Sunday, August 09, 2009

Manifestation Principle #1 - Creating with the Soul

"If all you desired is what your Soul desired, everything would be simple. If you listened to the part of you which is pure Spirit, all your decisions would be easy, and all the outcomes joyous. That is because the choices of Spirit are always the highest choices." Conversations With God, Book 3

When we put Spirit first, all else follows. This is the Central Sun of our being, always illuminating the path ahead, willing to guide our every step. And yet, so many of us choose the path of darkness, stumbling along the way, sometimes falling.

We must first begin to listen, and trust, our inner wisdom. We must listen to the small voice within that encourages us to see the bigger picture, to stand back, to let go of the personal drama. Our intuitive voice is one that we are all born with and have immediate access to. Begin now to trust that voice again.

Because we have forgotten who we are, we must begin to learn to use our gifts again. The more we marry our intellect with our innate wisdom, the better our choices will be, the higher our outcomes in all areas of our lives. The highest choice blesses all.

We are constantly creating through body, mind and spirit, whether we are aware of it or not. Yet, when the tri-part being is not acting in unison, mixed results occur and we adamantly say that the Universe does not grant us, or is incapable of bringing us, our desires.

We must remember that the Universe is constantly listening to our desires because we are One in Truth, and it has no choice but to fulfill the essence of our request. It is a choiceless choice!

If the totality of our being is in harmony - with Self, SPIRIT and all of life - then our choices become unified and miracles can occur. The miracle IS that our thoughts naturally follow our beliefs, perceptions and judgements about life, and create our experience of life.

The evolution of a society can be measured by its choices, in whether it follows the urges of the body, the thoughts that rise up in the mind, or the inner promptings of the Soul. It is not wrong to follow the choices of the body but merely following the body's wants, or the mind's desires, without fully integrating the Soul Aspect of our being, will not lead us to the most beneficial outcomes.

Today, we are seeing exactly where we are in the scale of things, through the immediate and obvious crises of the planet.

Most of us understand that we have a mind and that it determines, more often than not, how we feel about life and, therefore, what we experience in our lives.

The mind lives throughout the body, in every cell, and the Soul encapsulates everything within, through and around the physical body. We are made up of 99% empty space!

With regard to the mind, it would be useful to explore the sublevels to better understand how we create. Indeed, we create from at least three interior levels, but we also have access to a fourth. The first three are logic, intuition and emotion. Logic stems from our conscious, rational mind, emotions stem from our subsconscious mind programming, and intuition is borne of the Higher Self. The fourth, which practically none of us use at the present time, is SPIRIT. This fourth level is pure thought, pure consciousness. My High Self tells me that at this time in my own evolution I only access it about 0.5% of the time.

For those who consider themselves firmly on the path to Self-Mastery, and who are consistenly working with their High Self and Spiritual Committees, my High Self says that we must continuously ask for healing by the Father, Mother and Grandfather of the Oversoul to access and create from pure consciousness.

To recap then, body, mind and Spirit must be in unity, and all levels of the inner mind must also be in unity to create the highest and grandest vision we have for ourselves. All levels of our inner mind must be in harmony for a successful outcome or outpicturing of our desire.

If you want to achieve something effortlessly, you will need to understand that you are a triune being and create from that understanding. It takes practice, patience and perseverence. Ultimately, it means listening to your Higher Self and to SPIRIT.

To help, you can build a logic statement around what you wish to achieve. If you can find just one other person in the world who is doing it, or something similar, then it is possible for you.

Secondly, you must intuitively feel it is the right step for you. Listen carefully to your inner voice. It is a nurturing, supportive voice. It is not a voice that says you "should" do this, or "should" do that. It is not a voice that will place you in danger or harm's way.

Thirdly, get excited about the possibilities and let the Universe bring it to you through Divine Manifestation. Emotions are extremely powerful, moving energy through, within and around the body-mind. Desire and excitement are key ingredients, without which nothing happens!

Lastly, when creating anything, be mindful of whether you are coming from love or fear. This is the great polarity, the primal duality. Both are creative, yet one brings the highest outcomes and the other the lowest. All thoughts, ideas, concepts, understandings, decisions, choices, and actions are based in one of those. Of course, if you are really listening to your intuition, the voice of the Higher Self, then you will be coming from Love. Negative Ego's constructions are based in fear, thoughts of not-enoughness, of separation, of victor or victim consciousness. Creating from SPIRIT creates win/win situations that bless all forms of life.

As you endeavour to align the trinity of body, mind and spirit, you may find challenges suddenly appear. These are the gifts to work on, or work through. There is a period of mind purification that follows a clear intention to follow SPIRIT, and create from that place.

It is of the utmost importance that you own your personal power, and be responsible for your self. If you don't own your personal power, you can be run by almost anything in the Universe, including discarnate spirits, negative ego, the weather or your addictions.

Do not fall into victim consciousness and blame outer circumstances! The outer world is a perfect reflection of your consciousness. Pratice forgiveness of self, others and all situations that are bothering you! If you would be free, let go of the old, forgive, and move on!

"The extended use of power is self-control. You will not progress far on the spiritual path without personal power and self-discipline. Also, truthfulness to Self and others is of the utmost importance." Soul Psychology, Joshua David Stone

Finally, this is a work in progress, so be loving with yourself and appreciate yourself no matter where you are in this process of understanding. Remember that all of this "work" is done through love, not judgement or self-punishment.

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