Saturday, November 07, 2009

Soul transfers and what they mean to you

Through my work as a healer and teacher, it is my understanding that each of us has pre-planned various "exit" points along the timeline, which our soul may use to leave our earthly form. This might be due to a serious illness or accident, for instance.

For the most part, we are meant to live a long life in order to fulfil our destinies, to unfold our gifts and talents and help our brothers and sisters unfold theirs. By recognising our own Divinity, we bring heaven to Earth.

If a soul in the body becomes disillusioned with life and decides that it is ready to leave the body, the soul may agree to a soul transfer, instead of losing the vehicle for expression ("death"). Usually a more advanced soul will enter the physical body but the transfer can also be made up of many souls who work together as one consciousness. Ultimately, the transfer always happens under the guidance and wisdom of the Higher Self, and with the mutual co-operation of the soul and the Higher Self.

Sometimes the change is dramatic.

Accident "victims" who have been in coma for several days can often come out of that coma to reveal a completely different persona, which is quite unsettling or disturbing for their loved ones to deal with. Often friends and family are startled by the change and say "you're not the same person!", yet not really knowing the reason why.

At other times, the changes are far more subtle and much more integrated with the personality.

SPIRIT has revealed to me that soul transfers are really quite commonplace, usually highly beneficial, and certainly not something to be feared.

High Self has revealed my father, who had a stroke and collapsed from a intercranial bleed in 2003, received a soul transfer whilst unconscious.

I thought back then that my father's original soul had chosen to return but now I realise that a grander aspect of his Self came in to assist. Since that time he has received many healings, and at least one more soul transfer has been made since the first one.

As a result, I have found that my father, although he still has his ongoing personality traits to work on, is much more open emotionally, and much more in touch with himself and the world around him. He is open to a more spiritual interpretation of life and this is wonderful to see.

Sometimes the Higher Self will deem it appropriate to make a partial or full soul transfer, even though the soul is not disillusioned with life. This is primarily to assist with the Ascension process and often occurs as the personality aspect continues to work in conscious co-operation with the Higher Self. It happens from a sense of readiness, not need.

I recently had the amazing, conscious experience of a soul transfer at the age of 35, just a few months ago. I was aware that my soul had physically left my body, maintaining it from afar, and that a higher level soul wanted to come in to assist with my service path or life work.

Many spiritual teachers and seekers of truth are finding this to be true for them as well.

We are constantly evolving, so it is natural to see soul transfers as an "upgrade" to our operating system as it were. The interface (the body mind) is pretty much the same as it was, and so the initial change will not be noticeable to the outside world.

Later, with time, the new gifts and talents will shine through, if given the space, time and nurturing they need. The personality still needs to co-operate with the new soul energy!

Until very recently, the living soul has been made up of six bodies, and the physical part of our incarnational expression has been made up of seven bodies, making a total of thirteen bodies.

At this time on planet earth, SPIRIT has shared that we have been given five additional soul bodies to help us transition into higher states of awareness as we let go of the illusion of separation from the ONE Spiritual Source that moves through all life. The seven lower bodies of man will remain the same.

The first additional body has been created to give us clarity and spiritual direction. The second grants us the capacity to stay out of fear and give freedom to others, especially since fear has been the root cause of many unjust laws and behaviours.

The third soul-level body will help us to create and feel joy more easily. The fourth additional body brings a love of life itself, and the fifth will give us more patience - patience with ourselves, patience with others and patience with the Divine.

At this time, my High Self indicates that 80% of the world population have had a soul transfer, that 55% of that percentage realise on some level of their consciousness that something is different. About 4%, at this time, actually know that a soul transfer has taken place.

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