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Embracing life's challenges: Ascension and why it is important to you

Earth is going through a period of tremendous change energetically. She is a living consciousness, and most of her changes are outside of the current level of awareness of most of humanity right now.

Nonetheless, regardless of our individual awareness of this process of Earth's own ascension, we are all being affected by these changes on a daily basis.

Many of us are finding that time has somehow sped up, that we have "less" of it, and that challenges are more frequent. For those of our brothers and sisters who's senses are "land-locked", who believe the false cultural story that we are just "human" and that we die at the end of our short time here, those challenges are not being met with the right spiritual attitude which helps one meet and overcome those challenges with poise and grace.

We are here to ascend in consciousness, and Earth is a school of sorts, although SPIRIT says we have nothing to learn, only to remember who we truly are. This planet is a Heart Planet, so it is absolutely vital for us to balance our polarities through our heart centre. The heart chakra (or center) is not the same as the physical heart - it lies directly in the centre of the chest cavity.

I often teach my Reiki First Degree students that chakras are real by having each of them hold a small crystal pendulum above the heart chakra of their partner. Particularly after a Reiki attunement, the energy system is purified and all senses are heightened, so it is easier for a beginner to get a "reading".

By holding the pendulum just above the heart chakra, in the etheric layer, a student will feel the electromagnetic pull and the pendulum will swing by itself, revealing the energetic state of the chakra. This is a wonderful, simple test that validates the concept of humans as living energy fields because the biofeedback mechanism provides irrefutable proof. Students often respond with exclamations of "wow", "amazing", "incredible"!

Today, right now, it is absolutely vital that move beyond the narrow and limited history of man's place in the Universe presently offered to us by our sciences if we are to truly understand and make use of these unique and auspicious times.

We are a race which has been suffering from amnesia, refusing to accept "what is" because it would shatter our entrenched concepts of how we have defined ourselves.
One prevalent idea, which is clearly not true and continues to hinder our spiritual advancement, is that we are the "first" advanced culture to exist on this planet since neanderthal man. This idea has been continually espoused despite stark evidence to the contrary, so must ask ourselves why?
The authors of Forbidden Archaeology, Richard Thompson and Michael Cremo, document many cases of anomalous evidence like the bones of modern man found in rock strata dated over 50 million years old. They explain that we have not been allowed to hear about many of these important finds because an insidious type of knowledge filter is at work:

“People tend to filter out things that don't fit, that don't make sense in terms of their paradigm or their way of thinking. So in science you find that evidence that doesn't fit the accepted paradigm tends to be eliminated.”
Each year millions of tourists flock to see the Great Pyramid and The Sphinx in Egypt to marvel at its awesome construction and to wonder at the precision and intricacy of it all. Indeed, scientific research indicated that the mortar is of an unknown origin and we have failed to reproduce its chemical composition even with our highly sophisticated technology today. 
High Self indicates that 61,678 stones were originally used for the construction - huge, megalithic stones weighing from 2 to 68 tons each!
Most Eygptian archaeologists still date The Great Pyramid and The Sphinx at 4,500 years ago but this is simply a distortion of the truth to fit their belief system. The traditional interpretation of the Koran says that creation began 6000 years ago, so if the Egyptians were to say that it was older than the date of creation they would be seen to be dishonouring their sacred text.
Over fifty years ago, R.A Schwaller de Lubicz, a famous self-educated archaeologist, became extremely interested in the tremendous wear on the surface of the Sphinx. Toward the back of the Sphinx there are wear patterns that cut twelve feet deep into its surface and which are complete different from the patterns on other buildings in Egypt. The ones on the Sphinx look as though they've been smoothed by water, whereas the rest are textured by sand and wind.

Another man called John Anthony West, who had a deep understanding of Egypt and the hidden meanings embedded in the architecture, later became interested and went to Egypt to verify Lubicz's findings of water erosion. He found that the Egyptian archeologists refused to budge, so he brought in an American geologist named Robert Schoch whose computer analysis put the Sphinx back to at least 8000 years old.

My High Self indicates that they date back to 8,500BC and this information is just one of many pieces of information that changes everything!
We are much older than we think.  We are not who think we are.
Our senses are tied to this (third) dimension, or reality, and yet our Spirit yearns to reconnect to the greater reality, the Greater Mystery. We are waking up and remembering our birthright but we still have much to do, individually and collectively!
The Higher Self sees us as multiple, interpenetrating fields of light and colour, as interlocking, geometrical shapes within through and around the physical body. It sees us as a galaxy of stars, each atom like a solar system with the central sun as its nucleus and the planets spinning around it. There is tremendous space within our physicality and it is an illusion that we appear to be solid.
We need to remember that our subtle energy system is highly responsive to our every thought and emotion. Simple, yet highly effective, techniques can be used to bring us back into alignment and to help us remember the greater part of ourselves. These techniques can be used to help us ascend, or transcend our present reality.
You may have come across the term ascension but it may not have held much meaning or significance for you. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are here to ascend, whether you currently know it or not.

Ascension is a word I frequently came across many years ago, when starting on my Reiki journey. I thought Reiki was just about healing, but a deeper understanding of the energetics of the human system has allowed me to remember that we are here to ascend in consciousness.

In ancient Egypt, they had Mystery Schools dedicated to this very purpose and initiates would go through various challenges to bring themselves into alignment with SPIRIT and develop their inner gifts and talents, along with latent powers called siddhis.

Essentially, the aim was a refinement of the human soul and personality through its connection with the Divine.

"Ascension is essentially a process of self-awareness and mastery at all levels and it necessitates bringing all those levels of one's existence upward." - Tom Kenyon, The Hathor Material
The ascension process is what happens naturally as one surrenders to love and to the highest possibility in each situation, simultaneously deepening one's understanding of the interconnectedness of all of life.

Through the ascension process one realises that he or she is the ultimate creator of his or her experiences and begins to see through the maya, or the illusion of this world. One's perspective of people, places, circumstances and events is radically altered!

Jesus was a being of such magnitude that he transcended the world–while still being a part of it–and shared this message with the peoples of the Earth. He was also clear that the path of ascension was meant for everyone, not just a select few, when he said "I am the way, the truth and the life, follow me."
In terms of using our energy system to affect and raise consciousness, we must turn our attention to what the yogis called the pranic body, or what the ancient Egyptians referred to as the KA.
The KA is sometimes called the etheric twin as it is a duplicate of the physical body and its energetic fields but at a subtler state of energy. It is the source of the prana (chi or life-force) moving through the first level of the physical field.
How much prana we draw in determines how much energy is available to our organs and bodily systems and the KA simultaneously determines the clarity, power and impact of our thoughts as well as the quality of our emotions.
We can bring more prana into the KA so that it radiates out into the physical body and other subtle bodies by focusing on the pranic tube which extends down through the center of the body, from the crown at the top of the head down through the perineum, a point midway between the genitals and the anus.

For those interested in sacred geometry we can take a brief look at the star tetrahedron surrounding the physical body and relate this to the pranic tube. However, it is not necessary to have an understanding of the star tetrahedron to use the pranic tube.

Looking at the star tetrahedron - interlocking male (Sun) and female (Earth) tetrahedrons - which surrounds the physical body, the pranic tube runs from the apex of the Sun Tetrahedron to the lower apex of the Earth Tetrahedron. The tube looks like a glass fluorescent tube with a crystalline structure at each end that fits into the upper and lower apexes.

Please note that this configuration of the Star Tetrahedron is generally for men, not women. If you are female, imagine you are the figure shown inside the star tetrahedron and turn around 180 degrees, keeping the tetrahedrons exactly as they are. The flat side of the (Upper) Sun Tetrahedron and the pointed side of the (Lower) Earth Tetrahedron will be facing front for you.

Focus on the pranic tube and begin by breathing rhythmically, bringing the energy down from SPIRIT and up from Mother Earth, the two flows meeting in the heart chakra.

As you breathe out, focus your attention on the physical body and allow the energy to move out from the tube into the KA and physical body. Energy follows awareness, so just let this happen naturally. It may take a few rounds of practice to become aware of this energy flow.

By rhythmically, it is useful to take one's pulse and breath in sync with the heart beat itself. Trying breathing in for seven counts, breathing out for seven and holding for five after the out breath - repeat the cycle as many times as necessary during your meditation. If this is too much, start with four counts in, four out, and hold for two. Experiment and see what works for you!

It is crucial to breathe from the lower abdomen, so put your hand on the area just below your belly button to ensure you are breathing from there. The breath in should push your hand out.

Babies breath naturally but most adults have forgotten how to breathe correctly, which leads to a stressed nervous system because they cannot access their higher mind functions, staying "trapped" in their reptilian brain and engaging a flight or fight response.

Rhythmic breathing into the heart chakra through the pranic tube will create a high level of coherence in your energy system as long as you generate the emotional state of appreciation, which is the signature for this method of self-creation. Merely thinking appreciation will not do!

Reiki is a wonderful, simple but highly effective healing modality because it is heart centered. It activates the heart chakra. If you find it difficult to generate feelings of love and appreciation, you may have blocks, so doing a First Degree Reiki course is a valuable way to open up the heart again.
As you begin to feel more comfortable with moving energy through the pranic tube, you can easily extend the tube down into the Earth Star, or lower still into the Gaia Gateway, and up into the Soul Star, or higher still to the Stellar Gateway. (see image below).

"The stellar gateway and soul star chakras are portals through which very high frequency light can enter our etheric field. The stellar gateway is like a spiritual barometer that measures the intensity of light our field can hold. The soul star is the filter through which the light is measured and flows. The soul star also facilitates access to our personal library within the akashic records."- Laurelle Shanti Gaia

This image (left) is kindly reproduced from Laurelle Shanti Gaia's book on Karuna Reiki.

The Soul Star was known as the BA by the ancient Egyptians and resides in a place of consciousness that is outside of linear time and space. The entry point is at a place above your head where your hands would meet if you were to raise them together and touch them above your head. This interdimensional aspect of your self is highly receptive to appreciation.

Take your time with this powerful meditation. Just do a little every day and build up.

As the KA is strenghtened, which provides a deeper connection to the Soul Star or BA, powerful shifts in consciousness are likely to happen, especially if you are following the meditation correctly.

Unconscious patterns of behaviour will most likely come into your field of awareness for release. Therefore, a non-judgemental, accepting attitude of yourself and others is required.

A long time ago, we fell in consciousness and we forgot how to breathe in prana, which in turn affected how we perceived the One Reality. Before "the fall", which High Self refers to as a Shift into Unreality, we used to bring pranic energy simultaneously up and down our pranic tube, the two flows meeting inside one of the major energy centers (or chakras).

My High Self says that currently only 6% of the global population have an activated pranic tube.
For those who are not aware that they have such a tube, their pineal gland, located in the center of the head, is typically the size of a pea. The gland is hugely important for consciousness and will begin to regenerate if one dedicates just a few moments of each day to practice breathing through the pranic tube.

Interesting enough, children who are highly intuitive typically have much larger pineal glands than adults until they learn to shut down their intuitive and emotional self.
"Hidden in the pineal gland are all the sacred geometries and understandings of how the Reality was created." 
 - The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life, Drunvalo Melchizedek
Focused thought alone is sufficient to re-activate the pranic tube. You do not have to go to anyone to have it done for you!
Breathing in prana through the nose and mouth alone, rather than through the tube, creates polarity consciousness and disconnects us from Mother Earth, so it is vitally important that we all start to access our pranic tubes and energise our bodies and minds through this deceptively simple ascension technique.

Breathing through the tube, whilst feeling appreciation, will also help one reconnect to one's Higher Self.
One of the keys to the ascension process is to allow our energy fields to open and move freely, and the ability to master positive movement of greater amounts of energy comes through a strongly developed Ka and the simultaneous cultivation of our feeling nature.
"The life situations that arise today on your planet and the emotions they generate are actually the initiatory phases of higher consciousness leading to ascension and mastery." - Tom Kenyon, The Hathor Material 

Ascension is a vast topic but the simplest methods are usually best. For those who are interested, I highly recommend the following books, which you can purchase from Amazon.

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