Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Challenging the Primacy of DNA: How our beliefs control our biology

It is our inner interpretation of our life experience that determines whether we experience frustration and self-limitation or inner growth and evolution to a more peaceful, joyous way of living. It is my belief that deep within our hearts, each and every one of us desires to understand ourselves better and our relationship to the world in which we live.

Finally science is beginning to understand and admit to the great, underlying potential that each of us has to shape our reality and the destiny, not only of our own lives, but that of our planet. However, by their very nature, scientists are overly cautious creatures and tend to downplay the ramifications of discoveries which have the potential to change the world's view of reality.

Some older theories are so ingrained that they have become dogma and it is akin to heresy to state otherwise; indeed, a serious scientist can risk disrepute and the total rejection of esteemed peers and colleagues, thus leaving his or her career in tatters. Only the brave or foolhardy risk putting groundbreaking theories out there, even at this time.

I recently came across an article in The Big Issue on James Lovelock, the eminent scientist who was ridiculed forty years ago for developing the concept of Gaia. His theory stated that Earth was a huge self-regulating mechanism in which all things including the atmosphere, oceans, rocks and living organisms, exist in an ongoing feedback loop. Serious scientists then dismissed it as hippy nonsense but today his holistic concept of Gaia is now referred to as "Earth system science" and tops the political agenda.

Lovelock recognised this when he said "but that's what happens in science - it takes a long time to persuade colleagues it's real. You can't expect to do it in under twenty years."

Fortunately, we are all blessed at this time to have the work of key scientists appear in a language we can understand. Their insights are hitting the mainsteam through various new age publications. Anyone who is willing to take the time to explore this field, will find themselves being led through a fascinating journey to a greater understanding of themselves.

For those of us who are not keen to read such material, we do not need to have science validate everything we know and feel to be true in our hearts. Science cannot yet measure a thought or weigh an emotion but we know they exist and we witness their powerful effects every day in our lives, consciously or unconsciously. We are learning how reality functions in the laboratory of our own bodies and minds.

We have been taught in our schools and science books that we inherit disease and that we are they way we are because of our genes. It is such a disempowering view because we feel helpless to change anything about ourselves. If you believe that you cannot change, you won't even try.

New information is showing that we are not at the mercy of our genes. Our genes contain the potential for function and dysfunction but it is our environment that determines the manifestation of health or illness in our bodies. The environment certainly includes what we choose to eat, how we breathe, where we live and so forth but I believe it is our inner environment that is the most crucial factor here. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions create a positive or negative charge inside of our bodies and minds which affects us at all levels of our being and determines what happens inside our cells.

From a SRT perspective, we preprogram illness and disease at a Soul level and when the exact mix of frequencies occurs in our lives, the illness or disease is activated. This is something we have chosen to experience.

By clearing the program we allow the body-mind the possibility of tapping into a new state. We tap into the quantum field of possibilities, swapping our unhealthy vibration for a healthy one so that healing can take place. When a healing does not manifest, we must not apportion blame to the process but ask what we can learn from the experience.

You and I have the power to direct our physiology if we can understand and change our underlying core beliefs. The work of Dr Bruce Lipton, eminent scientist and cell biologist, led him to witness this first hand through his lifetime of study and application. As stated before, it is the energy that surrounds our cells determines what is happening inside our cells and this is a radical departure from current scientific beliefs which views us as chemical reactions, at the mercy of "faulty" genes.

The primacy of DNA is incomplete as theory. Genes cannot determine how we function because they are responding to something else, the environment. What makes this of critical importance ot us, is that our cells are responding to an invisible field of energy which is molded by our beliefs, so our beliefs control our biology. Gregg Braden, whose work has been critical in bringing this work to the general public in terms which are simple and easy to comprehend, has called this field The Divine Matrix.

Braden puts it to us that the power of human emotion, expressed as our beliefs, changes the quantum reality of our world and our body.

A profound study in the New England Journal of Medicine, 30th March 1996, stated that researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, reported unambiguous evidence of a baby boy who tested positive for HIV twice at 19 days of age and again one month later, yet this same boy appeared to have been HIV clear for at least four years when he was mandatorily re-tested before entering primary school.

This should have made front page news because it challenges everything that we currently assume to be true about our biology... but it didn't.

Through a process that mainstream science has yet to understand, this young boy created conditions in his body that eradicated the virus. It offers clear evidence that HIV does not have the 100% mortality rate that we once believed and it also shows the change that eradicated the virus happened in the boy's lifetime instead of showing up as a genetic mutation in a subsequent generation.

In my own work, a client who came to see me was an accident and emergency nurse, with a vast array of medical expertise behind her. At 34 weeks old, utrasound scans of her unborn child were showing that the kidneys had not developed properly, there was a large cyst on one of them, and that it was highly likely that the baby would lose one, if not both of them.

Fortunately, she knew about the power of belief and was not afraid to look beyond the boundaries imposed by her profession. After a full SRT clearing was done, she contacted me two weeks later to say that the scans were showing two healthy kidneys for the foetus and went on to have a normal, healthy baby despite all medical evidence to the contrary.

Both the above cases are viewed as a welcome anomaly by the mainstream scientific community. However, we must consider the far-reaching implications for these case studies and others like it. What is possible for one is possible for all.

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