Monday, July 27, 2009

Is God indifferent? And how do we become enlightened?

I heard the comment the other day that “God is indifferent”. I was disturbed by the remark and it caused me to deeply question the underlying (or sponsoring) thought of my friend who had seemingly taken a few knocks on his life journey. This represented a type of negative neutrality, if there can be such a thing, that did not sit well with me.

My experience, despite some very hard tests, has taught me that SPIRIT (or God) shows each of us unconditional acceptance of where we are on our journey of awareness, self-definition and self-creation.

SPIRIT is impartial about the circumstances of our lives because our ultimate success is guaranteed. We cannot fail, although we can appear to in our daily lives. We can choose to feel separate from SPIRIT, and our fellow brothers and sisters, and cry out against life itself, but the illusion is simply that… illusion.

We are creating ourselves anew in each moment and SPIRIT has no judgement in the outcomes that manifest as a result of our choices. It wants what we want for ourselves, even when we appear to hurt or harm ourselves and others along the way. We are always invited to remember the perfection of the process and not make ourselves “bad”, “wrong” or “guilty” for past mistakes.

SPIRIT’s purpose is that we should know ourselves as Divinity made manifest, and cause our fellow brothers and sisters to recognise their own divinity also. Therefore, I would invite you to consider that SPIRIT is not indifferent but cares about the ultimate outcome, and that is why it is assured.

"We are united. We are One. Ours is the biggest marriage ceremony ever held. My vow to you is the grandest vow ever made. I will love you forever, and free you for everything. My love will never bind you in any way, and because of this you are 'bound' to eventually love Me - for freedom to Be Who You Really Are is your greatest desire, and My greatest gift." Conversations With God, Book 3

My Higher Self indicated that indifference is borne of a lack of love, whereas neutrality is borne of love. SPIRIT is neutral.

I have also heard it said that only those who spend a lot of time away from the real world, in meditation, who have the best chance of being “enlightened” or reaching “enlightenment”. Everyone else is doomed.

It is true to say that those who seek to know and understand SPIRIT are often drawn away from the outer, material world, to pursue more esoteric activities that speak to the Soul. However, the knowingness that one is never separate from SPIRIT, or anyone else, comes from the decision to embrace SPIRIT in all aspects of one’s life and demonstrate that in one’s thoughts, words, and actions. One does not have to be totally removed from the outer world to find SPIRIT.

Many more people today engage in some form of meditation or yoga class, or enjoy the spiritual focus of martial arts like Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Yet, few are not trapped in the illusion of the trials of their daily lives.

The outer ritual is oft performed but inner reflection and awareness has been lost along the way. They are going through the motions, unaware that one must first have the primary intention to remember one’s connection to SPIRIT. With that first thought, all else follows quite naturally.

Everything is within us, but we must first know this before we can experience it. Knowing always leads to experience, not the other way round.

The reversal of the BE-DO-HAVE paradigm is the root cause of a disgruntled approach to life because it works against the creative power within us all. We have been socialised this way for so long that we cannot remove ourselves from the picture long enough to see the lie of it.

If you wish to be enlightened, go straight to being that. The best way to cause yourself to be enlightened, or wise, is to cause another to be enlightened. Seek to “be” what you wish to be first and all else follows.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quantum healing: understanding vibration

What does it mean to be healthy? Today, we seem to collectively think that as long as we are free from disease or illness that we are healthy but this is an over simplified way of looking at life; and ultimately one that does not serve us, given Who We Really Are.

There are varying degrees of health or wellness and when one is feeling joyful in the moment, filled with "light" and looking forward to the future, one can be said to be in a state of good health or wellbeing; that is, feeling well across the totality of one's being. Often wellness, true wellness, means feeling good physically, emotionally and mentally, along with being spiritually connected.

In Spiritual Response Therapy, we seek SPIRIT first and all healing follows from that realisation, realisation of the healing power within, the God force.

According to my High Self, the normal vibratory rate of a healthy person is 4,500 Hz (or cycles per second). Anything that lowers the vibration sufficiently will open a person to lower energies, whether that be a "lower" thought form, or a particular energy, such as a discarnate whose normal vibration is between 600 to 700 Hz.

The average vibration has more than doubled since 1988, just over twenty years ago, when Reverend Robert Detzler, founder of the SRT system of healing, indicated that the vibratory rate was just 2,100 Hz. As we continue to collectively raise our consciousness and become more self-aware, all of our subtle bodies are naturally spinning at a faster rate.

Many things can cause our normal, healthy vibration to drop and cause our energies to dissipate. For example, most types of fear-based emotions such as anger, grief, shock, unforgiveness, blame and hate will dramatically lower auric vibrations and sap our natural life force energy from us. Conflict, whether inner or outer, will also cause us to feel depleted.

Places where there is much illness, suffering and death, such as cemeteries, funerals, memorial services, and hospitals can further drain one's vital health, especially if one is open to lower energies. It is therefore useful to be mindful of one's physical, emotional and mental wellbeing before visiting such places or attending such events. Prayer, and asking for protection, is a very useful and appropriate way to stay clear.

Someone who has learnt SRT, or another form of space clearing and protection, will be able to keep themselves clear through setting up a triple and fire shield of protection, as well as asking SPIRIT to clear the intended visiting place of all shadow energies.

Energy follows thought. This is called the Law of Mind Action and is closely aligned with the Law of Attraction which says that wherever we place our attention, we will draw the essence of that vibration to us, if we hold it long enough. Hence, it is very important to be mindful of one's thoughts (intention) and where one is placing one's attention.

Our chakra system (composed of seven energy centres) is a dynamic one, pulling in energies from the outside world, which we then respond to given our perception about life, our model of the world. The faster the rate of spin, the more quickly energies will be drawn to us. Someone of lower consciousness generally has a lower rate of spin and that is good, because it is a safeguard for that person and for the others around him/her.

For those of us engaged in energy work, the necessity of mindfulness becomes even greater. Taking a Reiki attunement during a Reiki class will activate one or more chakras and raise the normal vibratory rate for the individual. My High Self has indicated that my rate jumped to 12-13,000 Hz after taking Reiki First Degree. After taking the Reiki Masters, it jumped to 17,000 Hz. After taking the Advanced SRT Class, it jumped to 23,000 Hz...

Shifts in vibration will always vary according to the personal energy makeup of the individual and their degree of readiness to further embrace SPIRIT.

I have been practising an enormous amount of energy work for almost five years, which I thoroughly enjoy, and SPIRIT now shares with me that my normal healthy vibratory rate sits comfortably at 28,000 Hz. When performing a SRT clearing for a client, the subtle bodies spin at 45,000 Hz.

Last year I was blessed to attend a Flower of Life workshop in Scotland, run by Anne Ward, which dealt with the sacred geometries within, through and around the physical body. When peforming the sacred Merkaba (or Mer-Ka-Ba) meditation, which works with the Higher Self and conscious intent, each of us attending the workshop asked that the star tetrahedons surrounding the physical body (the interpenetrating form of the sun and the earth tetrahedrons around the physical body) spin at 910 of the speed of light, which SPIRIT says is 36,000 Hz.

SPIRIT has revealed that at 40,000 Hz the auric vibrations have already reached the speed of light. SPIRIT has indicated that the maximum spinning rate for anyone incarnated into the physical plane is 70,000 Hz - anything above that will lead to brain damage!

This "quickening" is available to anyone who wishes to practise energy work and integrate this into their daily lives. The result is that energy flows more quickly through the mind-body and that the results of one's manifestation are much faster than before.

In reality, there is no separation from the outside world because wherever we place our consciousness, we merge with that part of the quantum field. However, we experience that we are separate because of the unique illusion we have chosen to experience. We have placed ourselves in a physical body to experience time and space and there is a delay, or gap, between our thoughts and the natural outcome of those thoughts.

As an individual quickens their vibration, the invitation is to be absolutely present in one's daily life and notice the subtle stream of thoughts that surface from the unconscious, along with any reactions to situations and events.

Last year, in 2008, my wife and I went to the Rocky Mountains to study with Jonathan Goldman at the Healing Sounds Intensive. About a month before, my left ear became clogged with wax and I found myself in a state of bother. I did clearing around it, used Reiki, and my wife also gave me some wonderful Reflexology treatments.

As a result of the energy healing, the wax became much less compacted in my ear and stopped hurting me as much. However, I was still partially deaf and it was proving difficult to hear properly, as well as remain emotionally balanced throughout the day. I eventually visited my doctor two weeks before I left for the USA who was kind enough to syringe my ear and clear the blockage.

Interestingly enough, the "problem" resurfaced this year whilst teaching a Reiki Master Practitioner course over the weekend of the Summer Solstice (in June). My left ear suddenly blocked again and I found myself back to square one.

And yet, it did not feel like square one. I did not feel as helpless or frustrated as the previous time. I felt more empowered than before and I had a deep realisation that mechanical fixes were not going to provide me with the healing I needed. Confirmation that outer fixes would not work were confirmed when hopi ear candling did not bring much relief.

I was being provided with an opportunity to walk my talk once again.

High Self informed me that visiting the doctors would result in a block to grace, so I decided that under no circumstances was I going to visit the doctors. Once I had made that internal decision, I felt no inner conflict or doubt and could concentrate on maintaining my focus.

A little while ago, I had been told by another doctor that some people have "narrow ear canal" sydrome. This sounded like a purely conscious mind interpretation of an energetic problem and did not resonate with me at all, further strenthening my commitment to resolve this through energy work.

Every morning, I would begin with clearing and healing of the ear working with High Self. I set up a contract with High Self to clear the blockage and download vibrational healing throughout each day, which is standard practice for SRT Practitioners, and invoked sacred energies whilst journeying inwardly to "tone" the ear canals, inner and outer.

I found myself moving deeper into my head space than I had ever done before and could actually feel the vibrations of the sound gently breaking up the ear wax and gently stimulating the ear canals. It was an amazing experience and inspired me to maintain my "vision" of clear hearing. I easily remembered the feeling of what it was like to have clear hearing and envisaged the ear popping.

A week went by, and still the ear was blocked, so I had more work to do. I reminded myself that the key was not to self-sabotage by worrying; only a mind which does not know its relationship to the Divine worries. I actually started to enjoy the experience of having a partially blocked ear, in a funny way.

I checked daily with High Self to make sure my faith was operating at 100% and that my doubt was at 0%, ensuring maximum openness to healing. I also repeated clearing and releasing statements to bring my conscious mind into alignment with my desire for perfect hearing, KNOWING that it was possible. I didn't just believe, I knew it to be a truth that had already manifested somewhere in the quantum field.

If we choose "healing", we will always be in a state of healing. I asked knowing that I had already healed.

Research has shown that the brain cannot distinguish between actually doing something and imagining doing something - exactly the same parts of the brain "light up", there is no difference! I reminded myself of this to buoy my faith and continued to marry thought and feeling. If ever I felt resistance to my desire, I stopped. What we resist, persists.

I also knew that by toning my ears and all my chakras, my brain was actually powerfully changing its state and having a direct impact on my auditory and visual system.

During my time in meditation, I realised and accepted that I had unwittingly called to myself this loss of hearing because I deeply disliked the general noise along the main road near my home, especially the use of sirens late at night. I found them to be extemely piercing and would react very negatively by tensing up whenever the police cars or ambulances would drive past. In effect, I was unconsciously sending myself the message that I did not want to hear those sounds and that I wanted to block them out.

So my body simply obeyed my command... and the net effect was the build up of wax in my receptive ear. As mentioned before, the quicker one's vibration, the more "responsible" one is for one's thoughts.

I kept my faith high, recognising and giving thanks for the innate healing intelligence of my body, as well as all of the miracles I have seen many times during my time as a healer and teacher. I released all need and desire to block out sounds and my judgements about those sounds and I affirmed that my body knew how to heal itself.

I said the following prayer several times a day, which I adapted from Doreen Virtue's book "The Lightworker's Way" and which I have found very useful during illness.

"There is no truth, life, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is Divine Mind and its Divine manifestation for GOD is the All-in All. SPIRIT is immortal truth, matter is mortal error. SPIRIT is the real and eternal, matter is the unreal and temporal. SPIRIT is GOD and man is made in his image and likeness, therefore man is not material but spiritual. Therefore, I am not material, I am a spiritual being made in the image and likeness of GOD, the All-That-Is. This condition is material and is already healed in the Mind of GOD."

I would invite you to remember it, make it your own and say it whenever you are unwell. As a statement of highest truth, it can bring forth miracles.

After three weeks, my ear cleared and the wax "disappeared". I had perfect hearing again, and I still have perfect hearing and the knowing that I can heal myself.

I invite you to be fluid in your consciousness and thought, to know you are more than just blood and tissue. As you raise your awareness of Self, you will naturally begin to vibrate at a higher rate and call to yourself more and more circumstances that will help you remember Who You Really Are and your Divine Purpose.

If we can let go of our limiting ideas and beliefs, we will have greater access to the unlimited power and potential that is within us all.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Remembering the miracle: We see with our brain, not our eyes!

Are we really complex biological organisms or spiritual beings residing in a time in a physical body? This is for you to decide.

What we believe is made manifest to us, through us. Most importantly, each health challenge we face will be perceived differently according to our beliefs, and we will act differently depending on them.

For a person who believes he is a spiritual being in a physical body, each health challenge will be seen as an opportunity to learn something about his or her consciousness. Why has the disease manifested? What thought pattern needs correction for healing to take place in harmony with the physical expression’s innate healing intelligence?

Visual dysfunction is so commonplace today that we hardly stop to consider the metaphysical implications; short sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia), glaucoma, cataracts and so forth as just accepted as the norm. It’s accepted as being either hereditary or a result of getting older, an inevitable decline.

“To the degree that the collective consciousness is accepted, absorbed and internalised, to that degree will you accept it as your reality.” Conversations with God, Book 3

The best-selling book, Heal Your Body, which later became You Can Heal Your Life, was written by world renowned healer and teacher Louise Hay back in the early 1980s. A timeless masterpiece, the little book of metaphysical causations points out, for example, that cataracts represent the inability to look ahead with joy, that myopia represents fear of the future and long-sightedness represents fear of the present.

Whilst this may not always be true, it makes the clear point that body and mind are one by highlighting the interconnectedness of the two. What are we choosing to see, or not see? How is our perception of life limiting our choices and our health?

So, do we really need glasses, contact lenses or eye surgery? Are we looking for a mechanical fix to a spiritual imbalance?

We have forgotten that our eyes do not see, it is the brain that “sees”. The eyes are the organs that gather visual information for the brain, like our hands gather tactile information which the brain interprets. The eyes receive high frequency light signals which pass through the visual system of the brain and we magically “see”. Indeed, blind people who gain their sight later on in life have to learn how to interpret the signals they are receiving since they cannot make sense of them initially.

The brain’s interpretation of our reality is so fast that we no longer question what is happening but have you ever been looking for something that was right in front of you but you couldn’t see it? I’m sure many, if not most, of us have had that experience on at least one occasion. This experience shows us that we are seeing with our brain.

The visual system, as part of the brain, is at the top of the chain of command and needs to be addressed directly. By bringing our consciousness to the visual system, we can dissolve negative patterns at their source allowing eye, brain and body functions to become integrated as they were meant to be.

I recently came across the brilliant work of Peter Grunwald who has created an amazing system of healing through the visual system called “Eyebody”. In fact, he has mapped out the entire body as related to the eye, and teaches people how to let go of wearing glasses and contact lenses, either permanently or with dramatically less reliance on them.

He takes great care to point out that clear sight is a secondary, not a primary, function of the visual system; and that habitually inefficient ways of using the visual system are what cause difficulty with our eyesight, imbalances in our emotions and functional problems in our bodies.

The primary function of the visual system is co-ordination of our internal world, our physical, emotional and mental states. Indeed, the visual system and pathways pass through each of our three brains, reptilian, limbic and neocortex, which is why it is so fundamental to our overall wellbeing.

Each layer of the brain has a specific, overall relationship to the visual system. The reptilian brain relates to the physical functions of the body, the limbic brain relates to the emotional functions and the neocortex the mental functions.

Peter says that “symptoms or malfunctions in the eye, brain and body are the manifestation of underlying misuse of the visual system”. He speaks of Conscious Depth Perception as a spiritual function that integrates and co-ordinates all three parts of the visual brain.

My work with Spiritual Response Therapy has taught me just how fundamental the eyes and brain are to the over wellbeing of the client. High Self always carries out brain restructuring, or brain repatterning, towards the end of a clearing session, ensuring that the logical and gestalt functions are being performed on the correct side of the brain and that eye positions are testing strong. The degree of peripheral vision is also checked and corrected.

If the visual pathways are not being activated properly, or not at all, our overall functioning will be impaired whether we are aware of it or not, resulting in poor eyesight, bodily pain, an inability to think clearly, and/or disconnection from self and others.

Wearing contact lenses or having surgery, only deal with the symptoms and not the cause of dysfunction. Let us remember that everything that has manifested externally is a result of choices made internally.

I would like to conclude with a story of pure faith, which allowed a blind woman to see. Madame Bire of France, recorded in the archives of the medical department of Lourdes, France was blind, her optic nerves atrophied and useless. Yet, she visited Lourdes and received an instantaneous, miraculous healing. Ruth Cranston, a Protestant woman who investigated and wrote about healings at Lourdes, wrote an article in McCall’s magazine in 1955.

“At Lourdes she regained her sight incredibly, with the optic nerves still lifeless and useless, as several doctors could testify after repeated examinations. A month later, upon re-examination, it was found that the seeing mechanism had been restored to normal. But at first, so far as medical examination could tell, she was seeing with ‘dead eyes’.”

Life is mirrored back to us through our perspective; disease is not real; everything can heal.