Friday, January 23, 2009

Aura-Soma®: Ancient Wisdom Revealed

Colour is the language through which nature speaks and it is part of the underlying order of the universe. As spiritual beings expressing through this space-time reality, the superconscious (our Higher Self) perceives us as light, colour and geometric form, independently from our physical form.

Colour affects us in subtle yet profound ways throughout our lives. As children, we may have been more willing to listen to our intuition and less constrained by society's opinions. Yet, even as adults, we may find ourselves needing to wear a certain colour or have a certain colour in our living space without really knowing why. We might even find that we disassociate ourselves from certain colours, firmly rejecting them.

Our language is rich with colour... do you have a colourful plate of food in front of you at mealtimes, or is your food colourless? Are you seeing life through rose-tinted glasses or are you seeing red? Are you green with envy or feeling blue? Is life really black and white?

Aura-Soma® philosophy says "You are the colours you choose". Through its use and application this system of awakening opens up levels of communication between the personality and the Soul. In my own experience, it provides for an endless, fascinating journey of self-discovery.

The methodology of Aura-Soma® allows the superconscious to address the underlying cause of disease and lovingly places the responsibility for well-being with the person who chooses their colours. It is an invitation to take part in one's own healing journey and acknowledge the parts we have played in creating our reality.

Aura-Soma® is a system for spiritual awakening which combines the living energy of colours on a herbal basis with essential oils and crystal energy, restoring well being to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies simultaneously.

There are currently 107 Equilibrium bottles, all filled with dynamic, living energy which make up the cornerstone of the entire system. Through the colours they select, each person is shown how Aura-Soma® is a mirror of their soul. The bottles contain a living consciousness that is accessible to all who wish to improve their lives.

My own journey with Aura-Soma® started dramatically a few years ago. I was in spiritual shock from a recent failed relationship and had just started to use the Ostrich bottle (B79 - orange/violet) which I had selected.

I was confiding my painful reality to my teacher on the foundation course, when I heard a loud explosion. Startled, I looked at the shelves of liquid light... Chang Tsu (B73 - Clear over Gold) had exploded and the liquid was running out of the glass bottle, cascading down the Aura-Soma® Light Box in which all the bottles were beautifually displayed. No other Equilibrium bottles had been touched but my rational mind quickly drew the conclusion that there must have been some sort of electrical fault which had caused this phenomenon. Nonetheless, my intuitive mind was clear enough to realise that I had just witnessed a little miracle, overseen by "the powers that be".

My teacher, Simone, had seen this sort of phenomenon before and explained that it usually happened on a course when there needed to be a powerful shift in energy, either for the group or for an individual. Interestingly enough, the bottle represented a transference of deep insights to me from recent events.

B73 indicates that the more wisdom there is in the conscious mind and the more clarity there is within, the more wisdom can flow through. It also represents suffering at an unconscious level and the ability to get in touch with that in order to release it.

I went home that night and felt amazingly renewed by the next morning. I had experienced my first major shift in consciousness through colour and I must say that I felt incredibly excited!

I continued working with the Ostrich bottle, understanding the importance of healing the time line represented by the orange fraction and the transformation within, represented by the violet. By the end of the course, I felt was a changed person.

Within a month, I went on to meet my life partner on the dance-floor, and to whom I am now married.

I had another confirmation of the incredible sensitivity of the Equilibrium set when another bottle exploded on the next course. Titania (B85 - Turquoise over Clear) exploded on the shelf with another very loud crack. Titania represents the communication of suppressed feelings and the acknowledgement of suffering within. It was a difficult time for me with a close member of my family but the energies of the bottle helped me to stay in the heart, strong and stable in my own beliefs, whilst bringing compassion to my deepest thoughts and actions.

More recently, my Higher Self has most definitely been guiding back to a deeper exploration of colour.

A couple of weeks ago, my father was quickly admitted to A&E because organic irritation to the blood vessels in his brain caused him to have another seizure. About six years ago, my father had a near death experience in which he was unconscious for three days but he miraculously made a full recovery from the sudden cerebral bleed after receiving healing through Reiki and Spiritual Response Therapy over the course of a few months.

When I rushed to the hospital this time, I immediately applied the Physical Rescue (B1 - Blue over Deep Magenta) to his head and the Etheric Rescue (B26 - orange over orange) to the whole left side of his body. Bottle 1 has been one of my favourites and I know it is for a lot of practitioners and users of Aura-Soma®. It is a miracle bottle with many uses for its application, and can be applied anywhere on the body.

The Deep Magenta in the base fraction represents the Soul star energy located above the crown, drawing in energy from the Void. In fact Deep Magenta only ever appears in the base fraction of any Equilibrium bottle and present in the first two bottles, underpinning everything else. It is the colour of all possibilities. Everything comes from it and everything returns to it.

In addition, the Etheric rescue behaved remarkably as I applied the bottle to my father's body. The liquid orange fizzed and bubbled as the two fractions mixed and the bubbles did not subside that evening when I took it home with me. The next morning, when I awoke the bottle was calm again... the bubbles had gone.

I quickly received a synchronistic phone call from my mother within a few minutes of seeing the orange bottle. I knew what she was going to say before she said it. She seemed surprised because the hospital had rung her to say that my father was completely well again and that they were discharging him.

I could feel my body was tight from the shock of it all, having to cope with the fight or flight response, so I booked myself in for a massage with my local health clinic.

About a week before my father's collapse, I was using the Turquoise Pomander and Maha Chohan Quintessence to tap into and express my creative side but, interestingly, I suddenly felt compelled to use the Orange Pomander instead of the Turquoise about two days before my father was rushed to hospital. The superconscious aspect of me knew that I would be in shock and was helping me to support myself energetically through the Orange.

Aura-Soma® continues to surprise and delight me in many ways, not only in my own personal growth but in watching all of the changes in consciousness of those who select a bottle to work with. About a week ago, I bumped into a dear colleague who was struggling to balance her full-time job with part-time study and have enough quality time with her family. She was struggling to complete her assignment and had a complete lack of motivation.

My High Self immediately indicated B1, balancing through the Royal Blue and the Deep Magenta, with the Royal Blue Pomander and Lady Portia Quintessence to lend additional support. Within a day, her energy was completely different. Where before she was languishing, she was in the flow and joyful again.

It is so simple - by applying the appropriate colour wavelength relating to the chakra or chakras needing help, we can synchronise and reinforce the weakened wavelengths, helping to set in motion what that person needs to heal.

In the Aura-Soma® system, we go beyond the composition of the bottles to find the jewel that is presented to us. We must trust ourselves to make the "right" choice, we must trust the wisdom that is within us and allow ourselves to awaken, one step at a time, one bottle at a time.

May you find the peace that passeth all understanding (B1 - Blue over Blue).

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Zero Limits

As we move through this time-space reality, we are fast approaching what has often been referred to as Zero Point. Along with the dramatic shifts in the physical parameters of Earth we are seeing a rapid transformation in human understanding, perception, and experience.

I was recently reading a brilliantly written book called "Zero Limits" by Joe Vitale which takes the reader on part of the author's personal journey to find and integrate the teachings of an ancient spiritual cleansing ritual called Self I-Dentity through Ho'oponopono (SITH).

In the words of the founder of The Foundation of I which created SITH, the late Morrnah Simeona said that "we can appeal to Divinity who knows our personal blueprint, for healing of all thoughts and memories that are holding us back at this time."

The word Ho'oponopono means to make right, to rectify an error. Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, a native Hawaiian Kahuna Lapa'au, was the designer and developer of the updated Ho'oponopono training. It was so effective that she was invited to teach this method at the United Nations, the World Health Organization and various institutions of healing throughout the world.

You can read more about the organisation and its wonderful work here:

The author of Zero Limits, Joe Vitale, was led to seek out this system of healing by hearing a remarkable story of a psychologist who healed an entire mental hospital full of the criminally insane without seeing a single patient. This man's name was Dr. Hew Len, a close friend of Morrnah. It took a period of about three years but is still a wonderful testimony to a power to which we all have access to.

For me, the process of SITH is remarkably similar to Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). SITH is based on recognising and tapping into the Divinity within, that is to say the Higher Self, and asking for "cleaning" of the program that has been activated in the subconscious. In SRT, we speak of "clearing" instead of "cleaning" back to the void.

I must admit that I initially had trouble accepting that we are 100% responsible for any problem which we are witnessing. For example, if a client turns up with a problem, the therapist can solve the problem by cleaning himself or herself. However, upon due reflection, it makes perfect sense because of the nature of Reality.

In this time-space reality, we must start by being responsible for our own thoughts and feelings, learning not to blame outer circumstances and events for any discomfort in our own personal experience of Reality.

Esther and Jerry Hicks, who channel the consciousness known as Abraham, have been saying for many years that we must constantly seek to align ourselves with our Inner Being (Higher Self) through a deeper understanding of our own thoughts and feelings. As we heal our own self-limiting patterns, others around us will naturally change because our Inner Alignment will help them to come into alignment with the Higher Aspects of their own Selves.

As we come into alignment with our own Divinity we naturally become more aware that we are collectively responsible for each other and the state of our world because we all come from the same source and we are all ONE in truth.

Sai Baba says it best:

"Do not blame others by pointing out their faults.
You will find upon self-examination
that the faults you see in others are in you.
When you correct yourself, the world becomes correct."

In our day to day lives, we must work on changing ourselves, not others. However, by changing ourselves, we will be set free from the outer circumstances which seemingly hold us in bondage.

It is my feeling and understanding that in SITH and SRT, the healer may act as a mirror for the other person's consciousness. The SITH therapist, Dr. Hew Len, who healed the criminally insane made a Sacred Contract with the Divine to serve as a surrogate for the healing of each patient.

Mystic Christianity speaks of error consciousness as "sin" and that we must petition the Divine to rectify our errors in thought, word and deed. Jesus Christ always petitioned the Divine before doing any sort of healing by saying "My Father and I are one". Unfortunately, many people have been led away from their own Inner Divinity for so long that they do not understand this important inner meaning.

Each person's Soul creates challenges for him/her by downloading programs from the Akashic records. Often we meet others who mirror our thoughts and feelings back to us. We can "heal" them by healing ourselves but we must ask SPIRIT to do the clearing. If we see ourselves as being responsible from the personality level, it will led to further error, much of it very harmful to the individual taking on the "responsibility". We can only do it from a much higher level of being and knowing.

SITH and SRT are valid, remarkable systems of healing and deserve the attention and credit that they are receiving. They are slightly different in their approach but their core tenet is the same - that Divinity is within and that it is The Divine which orchestrates the healing by transmuting our errors into pure light.

Both systems allow us to be non-resistant because they help us to be in the "zero state", where there are no limitations. When we are not resisting life, we are allowing it... and miracles can and will happen.

When you are feeling resistance, say the following Ho'oponopono Prayer and ask, knowing it is done:

Divine creator, father, mother, son as one ...
If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you,
your family, relatives and ancestors
in thoughts, words, deeds and actions
from the beginning of our creation to the present,
we ask your forgiveness ...
Let this cleanse, purify, release, and cut
all the negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations
and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light
... And it is done.

Wishing you the PEACE that surpasseth all understanding as we move into 2009 and beyond.