Monday, July 27, 2009

Is God indifferent? And how do we become enlightened?

I heard the comment the other day that “God is indifferent”. I was disturbed by the remark and it caused me to deeply question the underlying (or sponsoring) thought of my friend who had seemingly taken a few knocks on his life journey. This represented a type of negative neutrality, if there can be such a thing, that did not sit well with me.

My experience, despite some very hard tests, has taught me that SPIRIT (or God) shows each of us unconditional acceptance of where we are on our journey of awareness, self-definition and self-creation.

SPIRIT is impartial about the circumstances of our lives because our ultimate success is guaranteed. We cannot fail, although we can appear to in our daily lives. We can choose to feel separate from SPIRIT, and our fellow brothers and sisters, and cry out against life itself, but the illusion is simply that… illusion.

We are creating ourselves anew in each moment and SPIRIT has no judgement in the outcomes that manifest as a result of our choices. It wants what we want for ourselves, even when we appear to hurt or harm ourselves and others along the way. We are always invited to remember the perfection of the process and not make ourselves “bad”, “wrong” or “guilty” for past mistakes.

SPIRIT’s purpose is that we should know ourselves as Divinity made manifest, and cause our fellow brothers and sisters to recognise their own divinity also. Therefore, I would invite you to consider that SPIRIT is not indifferent but cares about the ultimate outcome, and that is why it is assured.

"We are united. We are One. Ours is the biggest marriage ceremony ever held. My vow to you is the grandest vow ever made. I will love you forever, and free you for everything. My love will never bind you in any way, and because of this you are 'bound' to eventually love Me - for freedom to Be Who You Really Are is your greatest desire, and My greatest gift." Conversations With God, Book 3

My Higher Self indicated that indifference is borne of a lack of love, whereas neutrality is borne of love. SPIRIT is neutral.

I have also heard it said that only those who spend a lot of time away from the real world, in meditation, who have the best chance of being “enlightened” or reaching “enlightenment”. Everyone else is doomed.

It is true to say that those who seek to know and understand SPIRIT are often drawn away from the outer, material world, to pursue more esoteric activities that speak to the Soul. However, the knowingness that one is never separate from SPIRIT, or anyone else, comes from the decision to embrace SPIRIT in all aspects of one’s life and demonstrate that in one’s thoughts, words, and actions. One does not have to be totally removed from the outer world to find SPIRIT.

Many more people today engage in some form of meditation or yoga class, or enjoy the spiritual focus of martial arts like Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Yet, few are not trapped in the illusion of the trials of their daily lives.

The outer ritual is oft performed but inner reflection and awareness has been lost along the way. They are going through the motions, unaware that one must first have the primary intention to remember one’s connection to SPIRIT. With that first thought, all else follows quite naturally.

Everything is within us, but we must first know this before we can experience it. Knowing always leads to experience, not the other way round.

The reversal of the BE-DO-HAVE paradigm is the root cause of a disgruntled approach to life because it works against the creative power within us all. We have been socialised this way for so long that we cannot remove ourselves from the picture long enough to see the lie of it.

If you wish to be enlightened, go straight to being that. The best way to cause yourself to be enlightened, or wise, is to cause another to be enlightened. Seek to “be” what you wish to be first and all else follows.

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