Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Secret of Rebirth - Following our Inner Technology

Understanding our Inner Technology is a vital key in helping us look at life and the world from a new perspective that is spiritually and emotionally based. It is through this understanding that we may begin the transformation from a disempowered "victim" of circumstance to a fully empowered human being, one who is aware of his or her deeper connection to All-That-Is and able to meet the challenges of life with insight and detachment.

Today, many of us have been socialised to rely purely on Western Medicine which sees the body as a complex machine, whose parts need fixing from time to time. We have allowed ourselves to become separated from our own truth and because we give our power away so often, we struggle to move through life in a balanced way, that brings us the peace and harmony we so desperately desire. Anxiety and worry are the norm.

We have been told a great lie. That we cannot heal ourselves, that our bodies are subject to decay, that we are separate from one another. Why?

In the sixteenth century, there was a schism between Science and the Church. Science became the new religion and through a series of choices, we chose to accept a Newtonian-based reality rather than a Quantum-based one.

Quantum science is now showing us our true potential, so that we may question and ultimately discard the limiting ideas and beliefs that have prevented us from knowing who we truly are. The codes of all possibility exist holographically within each cell of the human body. Change introduced anywhere in the system is mirrored throughout the entire system. It is our response to life experiences that determines which program patterns are activated.

In his book, The Biology of Belief, acclaimed biologist Bruce Lipton clearly demonstrates that it is the environment that affects how our cells respond, that it is our beliefs that underpin our successes and failures, our health and our non-health. His professor and mentor, Irv Konigsberg, was one of the first cell biologists to master the art of cloning stem cells. He told Bruce early on in his career, when the cultured cells are ailing, look first to the environment, not to the cell itself for the cause.

Lipton's work has been met with much resistance from his peers because it severely challenges what is known as the primacy of DNA, the whole structure upon which our medical model is based right now. The pharmaceutical giants want you to believe your genes are solely responsible for your lack of health, so you can literally buy into their illusion of "fixing" health issues. The primacy of DNA prevents you from owning your power, it deprives you of the joy of knowing that you are more than just a physical body.

Robert Detzler, creator and founder of SRT, has provided key information on DNA. He says there are two forms of DNA. One is called Super DNA, the macrocosm of all the potential that is in our universe. The other is Shadow DNA, the microcosm, the extension of SPIRIT/ALL-THAT-IS as living Souls.

Ten of our thirteen bodies have DNA programming. The Etheric Body, which is where we scan during a Reiki treatment, has 24 strands of DNA and contains the entire design of the universe within it. The First Astral Body and our physical body each have 12 strands. Only two strands are visible in the physical body.

SPIRIT says that the DNA is like the hard drive of a computer and the chromosomes are similar to the bytes in the computer where all the memories are stored. We can now clear the master computer bank, to allow greater self-expression, harmony and wholeness. If the DNA is the computer, then we still need someone to run it. That aspect is consciousness.

Scientists have further demonstrated that it is impossible for us to simply "watch" anything in our world without affecting it. Whether our attention is focused on a quantum particle during a laboratory experiment, the healing of our body, or the successes and failures within our careers and relationships, we have expectations and beliefs that underpin what we are observing.

It is our inner experiences that become part of what we're focused on. By "watching" we become part of what we're watching. When we look into the mirror (of consciousness), we affect what we observe. We are not separate from the image we see before us.

Physicist John Wheeler has called us all "participators" because when we focus our attention on a given place in a moment of time, we involve our consciousness. And in the vast field of consciousness it appears that there's no clear boundary that tells us where we stop and the rest of the world begins - it becomes clear why the ancients believed that everything is connected.

At some point on our journey, we begin to question more deeply who we are, where we have come from, where we are going, and so forth. We understand that we must, in effect, be reborn to live the life we were meant to live. To do this we become aware of our inner state, our feelings, thoughts and emotions and understand what this particular synergy means to us.

In his classic book The Prophet, Gibran reminds us of what it means to have a great gift, and to know that the power of that gift is already within us. "No man can reveal to you," he states, "that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge."

At the Soul Level, we pre-programme challenges for ourselves before we enter this time-space reality but we are often caught up in misbeliefs upon entering the physical realms, forgetting our connection to All-That-Is, and so the daily challenges become harder than they need to be. We hold on to destructive energy patterns, blaming life and others for our "fate".

Our conscious mind is the gate keeper, taking on new ideas and beliefs and replacing the old. These choices determine what our subconscious programming will be, so if we constantly say to ourselves, or others, "I'm sick and tired", then we will end up feeling sick and tired. We have a choice in how we respond to each moment but we need to become aware of this choice.

We are conscious beings, having free will to determine the unfolding of each event within our lives, and ultimately our life path. A key portion of our lesson is realisation of the power of thought and the energy we attach to it. As we think, feel and experience emotion, we create. Although many of us do not yet act with such awareness, we are creating all the time.

Many of us pray (speaking to the Divine within) but our words ring hollow. We have forgotten to be in the Heart, to pray with feeling and elicit the emotion of having our prayer answered in the now. We imagine the power to be outside ourselves, rather than within us.

Our planet called Earth is a heart planet and the name "Earth" means "place of transformation". That is a vital clue to unlocking doors that have been shut to us until now. We must become heart-centred in our thoughts, words and actions to awaken to a new day. Each time we move our consciousness into the heart, we feel alive and free and act with joy and spontaneity, honouring ourselves and those around us. When we are constantly in our heads, running the same, old programs again and again life becomes tiresome.

Visionary author and scholar Gregg Braden, has spoken and written about how a
subtle, yet powerful, change in our emotional perceptions holds the timeless secret to healing, peace and reality itself. In Awakening to Zero Point, he says:

"Perhaps without full awareness of the process, you are remembering to function within the context of an extremely sophisticated system of creating 'seed thoughts', amassing energy around those seeds, and bringing together components of the energy necessary to 'gel' the seeds into your reality. Even in the technology of present day, one hallmark of sophisticated, user-friendly systems is the unknown complexity behind the scenes, providing apparent simplicity to the user. The user does not have to know the intricacies of the system-only the ability to use them as they were designed."

Emotion is the power we place into our thoughts to make them real, to give them substance. We experience emotion as sensation flowing, directed or lodged within the liquid crystalline form of our bodies. A strong feeling as to the "rightness" or "wrongness" of an outcome is our charge or judgement upon that experience of life. Created as an event that is judged through the eyes of polarity, the holographic mirror of consciousness assures us that we will experience our judgements so that we can reconcile them and move forward in life without the hindrance of that particular charge.

We are more than just physical bodies but knowing this is not enough. It is the daily, patient and persistent application of this knowledge to our lives that brings the rewards we seek, the harvest we wish to reap.

We have the choice to view each situation that is causing us trouble with compassion. Forgiveness is key to neutralising negative charges and allowing us to see new possibilities where we have previously felt disempowered, stuck and even resentful about life.

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