Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Healing our limiting beliefs

Each difficult or challenging situation in life is an opportunity to heal a limiting belief.

To overcome our limiting beliefs, we must remember that we are spiritual beings expressing through unique vehicles for self-expression (our bodies). Knowing this allows us to acknowledge that we have chosen, both individually and collectively, particular circumstances for our spiritual growth - including all of our social, geo-political and karmic-genetic conditioning that has contributed to who we are today.

We cannot heal ourselves through the mind alone because the mind is a machine and lacks the essential ingredient for transmuting consciousness. We call that ingredient love or compassion and it flows from our energetic center, the heart. How we access that love is through a spiritual awakening that unifies us with our environment, removing the patterns of separation from within.

If we can win the struggle within -- the struggle that Muslims call jihad -- we can begin to create a new reality that brings Heaven to Earth. Hell, from the old English, means "to be cut off from", or "to be separate from". Hell is a place in your mind, projected into your outer reality.

"The most dramatic conflicts are perhaps, those that take place not between men but between a man and himself." Mark Moustakas

Man's spiritual number is 12 and it is not coincidence that Jesus selected twelve apostles to help anchor the Christ Consciousness on Earth. Robert Detzler, founder of the SRA, says that when man is divided he is a pair of sixes which is ongoing or 666. This number, the sign of the devil for some, represents divided consciousness and is the mark of the Beast in Revelation, representing the age old battle between the higher self and the lower self.

What are you battling with right now? What unwanted habit? What undesirable behaviour, what old pattern?

If you don't realize RIGHT NOW that you are a spiritual being, then you cannot petition the Divine to heal the lines of communication that may be blocked.

When squared (12 x 12), man's number becomes 144, which equals 9 (1+4+4), spiritual completion. This is achieved through God-realisation, the realisation of the Divine within.

It is amazing just how much we limit ourselves by refusing to ask the Divine for help on every matter, no matter how small. If God is all mighty and omnipresent, why do we continue to deny her the opportunity to help her children? After all, nothing brings a parent more happiness than helping their child and seeing them grow.

The other day, my wife and I visited my father-in-law for his birthday and he suggested that we attend a nearby carvery for lunch. However, it was typically very busy, especially on weekends, and he thought we would have to wait for a table for at least half an hour.

My wife and I are constantly in the habit of asking for help for everything we do, or intend to do, so my wife said a prayer of intent for us to secure the perfect and right table for us quickly and I asked my High Self to clear blocking energies to a happy experience, which is standard practice for me.

My father-in-law was very surprised when the waitress said a table was ready for us and could seat us immediately. Jennifer and I mentioned that we had asked for help but he quickly replied that he wouldn't bother HIM (i.e. SPIRIT/God/The Divine) with such a request.

Simon is a very articulate, well-educated and religious man with many years of committed service to the Baha'i faith, yet his words clearly demonstrated his own self-limiting beliefs about what he felt was right to "trouble" God about. My High Self indicated he had blocks to freedom.

This is not uncommon for those who follow a particular religion and have forgotten that their deepest spiritual source is there to serve them, as well as their fellow brothers and sisters. Only humans run programs of guilt and self-punishment, and feel that God sits in judgement over them. Going inward and asking for help could be automatic process for all of us but we have built up layers of confusing reasoning as to why it is wrong to do such a thing, and are consumed by our lack thoughts.

Everything in our lives would flow much more smoothly if we were to ask, knowing it is already done, and following our intuition once we have asked.

We need to trust this natural process of asking and receiving, remembering our oneness with the All-That-Is. It is not an intellectual process but one that is heart centered in gratitude.

Let us consider the beautiful butterfly.

A caterpillar does not know it can fly until it transforms into a butterfly. And so, we too, cannot know we are God incarnate until we undergo a spiritual metamorphosis which reveals to us the nature of who we really are - truth, joy and absolute freedom.

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