more Spiritual than to allow the true spirit that is you to flow through you into your physical life." - The Vortex (Teachings of Abraham), by Esther and Jerry Hicks

And in like manner, in his book Conscious Dreaming, Robert Moss reminds us that "society has confused the nature of both spirituality and sexuality and set them falsely at odds with each other".

Engaging in sex, as inspired from your Connection with your Inner Being, is a delicious, physical experience, while engaging in sex out of lack feelings of commitment or responsibility, or to manipulate and control, for hidden motives, and for ego gratification, is a far cry from its divine gifting.

"Don't destroy sexual innocence and pleasure and the purity of the fun, the joy, by misusing sex. Don't use it for power, or hidden purpose; for ego gratification or domination; for any other purpose other than the purest joy, and the highest ecstasy, given and shared which is love, and love recreated - which is new life!" - Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch

Mankind fell in consciousness many earth years ago, and since that time he was wandered in virtual darkness, virtually unaware of his spiritual birthright. However, this is a time of great awakening, which means that the erroneous conclusions and limiting beliefs of our past need not be the limitations of our future.

The majority of our negative emotions arise not because the subject of our thought is wrong but because we are condemning something that our Source does not condemn. Our source is one of pure love, not one of condemnation.

For those of us who are interested in walking a spiritual path, it must surely be a relief to realise that the sexually inactive do not qualify for enlightenment more than the sexually active do. Further, it is not a requirement of the highly evolved that all sexual experience be muted, nor all sexual energy elevated.

The invitation of life is to always raise our energy, our life force, to the highest level in every possible moment and thus act as a whole being. And yet, we are not condemned for not doing so. We merely need to observe what serves us in each moment, and what does not.

Within us is contained the power and mystery of life itself, a precious gift which we can choose to honour and cherish. We can only do that by loving ourselves completely, and expressing ourselves in a way that honours our natural sexual desires.