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Be The Architect of Your Reality

"If two [thought and feeling] make peace with each other in this one house [body-mind], they will say to the mountain [block/obstacle/illness/difficult circumstance] 'move away' and it will move away." Nag Hammadi Libaray, verse 48

There are essentially two types of feeling we can have at any given moment in time. One being the feeling of love which leads to peaceful, harmonious outcomes, or the lack of love (which we may call fear or hate) which leads to destructive patterns of behaviour and negative outcomes.

In our day to day lives, we tend to use the words "feeling" and "emotion" interchangeably but, although related, they are quintessentially different. In essence, it is the feeling we have which causes us to experience our emotion. We constantly have thoughts and we energise them through our feelings, creating a positive or negative effect in our heart, mind, body and our reality.

We are all conscious beings, living in a physical body but we do not all yet own our ability to direct our consciousness. All too often, we are caught up in our own misbeliefs, the misbeliefs of others and the negative energies of the world around us.

For things to change for the better, we must endeavour to become aware of our thoughts and feelings moment to moment. This takes constant practise and vigilance but the rewards are truly great because we can free ourselves from the prison of our minds.

Without awareness, we cannot change. It is our greatest gift to be self-aware. We need the desire to change and we must maintain our focus, directing our attention to our preferred outcome.

Listening to any inner guidance is crucial to maintain our direction because life is a dynamic interplay of seen and unseen forces, dancing the eternal dance, moving across the boundaries of our space-time reality.

We steer our ship on the ocean of life and we must keep watch, adjusting the rudder to keep ourselves on track, moving us safely and with the least effort to where we wish to go.

Many people have been made aware of the power of the Law of Attraction and have reacted strongly to it. Some have been relieved and empowered to recreate their vision of life, whilst others have been frightened and angry, believing it is too much responsibility to adapt to.

In essence, the Law says that whatever we give our attention to, we create, whether wanted or unwanted. This can understandably be a shock, especially when we begin to realise just how many negative thoughts and feelings we have during each day.

Luckily, it must be said that most people currently do not direct sufficient, sustained energy to their thoughts and feelings to cause destruction to themselves and others. So they must repeat a negative thought, and accompanying feeling, many, many times for it to become part of the fabric of their reality.

A thought without the necessary feeling and emotion to actualise it is a wish; a fanciful thought, if you will.

When we marry our thoughts with a sufficiently strong feeling, we get a chain reaction cascading through our mind and body. The amount of energy we experience coursing through our energy system is always proportionate to the feeling.

Beliefs create our feeling about something or someone, and they are fluid. It can also be said that our current beliefs are based on our level of consciousness. As we raise the bar, old, limiting beliefs drop away to be replaced by ones that serve us better.

We must all purify our hearts and minds to really take advantage of the great gifts of enjoying our ability to focus our attention and direct our will to bring forth our highest and most joyful outcomes. The only thing separating us from what we want and desire is us, and all of the negative programming that is in our cellular memory.

We are all self-programming each and every day, whether we realise it or not. If you read the newspaper every day, ask yourself, "do I believe in all of the hate, conflict, sorrow and ego-ism that afflicts much of the world or do I believe in the goodness and kindness of the world and our ability to transcend our self-imposed limitations?"

Are you telling yourself that the world "is going to the dogs" or are you looking for all of the benevolence, kindness and love that mankind/womankind is giving to his/her fellow brothers and sisters?

Ask yourself, in each situation, "which perspective am I choosing right now?" "What do I truly believe?"

Are you watching too many dime-a-dozen soaps filled with conflict, despair, and separation as its main themes, feeding your unconscious desire to act in ways that separate you from the ones you love the most? Are you learning, or reinforcing, your modes of behaviour from the TV Programs you watch?

We can, and must, reprogram ourselves to think, feel and act differently; and you can start today, if you choose to.

The best times to re-program the mind are in the morning as soon as you open your eyes and just before you close your eyes to go to sleep. The subconscious is more amenable to suggestion because the conscious mind is not fully engaged and we can take great advantage of this.

Advertisers take advantage of you when you watch TV because your brain drops from beta state to alpha or even lower, depending on how tired you are. That is negative programming, causing you to want things you don't really need and repeat modes of behaviour that are not conducive to a joyous, loving and peaceful life.

I have found re-programming statements to be extremely effective when working with SRT and Reiki clients and would like to share this with you, so that you can choose to start now, if you so wish.

I invite you to start off with something you want to really want to change; for example, a lot of us have the unconscious belief that we must suffer on some level, called a self-punishment program in SRT terminology. Search deeply, and you may find it is true for you.

Saying the statements in the order shown is an effective way to bring about a positive change in your thoughts and feelings but it is essential that you connect to the words through your heart, and not just say them like a robot!

The first two statements release the negative pattern, and the last statement replaces the negative pattern with a positive one.

"I release all belief, perception and judgement that I must suffer"
"I release all need and desire to suffer"
"I now completely accept and believe, and instruct my subconscious mind to believe, that men, women and God support and love me in my life."

You may choose the word "life" instead of "God", if you are more comfortable with that:

"I now completely accept and believe, and instruct my subconscious mind to believe, that men, women and Life support me unconditionally. I am loved."

The word God, unfortunately, is loaded with negative perceptions and judgements just as much as positive ones, which is why I have chosen the word "Life" as a possible substitute. When we replace the world God with Life, the meaning becomes a little clearer. God is simply life expressing itself, to know itself, and return to itself having gained the experience of knowing itself.

Even in our modern world, with all of its technology and advancement, we have failed to remember who we truly are and continue to deny who we are because our early programming says otherwise. Most of us seem to be half asleep, trying to get through the day, rather than trying to learn something from each day that we are blessed to live.

We seem to be quick to judge and dismiss that which cannot be "proven" by our science and technology. Yet, so much of our lives is based on the intangible thoughts, feelings and beliefs that underpin our entire existence and expression. These things are real but we cannot prove them because our technology cannot begin to compare to the inbuilt technology that lies within us:

"Your experience and your feelings about a thing represent what you factually and intuitively know about that thing. Words can only seek to symbolise what you know, and can often confuse what you know."
Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch

How we interact with our world is governed by our core beliefs about ourselves and our lives, which ultimately lead us to our experiences.

We need to reflect on life's journey, where it has already taken us and where it can take us. Ask yourself, "what are my beliefs about my closest relationships?" "What do I feel about those people and situations that are foremost in my mind?" "How can I change my perception?" "Can I forgive and move on?"

Ask yourself, "do I get up every morning and feel excited about the possibilities that life has to offer me?"

Asking pertinent questions of oneself is key to breaking limiting patterns of behaviour. Listening to and acting on one's higher purpose is essential to creating a life filled with joy, love and harmony. We can achieve our goals the hard way, or we can invite the presence and power of our higher nature to be with us and guide us in our thoughts, feelings and actions.

As Mahatma Ghandi said: "Carefully watch your THOUGHTS, for they become your WORDS. Manage and watch your WORDS, for they will become your ACTIONS. Consider and judge your ACTIONS, for they have become your HABITS. Acknowledge and watch your HABITS, for they shall become your VALUES. Understand and embrace your VALUES, for they become YOUR DESTINY."

The power of thought and emotion must be channelled and focused for it to serve us in our lives. Clarity comes from a release of discordant energy through awareness of what needs to change, the desire to grow and evolve to a more expansive state and the faith that we can achieve this in our lifetime.

Faith transcends our beliefs. We may believe that something is true because of a direct or indirect experience of it but, ultimately, faith is the feeling that we can achieve something despite all evidence to the contrary. The best way to nurture faith is to go inward and search for the ultimate presence that has always existed within you, one that is timeless, birthless and deathless.

Trust that you can find your inner strength and power, and it shall be revealed to you in due course. Let us trust ourselves again, let us trust life again, forgiving ourselves and all of the hurts of the past to embrace a new and glorious future.

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