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Science without spirituality: The pitfall of making technology our GOD

One of the keys to living a successful, joyful life is that the physical body and KA (the etheric twin) must be vital and strong.

As a race, we humans tend to trash our bodies, to say nothing of our minds, and have forgotten the ancient understanding of the sacredness of the four elements and the sacredness of Mother Earth.

We have made technology our God and have failed to see that advances in technology without advances in consciousness will lead to self-destruction as surely as day follows night.

It is imperative that we realise that our present technology is threatening to outstrip our ability to use it wisely and that we are on the verge of becoming a product of our technology.

We've managed to make our lives easier but have we really made our lives better?

Huge advances in satellite TV, mobile technology and the internet have allowed instantaneous communication across the globe in the blink of an eyelid but widespread misuse of this same technology keeps us locks into addictive and unconscious patterns of behaviour which seldom honour our bodies' needs

In February earlier this year, my wife and I were fortunate to participate in a three day wilderness trail through Kruger, one of the biggest game reserves in South Africa. There was no electricity, and the use of mobile phones was prohibited so as not to disturb the unique experience of tuning back into nature in all her raw and awesome glory.

The big game - lion, rhino, buffalo, elephant and leopard - were magnificent and exciting to interact with in such an close and personal way but what struck me most was the simplicity of being alone with one's thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Silence was a requirement as the group followed the rangers, single file through the vast wilderness.

In the evening, a sense of tiredness prevailed much more naturally, not just because we were all tired from the intense heat and daily hikes but because we were able to detach from our technology-driven "normality", watching the sun setting over the fields and allowing ourselves to feel the natural rhythms of our body slow down as a velvet-like darkness washed over us to reveal a million stars in the sky.

A newspaper article on IVF treatments caught my attention recently because there are an ever-increasing number of couples who are risking their emotions, financial stability, relationships as well as their own health because they believe that technology is their best hope of conceiving.

SPIRIT indicates that the odds of conveiving through this method are 1 in 5 at best and IVF is extremely expensive for most, costing £4,000 per cycle with an average of £2,500 per time.  Despite these facts, more and more people are sacrificing themselves at the altar of these fertility clinics. Why?

The "miracle" advances of science are touted daily everywhere, promising everything from wrinkle-free skin, to perfectly flat stomachs, to conception outside of the womb. This, of course, is in no small part attributable to our celebrity culture, which has made botox, tummy tucks and unnatural conception chic.

People have turned scientists and physicians into priests and priestesses, unwavering in their conviction that they can make miracles happen, despite the expense, the low odds and the yet-unknown risks.

A leading fertility expert at UCL, Professor Sammy Lee, points out that clinicians "take their last pennies and allow them to take unquantifiable risks with their health, all for the agony of yet another failed cycle".

SPIRIT indicates that environmental factors such as stress and a poor nutrition are the root causes of blocks to conceiving.

Today, our soil is highly depleted due to aggressive farming techniques which fail to honour the natural cycles of Mother Earth and much of our food is filled with trace chemicals that have insidious effects on the cells of the body.

"You are eating foods filled with chemicals which have been poured into the soil in a desperate attempt to reconstitute it. While causing no apparent damage to the body in the short term, you will discover to your sadness that in the long run these trace chemicals, which remain in the body, are not health producing." Conversations with God, Book2

Often a far "simpler" approach can help us achieve what we so desperately want, without the burnout.  And yet, so many people are not aware that complementary approaches can be extremely helpful, not to mention successful.

Alternative approaches to fertility are routinely dismissed by science and by our media but powerful anecdotal stories are valuable when based on truth and can point the way to a future which embraces life, and does not fight against it.

In my own work as a healer and teacher, I have had the opportunity to work with at least two clients who were categorically told that they could not conceive a child and who went on to successfully conceive and give birth to healthy children.

The first was a client who had a high pressured job with hardly any time for herself, yet alone bringing a child into this world. It was clear that she needed to heal emotionally and mentally, so that she herself could begin to feel nourished and supported.

Allowing healing energy to move through her tired body, creating a safe "space" for conception, was a crucial first step. The second vital step was allowing the process to happen, letting go of her anxiety around "making" the conception happen, realising that God's delays were not God's denials.

After just a couple of Reiki sessions, she happily and naturally conceived.

My second client, several months later, was a nurse who was told that she would not be able to have a second child because she was getting too old, even though she was only in her early forties, and because her husband had been labelled with low sperm count. They had been trying for several months and were considering IVF as a last resort.

Open to a spiritual way of approaching this difficult and very personal dilemma, she agreed to a SRT clearing to clear any negative blocks held at the cellular level. SPIRIT cleared both her and her husband and they happily conceived within a month of the clearing.

"Release of a spiritual issue, when it is a primary blockage, may clear all the other levels, and then what we recognise as a miraculous cure takes place." Cell-Level Healing, Joyce Hawkes Ph.D

Something that is absolutely fascinating which I first read about in The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life is that an ovum must be absolutely saturated with hundreds of sperm, or conception is not possible. 

SPIRIT says that in fact thousands of sperm need to be on the egg and ten, eleven, twelve, sixteen or eighteen (5 different "combinations") of those sperm need to form a particular pattern on the surface to allow the "one" sperm to get through. Having one sperm fertilise an ovum is only possible under unnatural conditions where a clinician manipulates the conception.

Let us return to the old wisdom which is dawning again across our planet, and quickly. Let us ascend in consciousness first and use technology to bless our lives, not to manipulate outcomes no matter what the cost to our physical, mental and emotional health.

When we find inner peace, neither the presence nor the absence of any person, place or thing, condition, circumstance or situation can be the creator of our state of mind or the cause of our experience.

The irony, however, is that when we let go of internal resistance, truly let go, then we allow the ever-present cosmic forces within us to work for us, rather than against us.

Miracles are happening all the time but because most of our news emphasises violence, separation and pain, rather than joy, service and interconnectedness, we miss the good news to lift our spirits and cheer us on.

A deep realisation of the oneness within ourselves can help us heal those patterns that keep us separate from what we most want.

Our bodies are unique and precious, and deserve love and appreciation. The number of cells in each of our bodies, nearly 100 trillion, outnumbers the stars of the Orion Galaxy by 1,500 times - think of it!

Each cell is in perfect communication with ALL the other cells in your body at the same time, so we need to learn to trust this vast intelligence to maintain our health and bring us our deepest desires.

"The cell is the interface between ordinary and non-ordinary reality; possibilities exist here that we have barely begun to understand or develop." Joyce Hawkes.

If you are in need of healing, say this prayer to help you re-align with the God-force within: "I ask that the spiritual dimension of my deepest healing consciousness to guide, sustain and enliven me."

Let us heal our tired minds and bodies first, then we can use technology to help us in a more balanced way.

It is not the technology that is the problem, it is the consciousness behind it.

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