Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Healing our limiting beliefs

Each difficult or challenging situation in life is an opportunity to heal a limiting belief.

To overcome our limiting beliefs, we must remember that we are spiritual beings expressing through unique vehicles for self-expression (our bodies). Knowing this allows us to acknowledge that we have chosen, both individually and collectively, particular circumstances for our spiritual growth - including all of our social, geo-political and karmic-genetic conditioning that has contributed to who we are today.

We cannot heal ourselves through the mind alone because the mind is a machine and lacks the essential ingredient for transmuting consciousness. We call that ingredient love or compassion and it flows from our energetic center, the heart. How we access that love is through a spiritual awakening that unifies us with our environment, removing the patterns of separation from within.

If we can win the struggle within -- the struggle that Muslims call jihad -- we can begin to create a new reality that brings Heaven to Earth. Hell, from the old English, means "to be cut off from", or "to be separate from". Hell is a place in your mind, projected into your outer reality.

"The most dramatic conflicts are perhaps, those that take place not between men but between a man and himself." Mark Moustakas

Man's spiritual number is 12 and it is not coincidence that Jesus selected twelve apostles to help anchor the Christ Consciousness on Earth. Robert Detzler, founder of the SRA, says that when man is divided he is a pair of sixes which is ongoing or 666. This number, the sign of the devil for some, represents divided consciousness and is the mark of the Beast in Revelation, representing the age old battle between the higher self and the lower self.

What are you battling with right now? What unwanted habit? What undesirable behaviour, what old pattern?

If you don't realize RIGHT NOW that you are a spiritual being, then you cannot petition the Divine to heal the lines of communication that may be blocked.

When squared (12 x 12), man's number becomes 144, which equals 9 (1+4+4), spiritual completion. This is achieved through God-realisation, the realisation of the Divine within.

It is amazing just how much we limit ourselves by refusing to ask the Divine for help on every matter, no matter how small. If God is all mighty and omnipresent, why do we continue to deny her the opportunity to help her children? After all, nothing brings a parent more happiness than helping their child and seeing them grow.

The other day, my wife and I visited my father-in-law for his birthday and he suggested that we attend a nearby carvery for lunch. However, it was typically very busy, especially on weekends, and he thought we would have to wait for a table for at least half an hour.

My wife and I are constantly in the habit of asking for help for everything we do, or intend to do, so my wife said a prayer of intent for us to secure the perfect and right table for us quickly and I asked my High Self to clear blocking energies to a happy experience, which is standard practice for me.

My father-in-law was very surprised when the waitress said a table was ready for us and could seat us immediately. Jennifer and I mentioned that we had asked for help but he quickly replied that he wouldn't bother HIM (i.e. SPIRIT/God/The Divine) with such a request.

Simon is a very articulate, well-educated and religious man with many years of committed service to the Baha'i faith, yet his words clearly demonstrated his own self-limiting beliefs about what he felt was right to "trouble" God about. My High Self indicated he had blocks to freedom.

This is not uncommon for those who follow a particular religion and have forgotten that their deepest spiritual source is there to serve them, as well as their fellow brothers and sisters. Only humans run programs of guilt and self-punishment, and feel that God sits in judgement over them. Going inward and asking for help could be automatic process for all of us but we have built up layers of confusing reasoning as to why it is wrong to do such a thing, and are consumed by our lack thoughts.

Everything in our lives would flow much more smoothly if we were to ask, knowing it is already done, and following our intuition once we have asked.

We need to trust this natural process of asking and receiving, remembering our oneness with the All-That-Is. It is not an intellectual process but one that is heart centered in gratitude.

Let us consider the beautiful butterfly.

A caterpillar does not know it can fly until it transforms into a butterfly. And so, we too, cannot know we are God incarnate until we undergo a spiritual metamorphosis which reveals to us the nature of who we really are - truth, joy and absolute freedom.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Soul transfers and what they mean to you

Through my work as a healer and teacher, it is my understanding that each of us has pre-planned various "exit" points along the timeline, which our soul may use to leave our earthly form. This might be due to a serious illness or accident, for instance.

For the most part, we are meant to live a long life in order to fulfil our destinies, to unfold our gifts and talents and help our brothers and sisters unfold theirs. By recognising our own Divinity, we bring heaven to Earth.

If a soul in the body becomes disillusioned with life and decides that it is ready to leave the body, the soul may agree to a soul transfer, instead of losing the vehicle for expression ("death"). Usually a more advanced soul will enter the physical body but the transfer can also be made up of many souls who work together as one consciousness. Ultimately, the transfer always happens under the guidance and wisdom of the Higher Self, and with the mutual co-operation of the soul and the Higher Self.

Sometimes the change is dramatic.

Accident "victims" who have been in coma for several days can often come out of that coma to reveal a completely different persona, which is quite unsettling or disturbing for their loved ones to deal with. Often friends and family are startled by the change and say "you're not the same person!", yet not really knowing the reason why.

At other times, the changes are far more subtle and much more integrated with the personality.

SPIRIT has revealed to me that soul transfers are really quite commonplace, usually highly beneficial, and certainly not something to be feared.

High Self has revealed my father, who had a stroke and collapsed from a intercranial bleed in 2003, received a soul transfer whilst unconscious.

I thought back then that my father's original soul had chosen to return but now I realise that a grander aspect of his Self came in to assist. Since that time he has received many healings, and at least one more soul transfer has been made since the first one.

As a result, I have found that my father, although he still has his ongoing personality traits to work on, is much more open emotionally, and much more in touch with himself and the world around him. He is open to a more spiritual interpretation of life and this is wonderful to see.

Sometimes the Higher Self will deem it appropriate to make a partial or full soul transfer, even though the soul is not disillusioned with life. This is primarily to assist with the Ascension process and often occurs as the personality aspect continues to work in conscious co-operation with the Higher Self. It happens from a sense of readiness, not need.

I recently had the amazing, conscious experience of a soul transfer at the age of 35, just a few months ago. I was aware that my soul had physically left my body, maintaining it from afar, and that a higher level soul wanted to come in to assist with my service path or life work.

Many spiritual teachers and seekers of truth are finding this to be true for them as well.

We are constantly evolving, so it is natural to see soul transfers as an "upgrade" to our operating system as it were. The interface (the body mind) is pretty much the same as it was, and so the initial change will not be noticeable to the outside world.

Later, with time, the new gifts and talents will shine through, if given the space, time and nurturing they need. The personality still needs to co-operate with the new soul energy!

Until very recently, the living soul has been made up of six bodies, and the physical part of our incarnational expression has been made up of seven bodies, making a total of thirteen bodies.

At this time on planet earth, SPIRIT has shared that we have been given five additional soul bodies to help us transition into higher states of awareness as we let go of the illusion of separation from the ONE Spiritual Source that moves through all life. The seven lower bodies of man will remain the same.

The first additional body has been created to give us clarity and spiritual direction. The second grants us the capacity to stay out of fear and give freedom to others, especially since fear has been the root cause of many unjust laws and behaviours.

The third soul-level body will help us to create and feel joy more easily. The fourth additional body brings a love of life itself, and the fifth will give us more patience - patience with ourselves, patience with others and patience with the Divine.

At this time, my High Self indicates that 80% of the world population have had a soul transfer, that 55% of that percentage realise on some level of their consciousness that something is different. About 4%, at this time, actually know that a soul transfer has taken place.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Science without spirituality: The pitfall of making technology our GOD

One of the keys to living a successful, joyful life is that the physical body and KA (the etheric twin) must be vital and strong.

As a race, we humans tend to trash our bodies, to say nothing of our minds, and have forgotten the ancient understanding of the sacredness of the four elements and the sacredness of Mother Earth.

We have made technology our God and have failed to see that advances in technology without advances in consciousness will lead to self-destruction as surely as day follows night.

It is imperative that we realise that our present technology is threatening to outstrip our ability to use it wisely and that we are on the verge of becoming a product of our technology.

We've managed to make our lives easier but have we really made our lives better?

Huge advances in satellite TV, mobile technology and the internet have allowed instantaneous communication across the globe in the blink of an eyelid but widespread misuse of this same technology keeps us locks into addictive and unconscious patterns of behaviour which seldom honour our bodies' needs

In February earlier this year, my wife and I were fortunate to participate in a three day wilderness trail through Kruger, one of the biggest game reserves in South Africa. There was no electricity, and the use of mobile phones was prohibited so as not to disturb the unique experience of tuning back into nature in all her raw and awesome glory.

The big game - lion, rhino, buffalo, elephant and leopard - were magnificent and exciting to interact with in such an close and personal way but what struck me most was the simplicity of being alone with one's thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Silence was a requirement as the group followed the rangers, single file through the vast wilderness.

In the evening, a sense of tiredness prevailed much more naturally, not just because we were all tired from the intense heat and daily hikes but because we were able to detach from our technology-driven "normality", watching the sun setting over the fields and allowing ourselves to feel the natural rhythms of our body slow down as a velvet-like darkness washed over us to reveal a million stars in the sky.

A newspaper article on IVF treatments caught my attention recently because there are an ever-increasing number of couples who are risking their emotions, financial stability, relationships as well as their own health because they believe that technology is their best hope of conceiving.

SPIRIT indicates that the odds of conveiving through this method are 1 in 5 at best and IVF is extremely expensive for most, costing £4,000 per cycle with an average of £2,500 per time.  Despite these facts, more and more people are sacrificing themselves at the altar of these fertility clinics. Why?

The "miracle" advances of science are touted daily everywhere, promising everything from wrinkle-free skin, to perfectly flat stomachs, to conception outside of the womb. This, of course, is in no small part attributable to our celebrity culture, which has made botox, tummy tucks and unnatural conception chic.

People have turned scientists and physicians into priests and priestesses, unwavering in their conviction that they can make miracles happen, despite the expense, the low odds and the yet-unknown risks.

A leading fertility expert at UCL, Professor Sammy Lee, points out that clinicians "take their last pennies and allow them to take unquantifiable risks with their health, all for the agony of yet another failed cycle".

SPIRIT indicates that environmental factors such as stress and a poor nutrition are the root causes of blocks to conceiving.

Today, our soil is highly depleted due to aggressive farming techniques which fail to honour the natural cycles of Mother Earth and much of our food is filled with trace chemicals that have insidious effects on the cells of the body.

"You are eating foods filled with chemicals which have been poured into the soil in a desperate attempt to reconstitute it. While causing no apparent damage to the body in the short term, you will discover to your sadness that in the long run these trace chemicals, which remain in the body, are not health producing." Conversations with God, Book2

Often a far "simpler" approach can help us achieve what we so desperately want, without the burnout.  And yet, so many people are not aware that complementary approaches can be extremely helpful, not to mention successful.

Alternative approaches to fertility are routinely dismissed by science and by our media but powerful anecdotal stories are valuable when based on truth and can point the way to a future which embraces life, and does not fight against it.

In my own work as a healer and teacher, I have had the opportunity to work with at least two clients who were categorically told that they could not conceive a child and who went on to successfully conceive and give birth to healthy children.

The first was a client who had a high pressured job with hardly any time for herself, yet alone bringing a child into this world. It was clear that she needed to heal emotionally and mentally, so that she herself could begin to feel nourished and supported.

Allowing healing energy to move through her tired body, creating a safe "space" for conception, was a crucial first step. The second vital step was allowing the process to happen, letting go of her anxiety around "making" the conception happen, realising that God's delays were not God's denials.

After just a couple of Reiki sessions, she happily and naturally conceived.

My second client, several months later, was a nurse who was told that she would not be able to have a second child because she was getting too old, even though she was only in her early forties, and because her husband had been labelled with low sperm count. They had been trying for several months and were considering IVF as a last resort.

Open to a spiritual way of approaching this difficult and very personal dilemma, she agreed to a SRT clearing to clear any negative blocks held at the cellular level. SPIRIT cleared both her and her husband and they happily conceived within a month of the clearing.

"Release of a spiritual issue, when it is a primary blockage, may clear all the other levels, and then what we recognise as a miraculous cure takes place." Cell-Level Healing, Joyce Hawkes Ph.D

Something that is absolutely fascinating which I first read about in The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life is that an ovum must be absolutely saturated with hundreds of sperm, or conception is not possible. 

SPIRIT says that in fact thousands of sperm need to be on the egg and ten, eleven, twelve, sixteen or eighteen (5 different "combinations") of those sperm need to form a particular pattern on the surface to allow the "one" sperm to get through. Having one sperm fertilise an ovum is only possible under unnatural conditions where a clinician manipulates the conception.

Let us return to the old wisdom which is dawning again across our planet, and quickly. Let us ascend in consciousness first and use technology to bless our lives, not to manipulate outcomes no matter what the cost to our physical, mental and emotional health.

When we find inner peace, neither the presence nor the absence of any person, place or thing, condition, circumstance or situation can be the creator of our state of mind or the cause of our experience.

The irony, however, is that when we let go of internal resistance, truly let go, then we allow the ever-present cosmic forces within us to work for us, rather than against us.

Miracles are happening all the time but because most of our news emphasises violence, separation and pain, rather than joy, service and interconnectedness, we miss the good news to lift our spirits and cheer us on.

A deep realisation of the oneness within ourselves can help us heal those patterns that keep us separate from what we most want.

Our bodies are unique and precious, and deserve love and appreciation. The number of cells in each of our bodies, nearly 100 trillion, outnumbers the stars of the Orion Galaxy by 1,500 times - think of it!

Each cell is in perfect communication with ALL the other cells in your body at the same time, so we need to learn to trust this vast intelligence to maintain our health and bring us our deepest desires.

"The cell is the interface between ordinary and non-ordinary reality; possibilities exist here that we have barely begun to understand or develop." Joyce Hawkes.

If you are in need of healing, say this prayer to help you re-align with the God-force within: "I ask that the spiritual dimension of my deepest healing consciousness to guide, sustain and enliven me."

Let us heal our tired minds and bodies first, then we can use technology to help us in a more balanced way.

It is not the technology that is the problem, it is the consciousness behind it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Embracing life's challenges: Ascension and why it is important to you

Earth is going through a period of tremendous change energetically. She is a living consciousness, and most of her changes are outside of the current level of awareness of most of humanity right now.

Nonetheless, regardless of our individual awareness of this process of Earth's own ascension, we are all being affected by these changes on a daily basis.

Many of us are finding that time has somehow sped up, that we have "less" of it, and that challenges are more frequent. For those of our brothers and sisters who's senses are "land-locked", who believe the false cultural story that we are just "human" and that we die at the end of our short time here, those challenges are not being met with the right spiritual attitude which helps one meet and overcome those challenges with poise and grace.

We are here to ascend in consciousness, and Earth is a school of sorts, although SPIRIT says we have nothing to learn, only to remember who we truly are. This planet is a Heart Planet, so it is absolutely vital for us to balance our polarities through our heart centre. The heart chakra (or center) is not the same as the physical heart - it lies directly in the centre of the chest cavity.

I often teach my Reiki First Degree students that chakras are real by having each of them hold a small crystal pendulum above the heart chakra of their partner. Particularly after a Reiki attunement, the energy system is purified and all senses are heightened, so it is easier for a beginner to get a "reading".

By holding the pendulum just above the heart chakra, in the etheric layer, a student will feel the electromagnetic pull and the pendulum will swing by itself, revealing the energetic state of the chakra. This is a wonderful, simple test that validates the concept of humans as living energy fields because the biofeedback mechanism provides irrefutable proof. Students often respond with exclamations of "wow", "amazing", "incredible"!

Today, right now, it is absolutely vital that move beyond the narrow and limited history of man's place in the Universe presently offered to us by our sciences if we are to truly understand and make use of these unique and auspicious times.

We are a race which has been suffering from amnesia, refusing to accept "what is" because it would shatter our entrenched concepts of how we have defined ourselves.
One prevalent idea, which is clearly not true and continues to hinder our spiritual advancement, is that we are the "first" advanced culture to exist on this planet since neanderthal man. This idea has been continually espoused despite stark evidence to the contrary, so must ask ourselves why?
The authors of Forbidden Archaeology, Richard Thompson and Michael Cremo, document many cases of anomalous evidence like the bones of modern man found in rock strata dated over 50 million years old. They explain that we have not been allowed to hear about many of these important finds because an insidious type of knowledge filter is at work:

“People tend to filter out things that don't fit, that don't make sense in terms of their paradigm or their way of thinking. So in science you find that evidence that doesn't fit the accepted paradigm tends to be eliminated.”
Each year millions of tourists flock to see the Great Pyramid and The Sphinx in Egypt to marvel at its awesome construction and to wonder at the precision and intricacy of it all. Indeed, scientific research indicated that the mortar is of an unknown origin and we have failed to reproduce its chemical composition even with our highly sophisticated technology today. 
High Self indicates that 61,678 stones were originally used for the construction - huge, megalithic stones weighing from 2 to 68 tons each!
Most Eygptian archaeologists still date The Great Pyramid and The Sphinx at 4,500 years ago but this is simply a distortion of the truth to fit their belief system. The traditional interpretation of the Koran says that creation began 6000 years ago, so if the Egyptians were to say that it was older than the date of creation they would be seen to be dishonouring their sacred text.
Over fifty years ago, R.A Schwaller de Lubicz, a famous self-educated archaeologist, became extremely interested in the tremendous wear on the surface of the Sphinx. Toward the back of the Sphinx there are wear patterns that cut twelve feet deep into its surface and which are complete different from the patterns on other buildings in Egypt. The ones on the Sphinx look as though they've been smoothed by water, whereas the rest are textured by sand and wind.

Another man called John Anthony West, who had a deep understanding of Egypt and the hidden meanings embedded in the architecture, later became interested and went to Egypt to verify Lubicz's findings of water erosion. He found that the Egyptian archeologists refused to budge, so he brought in an American geologist named Robert Schoch whose computer analysis put the Sphinx back to at least 8000 years old.

My High Self indicates that they date back to 8,500BC and this information is just one of many pieces of information that changes everything!
We are much older than we think.  We are not who think we are.
Our senses are tied to this (third) dimension, or reality, and yet our Spirit yearns to reconnect to the greater reality, the Greater Mystery. We are waking up and remembering our birthright but we still have much to do, individually and collectively!
The Higher Self sees us as multiple, interpenetrating fields of light and colour, as interlocking, geometrical shapes within through and around the physical body. It sees us as a galaxy of stars, each atom like a solar system with the central sun as its nucleus and the planets spinning around it. There is tremendous space within our physicality and it is an illusion that we appear to be solid.
We need to remember that our subtle energy system is highly responsive to our every thought and emotion. Simple, yet highly effective, techniques can be used to bring us back into alignment and to help us remember the greater part of ourselves. These techniques can be used to help us ascend, or transcend our present reality.
You may have come across the term ascension but it may not have held much meaning or significance for you. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are here to ascend, whether you currently know it or not.

Ascension is a word I frequently came across many years ago, when starting on my Reiki journey. I thought Reiki was just about healing, but a deeper understanding of the energetics of the human system has allowed me to remember that we are here to ascend in consciousness.

In ancient Egypt, they had Mystery Schools dedicated to this very purpose and initiates would go through various challenges to bring themselves into alignment with SPIRIT and develop their inner gifts and talents, along with latent powers called siddhis.

Essentially, the aim was a refinement of the human soul and personality through its connection with the Divine.

"Ascension is essentially a process of self-awareness and mastery at all levels and it necessitates bringing all those levels of one's existence upward." - Tom Kenyon, The Hathor Material
The ascension process is what happens naturally as one surrenders to love and to the highest possibility in each situation, simultaneously deepening one's understanding of the interconnectedness of all of life.

Through the ascension process one realises that he or she is the ultimate creator of his or her experiences and begins to see through the maya, or the illusion of this world. One's perspective of people, places, circumstances and events is radically altered!

Jesus was a being of such magnitude that he transcended the world–while still being a part of it–and shared this message with the peoples of the Earth. He was also clear that the path of ascension was meant for everyone, not just a select few, when he said "I am the way, the truth and the life, follow me."
In terms of using our energy system to affect and raise consciousness, we must turn our attention to what the yogis called the pranic body, or what the ancient Egyptians referred to as the KA.
The KA is sometimes called the etheric twin as it is a duplicate of the physical body and its energetic fields but at a subtler state of energy. It is the source of the prana (chi or life-force) moving through the first level of the physical field.
How much prana we draw in determines how much energy is available to our organs and bodily systems and the KA simultaneously determines the clarity, power and impact of our thoughts as well as the quality of our emotions.
We can bring more prana into the KA so that it radiates out into the physical body and other subtle bodies by focusing on the pranic tube which extends down through the center of the body, from the crown at the top of the head down through the perineum, a point midway between the genitals and the anus.

For those interested in sacred geometry we can take a brief look at the star tetrahedron surrounding the physical body and relate this to the pranic tube. However, it is not necessary to have an understanding of the star tetrahedron to use the pranic tube.

Looking at the star tetrahedron - interlocking male (Sun) and female (Earth) tetrahedrons - which surrounds the physical body, the pranic tube runs from the apex of the Sun Tetrahedron to the lower apex of the Earth Tetrahedron. The tube looks like a glass fluorescent tube with a crystalline structure at each end that fits into the upper and lower apexes.

Please note that this configuration of the Star Tetrahedron is generally for men, not women. If you are female, imagine you are the figure shown inside the star tetrahedron and turn around 180 degrees, keeping the tetrahedrons exactly as they are. The flat side of the (Upper) Sun Tetrahedron and the pointed side of the (Lower) Earth Tetrahedron will be facing front for you.

Focus on the pranic tube and begin by breathing rhythmically, bringing the energy down from SPIRIT and up from Mother Earth, the two flows meeting in the heart chakra.

As you breathe out, focus your attention on the physical body and allow the energy to move out from the tube into the KA and physical body. Energy follows awareness, so just let this happen naturally. It may take a few rounds of practice to become aware of this energy flow.

By rhythmically, it is useful to take one's pulse and breath in sync with the heart beat itself. Trying breathing in for seven counts, breathing out for seven and holding for five after the out breath - repeat the cycle as many times as necessary during your meditation. If this is too much, start with four counts in, four out, and hold for two. Experiment and see what works for you!

It is crucial to breathe from the lower abdomen, so put your hand on the area just below your belly button to ensure you are breathing from there. The breath in should push your hand out.

Babies breath naturally but most adults have forgotten how to breathe correctly, which leads to a stressed nervous system because they cannot access their higher mind functions, staying "trapped" in their reptilian brain and engaging a flight or fight response.

Rhythmic breathing into the heart chakra through the pranic tube will create a high level of coherence in your energy system as long as you generate the emotional state of appreciation, which is the signature for this method of self-creation. Merely thinking appreciation will not do!

Reiki is a wonderful, simple but highly effective healing modality because it is heart centered. It activates the heart chakra. If you find it difficult to generate feelings of love and appreciation, you may have blocks, so doing a First Degree Reiki course is a valuable way to open up the heart again.
As you begin to feel more comfortable with moving energy through the pranic tube, you can easily extend the tube down into the Earth Star, or lower still into the Gaia Gateway, and up into the Soul Star, or higher still to the Stellar Gateway. (see image below).

"The stellar gateway and soul star chakras are portals through which very high frequency light can enter our etheric field. The stellar gateway is like a spiritual barometer that measures the intensity of light our field can hold. The soul star is the filter through which the light is measured and flows. The soul star also facilitates access to our personal library within the akashic records."- Laurelle Shanti Gaia

This image (left) is kindly reproduced from Laurelle Shanti Gaia's book on Karuna Reiki.

The Soul Star was known as the BA by the ancient Egyptians and resides in a place of consciousness that is outside of linear time and space. The entry point is at a place above your head where your hands would meet if you were to raise them together and touch them above your head. This interdimensional aspect of your self is highly receptive to appreciation.

Take your time with this powerful meditation. Just do a little every day and build up.

As the KA is strenghtened, which provides a deeper connection to the Soul Star or BA, powerful shifts in consciousness are likely to happen, especially if you are following the meditation correctly.

Unconscious patterns of behaviour will most likely come into your field of awareness for release. Therefore, a non-judgemental, accepting attitude of yourself and others is required.

A long time ago, we fell in consciousness and we forgot how to breathe in prana, which in turn affected how we perceived the One Reality. Before "the fall", which High Self refers to as a Shift into Unreality, we used to bring pranic energy simultaneously up and down our pranic tube, the two flows meeting inside one of the major energy centers (or chakras).

My High Self says that currently only 6% of the global population have an activated pranic tube.
For those who are not aware that they have such a tube, their pineal gland, located in the center of the head, is typically the size of a pea. The gland is hugely important for consciousness and will begin to regenerate if one dedicates just a few moments of each day to practice breathing through the pranic tube.

Interesting enough, children who are highly intuitive typically have much larger pineal glands than adults until they learn to shut down their intuitive and emotional self.
"Hidden in the pineal gland are all the sacred geometries and understandings of how the Reality was created." 
 - The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life, Drunvalo Melchizedek
Focused thought alone is sufficient to re-activate the pranic tube. You do not have to go to anyone to have it done for you!
Breathing in prana through the nose and mouth alone, rather than through the tube, creates polarity consciousness and disconnects us from Mother Earth, so it is vitally important that we all start to access our pranic tubes and energise our bodies and minds through this deceptively simple ascension technique.

Breathing through the tube, whilst feeling appreciation, will also help one reconnect to one's Higher Self.
One of the keys to the ascension process is to allow our energy fields to open and move freely, and the ability to master positive movement of greater amounts of energy comes through a strongly developed Ka and the simultaneous cultivation of our feeling nature.
"The life situations that arise today on your planet and the emotions they generate are actually the initiatory phases of higher consciousness leading to ascension and mastery." - Tom Kenyon, The Hathor Material 

Ascension is a vast topic but the simplest methods are usually best. For those who are interested, I highly recommend the following books, which you can purchase from Amazon.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Death is never an end but always a beginning

It is my perception that many of us are still inwardly discouraged from contemplating the esoteric meaning of death, unless death arrives on our own doorstep on the doorstep of someone close to us. Even then, our deepest thoughts and feelings may be suppressed for fear of reprimand from those around us, or not fitting into culturally and socially acceptable behaviour.

We are allowed to say our cultural prayers, hold the departed "in the light", acknowledge they are in "heaven", wherever that is, but we must not consider our own mortality, or immortality. We must not stop to ask demanding questions such as, "what is consciousness?", or "do I exist outside of this body-mind?"

If we were to ask, the illusion could not continue... reality would change! How we interact with our world would change, and it would change sooner, rather than later.

Asking deep questions is not a morbid fascination with death but a Soul Level perspective that acknowledges the body as a vehicle for experience, creation and transformation.

We all know that we come into the world for a short time, to experience the joy and wonder of creating and experiencing through a physical body, knowing that we will, ultimately, choose to leave once again.

Let us remember that we entered this world by choice, that we chose our planet and dimension, our country, our parents and genetic heritage because we knew these ingredients would provide us with the exact circumstances we needed to learn and grow. We also chose to forget our connection to our Spiritual Source, which has served us for a time, until now, a period of monumental change.

This forgetfulness must now come to an end because we are, quite literally, on the brink of self-destruction.

For those amongst us who believe that consciousness ends when the physical body dies, what of the Near Death Experiences (NDEs) recounted by thousands of individuals whose lives were changed forever by those experiences?

Many of those people did not believe in life after death and, yet, they were forced to acknowledge that their perception of reality had changed. And they could not continue to live their lives in the same way as they had before.

Joyce Hawkes was one such person who embraced the gifting of the NDE and all that it had to offer her. A biophysicist and cell biologist by training, she changed careers in 1984 after a NDE and embarked on extensive exploration of indigenous spiritual and healing traditions, which she incorporated in her book "Cell-Level Healing: The Bridge from Soul to Cell."

The NDE forever changed her life, as well as her view of science. "I think that part of me — that my spirit, my soul — left my body and went to another reality," she said. "It just was not part of the paradigm in which I lived as a scientist," Hawkes recalled. "It was a big surprise to me to have this sense of something different than the body — a consciousness different than the body — and to be in this wonderfully healing, peaceful, nurturing place."

"I think what I learned was that there truly is no death, that there is a change in state from a physical form to a spirit form, and that there's nothing to fear about that passage".

The Baha'i writings liken the body to a cage and the soul to a bird. When the cage breaks, the bird can escape unharmed, and is finally free. Baha'u'llah, founder of the Baha’i faith calls death a messenger of joy:

“I have made death a messenger of joy to thee. Wherefore dost thou grieve?” – Bahá'u'lláh

Even for those who believe that reincarnation is a false doctrine, the evidence is overwhelming that we have all lived before in another time, place, and body. There are countless books of research and anecdotes of people, young children even, who have recalled one or more prior lives, with astounding accuracy. People, places, circumstances and events that they could never have known otherwise.

My work as a Spiritual Response Therapy Consultant and Teacher has tirelessly demonstrated to me that Past Lives have a great effect on the people living in this time-space reality. Over 95% of SRT research deals with Past Lives. By clearing the negative energies stored in the Akashic Records of the Soul, often astounding changes can occur, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Yet, this truth is uncomfortable for most. And will continue to be, until a clear choice is made to look beyond the "safe" and yet limiting boundaries we have collectively imposed on ourselves.

The truth seems to be only comforting to those who do not wish to ignore it; then it is not only comforting, but inspiring! It is a reflection of our current world state that most of us are excellent at denying what is right in front of us and demand proof, even when the proof is staring us in the face.

Over the last two months in particular, I have been reminded that life and death are both tremendous gifts. Deaths near and far have caused me to remember and compelled me to share this remembrance with you.

On a massive scale, the death of music legend Michael Jackson deeply touched many hearts all over the world, and helped send a timely message about how short our time here on Earth really is.

Society's misunderstandings about death, and about life, are greatly responsible for the fragmented lives that we lead and we are currently facing some of the greatest economic, ecological and social challenges ever because of our failure to embrace the greatest part of ourselves, to stop seeing ourselves as separate from each other, and to remember that life continues after death.

Indeed, every physical death is pre-planned by the soul.

"No experience is visited upon any soul against the soul's will. That is, by definition, not possible, since the soul is creating every experience." Conversations With God, Book 3

As well as Michael Jackson's death, a death nearer to home also touched me just a few weeks later.

My eldest paternal aunt had already suffered two strokes within a short space of time and my parents had called me about a month before to say that she was on life support, completely unable to communicate with anyone or anything. For many days, my cousins had sat around her hospital bed, praying for her to go peacefully and yet, not wanting her to leave them.

I had intended to visit but many things had sprung up which had prevented me from attending the hospital in person.. However, the day before her death, I suddenly "knew" that she would be leaving this world and I also had a strong feeling that it was necessary for me to visit her.

High Self revealed that she would pass away within twenty-four hours and that her soul had already left the body, so I rang my parents to compassionately share this information with them, even if they did not fully understand it.

When I arrived at the hospital it was approximately 2.15pm and, strangely, the room was empty apart from her older brother who had flown in from Canada. I greeted him and expressed my sympathy, giving him a warm hug.

He looked like he needed a break and so he went outside to stretch his legs, leaving me alone with my aunt. I noticed that her body was just a shell, the life force barely sustaining it.

I linked into my High Self and from that connection I gave immediate permission for her Soul to leave as it is my understanding that souls will often not depart whilst close family members are present because of the emotional attachment. We must remember that whilst the body may be unconscious, the soul is fully aware of the whole picture, including the feelings of those present.

As I held her frail hand, I felt Reiki flow into her energy body and within a few moments she stopped breathing. I can only describe it as a peaceful and blessed release, and I felt greatly honoured to be there with her at the time of her passing. The doctor later confirmed that a physical death had occurred.

When we look deeply at something, we begin to see through the illusion. To contemplate something deeply is to see right through it. Then the illusion ceases to exist.

"Death should teach you that what is real is life. And life teaches you that what is unavoidable is not death, but impermanence. Impermanence is the only truth." Conversations With God, Book 2

Death takes many forms, not just the physical death we are acutely aware of. The loss of a job, moving to a new town, city or even country, the end of a great concert, the end of a day, all represent a death. We all perceive the loss and the gift that accompanies it, but we often choose to ignore it.

And yet the transient nature of each moment signals a glorious opportunity for rebirth, awakening to a new moment, a new experience. Nothing is permanent, everything is changing in every holy instant.

One experience must end for another to take its place. We must let go of the old, to embrace the new. Life cannot reveal itself to us fully without us fully embracing death.

Let us remember the truth then.

That death is never an end but always a beginning. Nothing will be painful again when we realise that nothing is real. We are constantly re-creating ourselves anew in each moment. External conditions, circumstances and events are actually projections from our own deepest consciousness.

Whenever we die, we are reborn in that holy instant.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Manifestation Principle #1 - Creating with the Soul

"If all you desired is what your Soul desired, everything would be simple. If you listened to the part of you which is pure Spirit, all your decisions would be easy, and all the outcomes joyous. That is because the choices of Spirit are always the highest choices." Conversations With God, Book 3

When we put Spirit first, all else follows. This is the Central Sun of our being, always illuminating the path ahead, willing to guide our every step. And yet, so many of us choose the path of darkness, stumbling along the way, sometimes falling.

We must first begin to listen, and trust, our inner wisdom. We must listen to the small voice within that encourages us to see the bigger picture, to stand back, to let go of the personal drama. Our intuitive voice is one that we are all born with and have immediate access to. Begin now to trust that voice again.

Because we have forgotten who we are, we must begin to learn to use our gifts again. The more we marry our intellect with our innate wisdom, the better our choices will be, the higher our outcomes in all areas of our lives. The highest choice blesses all.

We are constantly creating through body, mind and spirit, whether we are aware of it or not. Yet, when the tri-part being is not acting in unison, mixed results occur and we adamantly say that the Universe does not grant us, or is incapable of bringing us, our desires.

We must remember that the Universe is constantly listening to our desires because we are One in Truth, and it has no choice but to fulfill the essence of our request. It is a choiceless choice!

If the totality of our being is in harmony - with Self, SPIRIT and all of life - then our choices become unified and miracles can occur. The miracle IS that our thoughts naturally follow our beliefs, perceptions and judgements about life, and create our experience of life.

The evolution of a society can be measured by its choices, in whether it follows the urges of the body, the thoughts that rise up in the mind, or the inner promptings of the Soul. It is not wrong to follow the choices of the body but merely following the body's wants, or the mind's desires, without fully integrating the Soul Aspect of our being, will not lead us to the most beneficial outcomes.

Today, we are seeing exactly where we are in the scale of things, through the immediate and obvious crises of the planet.

Most of us understand that we have a mind and that it determines, more often than not, how we feel about life and, therefore, what we experience in our lives.

The mind lives throughout the body, in every cell, and the Soul encapsulates everything within, through and around the physical body. We are made up of 99% empty space!

With regard to the mind, it would be useful to explore the sublevels to better understand how we create. Indeed, we create from at least three interior levels, but we also have access to a fourth. The first three are logic, intuition and emotion. Logic stems from our conscious, rational mind, emotions stem from our subsconscious mind programming, and intuition is borne of the Higher Self. The fourth, which practically none of us use at the present time, is SPIRIT. This fourth level is pure thought, pure consciousness. My High Self tells me that at this time in my own evolution I only access it about 0.5% of the time.

For those who consider themselves firmly on the path to Self-Mastery, and who are consistenly working with their High Self and Spiritual Committees, my High Self says that we must continuously ask for healing by the Father, Mother and Grandfather of the Oversoul to access and create from pure consciousness.

To recap then, body, mind and Spirit must be in unity, and all levels of the inner mind must also be in unity to create the highest and grandest vision we have for ourselves. All levels of our inner mind must be in harmony for a successful outcome or outpicturing of our desire.

If you want to achieve something effortlessly, you will need to understand that you are a triune being and create from that understanding. It takes practice, patience and perseverence. Ultimately, it means listening to your Higher Self and to SPIRIT.

To help, you can build a logic statement around what you wish to achieve. If you can find just one other person in the world who is doing it, or something similar, then it is possible for you.

Secondly, you must intuitively feel it is the right step for you. Listen carefully to your inner voice. It is a nurturing, supportive voice. It is not a voice that says you "should" do this, or "should" do that. It is not a voice that will place you in danger or harm's way.

Thirdly, get excited about the possibilities and let the Universe bring it to you through Divine Manifestation. Emotions are extremely powerful, moving energy through, within and around the body-mind. Desire and excitement are key ingredients, without which nothing happens!

Lastly, when creating anything, be mindful of whether you are coming from love or fear. This is the great polarity, the primal duality. Both are creative, yet one brings the highest outcomes and the other the lowest. All thoughts, ideas, concepts, understandings, decisions, choices, and actions are based in one of those. Of course, if you are really listening to your intuition, the voice of the Higher Self, then you will be coming from Love. Negative Ego's constructions are based in fear, thoughts of not-enoughness, of separation, of victor or victim consciousness. Creating from SPIRIT creates win/win situations that bless all forms of life.

As you endeavour to align the trinity of body, mind and spirit, you may find challenges suddenly appear. These are the gifts to work on, or work through. There is a period of mind purification that follows a clear intention to follow SPIRIT, and create from that place.

It is of the utmost importance that you own your personal power, and be responsible for your self. If you don't own your personal power, you can be run by almost anything in the Universe, including discarnate spirits, negative ego, the weather or your addictions.

Do not fall into victim consciousness and blame outer circumstances! The outer world is a perfect reflection of your consciousness. Pratice forgiveness of self, others and all situations that are bothering you! If you would be free, let go of the old, forgive, and move on!

"The extended use of power is self-control. You will not progress far on the spiritual path without personal power and self-discipline. Also, truthfulness to Self and others is of the utmost importance." Soul Psychology, Joshua David Stone

Finally, this is a work in progress, so be loving with yourself and appreciate yourself no matter where you are in this process of understanding. Remember that all of this "work" is done through love, not judgement or self-punishment.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Is God indifferent? And how do we become enlightened?

I heard the comment the other day that “God is indifferent”. I was disturbed by the remark and it caused me to deeply question the underlying (or sponsoring) thought of my friend who had seemingly taken a few knocks on his life journey. This represented a type of negative neutrality, if there can be such a thing, that did not sit well with me.

My experience, despite some very hard tests, has taught me that SPIRIT (or God) shows each of us unconditional acceptance of where we are on our journey of awareness, self-definition and self-creation.

SPIRIT is impartial about the circumstances of our lives because our ultimate success is guaranteed. We cannot fail, although we can appear to in our daily lives. We can choose to feel separate from SPIRIT, and our fellow brothers and sisters, and cry out against life itself, but the illusion is simply that… illusion.

We are creating ourselves anew in each moment and SPIRIT has no judgement in the outcomes that manifest as a result of our choices. It wants what we want for ourselves, even when we appear to hurt or harm ourselves and others along the way. We are always invited to remember the perfection of the process and not make ourselves “bad”, “wrong” or “guilty” for past mistakes.

SPIRIT’s purpose is that we should know ourselves as Divinity made manifest, and cause our fellow brothers and sisters to recognise their own divinity also. Therefore, I would invite you to consider that SPIRIT is not indifferent but cares about the ultimate outcome, and that is why it is assured.

"We are united. We are One. Ours is the biggest marriage ceremony ever held. My vow to you is the grandest vow ever made. I will love you forever, and free you for everything. My love will never bind you in any way, and because of this you are 'bound' to eventually love Me - for freedom to Be Who You Really Are is your greatest desire, and My greatest gift." Conversations With God, Book 3

My Higher Self indicated that indifference is borne of a lack of love, whereas neutrality is borne of love. SPIRIT is neutral.

I have also heard it said that only those who spend a lot of time away from the real world, in meditation, who have the best chance of being “enlightened” or reaching “enlightenment”. Everyone else is doomed.

It is true to say that those who seek to know and understand SPIRIT are often drawn away from the outer, material world, to pursue more esoteric activities that speak to the Soul. However, the knowingness that one is never separate from SPIRIT, or anyone else, comes from the decision to embrace SPIRIT in all aspects of one’s life and demonstrate that in one’s thoughts, words, and actions. One does not have to be totally removed from the outer world to find SPIRIT.

Many more people today engage in some form of meditation or yoga class, or enjoy the spiritual focus of martial arts like Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Yet, few are not trapped in the illusion of the trials of their daily lives.

The outer ritual is oft performed but inner reflection and awareness has been lost along the way. They are going through the motions, unaware that one must first have the primary intention to remember one’s connection to SPIRIT. With that first thought, all else follows quite naturally.

Everything is within us, but we must first know this before we can experience it. Knowing always leads to experience, not the other way round.

The reversal of the BE-DO-HAVE paradigm is the root cause of a disgruntled approach to life because it works against the creative power within us all. We have been socialised this way for so long that we cannot remove ourselves from the picture long enough to see the lie of it.

If you wish to be enlightened, go straight to being that. The best way to cause yourself to be enlightened, or wise, is to cause another to be enlightened. Seek to “be” what you wish to be first and all else follows.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quantum healing: understanding vibration

What does it mean to be healthy? Today, we seem to collectively think that as long as we are free from disease or illness that we are healthy but this is an over simplified way of looking at life; and ultimately one that does not serve us, given Who We Really Are.

There are varying degrees of health or wellness and when one is feeling joyful in the moment, filled with "light" and looking forward to the future, one can be said to be in a state of good health or wellbeing; that is, feeling well across the totality of one's being. Often wellness, true wellness, means feeling good physically, emotionally and mentally, along with being spiritually connected.

In Spiritual Response Therapy, we seek SPIRIT first and all healing follows from that realisation, realisation of the healing power within, the God force.

According to my High Self, the normal vibratory rate of a healthy person is 4,500 Hz (or cycles per second). Anything that lowers the vibration sufficiently will open a person to lower energies, whether that be a "lower" thought form, or a particular energy, such as a discarnate whose normal vibration is between 600 to 700 Hz.

The average vibration has more than doubled since 1988, just over twenty years ago, when Reverend Robert Detzler, founder of the SRT system of healing, indicated that the vibratory rate was just 2,100 Hz. As we continue to collectively raise our consciousness and become more self-aware, all of our subtle bodies are naturally spinning at a faster rate.

Many things can cause our normal, healthy vibration to drop and cause our energies to dissipate. For example, most types of fear-based emotions such as anger, grief, shock, unforgiveness, blame and hate will dramatically lower auric vibrations and sap our natural life force energy from us. Conflict, whether inner or outer, will also cause us to feel depleted.

Places where there is much illness, suffering and death, such as cemeteries, funerals, memorial services, and hospitals can further drain one's vital health, especially if one is open to lower energies. It is therefore useful to be mindful of one's physical, emotional and mental wellbeing before visiting such places or attending such events. Prayer, and asking for protection, is a very useful and appropriate way to stay clear.

Someone who has learnt SRT, or another form of space clearing and protection, will be able to keep themselves clear through setting up a triple and fire shield of protection, as well as asking SPIRIT to clear the intended visiting place of all shadow energies.

Energy follows thought. This is called the Law of Mind Action and is closely aligned with the Law of Attraction which says that wherever we place our attention, we will draw the essence of that vibration to us, if we hold it long enough. Hence, it is very important to be mindful of one's thoughts (intention) and where one is placing one's attention.

Our chakra system (composed of seven energy centres) is a dynamic one, pulling in energies from the outside world, which we then respond to given our perception about life, our model of the world. The faster the rate of spin, the more quickly energies will be drawn to us. Someone of lower consciousness generally has a lower rate of spin and that is good, because it is a safeguard for that person and for the others around him/her.

For those of us engaged in energy work, the necessity of mindfulness becomes even greater. Taking a Reiki attunement during a Reiki class will activate one or more chakras and raise the normal vibratory rate for the individual. My High Self has indicated that my rate jumped to 12-13,000 Hz after taking Reiki First Degree. After taking the Reiki Masters, it jumped to 17,000 Hz. After taking the Advanced SRT Class, it jumped to 23,000 Hz...

Shifts in vibration will always vary according to the personal energy makeup of the individual and their degree of readiness to further embrace SPIRIT.

I have been practising an enormous amount of energy work for almost five years, which I thoroughly enjoy, and SPIRIT now shares with me that my normal healthy vibratory rate sits comfortably at 28,000 Hz. When performing a SRT clearing for a client, the subtle bodies spin at 45,000 Hz.

Last year I was blessed to attend a Flower of Life workshop in Scotland, run by Anne Ward, which dealt with the sacred geometries within, through and around the physical body. When peforming the sacred Merkaba (or Mer-Ka-Ba) meditation, which works with the Higher Self and conscious intent, each of us attending the workshop asked that the star tetrahedons surrounding the physical body (the interpenetrating form of the sun and the earth tetrahedrons around the physical body) spin at 910 of the speed of light, which SPIRIT says is 36,000 Hz.

SPIRIT has revealed that at 40,000 Hz the auric vibrations have already reached the speed of light. SPIRIT has indicated that the maximum spinning rate for anyone incarnated into the physical plane is 70,000 Hz - anything above that will lead to brain damage!

This "quickening" is available to anyone who wishes to practise energy work and integrate this into their daily lives. The result is that energy flows more quickly through the mind-body and that the results of one's manifestation are much faster than before.

In reality, there is no separation from the outside world because wherever we place our consciousness, we merge with that part of the quantum field. However, we experience that we are separate because of the unique illusion we have chosen to experience. We have placed ourselves in a physical body to experience time and space and there is a delay, or gap, between our thoughts and the natural outcome of those thoughts.

As an individual quickens their vibration, the invitation is to be absolutely present in one's daily life and notice the subtle stream of thoughts that surface from the unconscious, along with any reactions to situations and events.

Last year, in 2008, my wife and I went to the Rocky Mountains to study with Jonathan Goldman at the Healing Sounds Intensive. About a month before, my left ear became clogged with wax and I found myself in a state of bother. I did clearing around it, used Reiki, and my wife also gave me some wonderful Reflexology treatments.

As a result of the energy healing, the wax became much less compacted in my ear and stopped hurting me as much. However, I was still partially deaf and it was proving difficult to hear properly, as well as remain emotionally balanced throughout the day. I eventually visited my doctor two weeks before I left for the USA who was kind enough to syringe my ear and clear the blockage.

Interestingly enough, the "problem" resurfaced this year whilst teaching a Reiki Master Practitioner course over the weekend of the Summer Solstice (in June). My left ear suddenly blocked again and I found myself back to square one.

And yet, it did not feel like square one. I did not feel as helpless or frustrated as the previous time. I felt more empowered than before and I had a deep realisation that mechanical fixes were not going to provide me with the healing I needed. Confirmation that outer fixes would not work were confirmed when hopi ear candling did not bring much relief.

I was being provided with an opportunity to walk my talk once again.

High Self informed me that visiting the doctors would result in a block to grace, so I decided that under no circumstances was I going to visit the doctors. Once I had made that internal decision, I felt no inner conflict or doubt and could concentrate on maintaining my focus.

A little while ago, I had been told by another doctor that some people have "narrow ear canal" sydrome. This sounded like a purely conscious mind interpretation of an energetic problem and did not resonate with me at all, further strenthening my commitment to resolve this through energy work.

Every morning, I would begin with clearing and healing of the ear working with High Self. I set up a contract with High Self to clear the blockage and download vibrational healing throughout each day, which is standard practice for SRT Practitioners, and invoked sacred energies whilst journeying inwardly to "tone" the ear canals, inner and outer.

I found myself moving deeper into my head space than I had ever done before and could actually feel the vibrations of the sound gently breaking up the ear wax and gently stimulating the ear canals. It was an amazing experience and inspired me to maintain my "vision" of clear hearing. I easily remembered the feeling of what it was like to have clear hearing and envisaged the ear popping.

A week went by, and still the ear was blocked, so I had more work to do. I reminded myself that the key was not to self-sabotage by worrying; only a mind which does not know its relationship to the Divine worries. I actually started to enjoy the experience of having a partially blocked ear, in a funny way.

I checked daily with High Self to make sure my faith was operating at 100% and that my doubt was at 0%, ensuring maximum openness to healing. I also repeated clearing and releasing statements to bring my conscious mind into alignment with my desire for perfect hearing, KNOWING that it was possible. I didn't just believe, I knew it to be a truth that had already manifested somewhere in the quantum field.

If we choose "healing", we will always be in a state of healing. I asked knowing that I had already healed.

Research has shown that the brain cannot distinguish between actually doing something and imagining doing something - exactly the same parts of the brain "light up", there is no difference! I reminded myself of this to buoy my faith and continued to marry thought and feeling. If ever I felt resistance to my desire, I stopped. What we resist, persists.

I also knew that by toning my ears and all my chakras, my brain was actually powerfully changing its state and having a direct impact on my auditory and visual system.

During my time in meditation, I realised and accepted that I had unwittingly called to myself this loss of hearing because I deeply disliked the general noise along the main road near my home, especially the use of sirens late at night. I found them to be extemely piercing and would react very negatively by tensing up whenever the police cars or ambulances would drive past. In effect, I was unconsciously sending myself the message that I did not want to hear those sounds and that I wanted to block them out.

So my body simply obeyed my command... and the net effect was the build up of wax in my receptive ear. As mentioned before, the quicker one's vibration, the more "responsible" one is for one's thoughts.

I kept my faith high, recognising and giving thanks for the innate healing intelligence of my body, as well as all of the miracles I have seen many times during my time as a healer and teacher. I released all need and desire to block out sounds and my judgements about those sounds and I affirmed that my body knew how to heal itself.

I said the following prayer several times a day, which I adapted from Doreen Virtue's book "The Lightworker's Way" and which I have found very useful during illness.

"There is no truth, life, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is Divine Mind and its Divine manifestation for GOD is the All-in All. SPIRIT is immortal truth, matter is mortal error. SPIRIT is the real and eternal, matter is the unreal and temporal. SPIRIT is GOD and man is made in his image and likeness, therefore man is not material but spiritual. Therefore, I am not material, I am a spiritual being made in the image and likeness of GOD, the All-That-Is. This condition is material and is already healed in the Mind of GOD."

I would invite you to remember it, make it your own and say it whenever you are unwell. As a statement of highest truth, it can bring forth miracles.

After three weeks, my ear cleared and the wax "disappeared". I had perfect hearing again, and I still have perfect hearing and the knowing that I can heal myself.

I invite you to be fluid in your consciousness and thought, to know you are more than just blood and tissue. As you raise your awareness of Self, you will naturally begin to vibrate at a higher rate and call to yourself more and more circumstances that will help you remember Who You Really Are and your Divine Purpose.

If we can let go of our limiting ideas and beliefs, we will have greater access to the unlimited power and potential that is within us all.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Remembering the miracle: We see with our brain, not our eyes!

Are we really complex biological organisms or spiritual beings residing in a time in a physical body? This is for you to decide.

What we believe is made manifest to us, through us. Most importantly, each health challenge we face will be perceived differently according to our beliefs, and we will act differently depending on them.

For a person who believes he is a spiritual being in a physical body, each health challenge will be seen as an opportunity to learn something about his or her consciousness. Why has the disease manifested? What thought pattern needs correction for healing to take place in harmony with the physical expression’s innate healing intelligence?

Visual dysfunction is so commonplace today that we hardly stop to consider the metaphysical implications; short sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia), glaucoma, cataracts and so forth as just accepted as the norm. It’s accepted as being either hereditary or a result of getting older, an inevitable decline.

“To the degree that the collective consciousness is accepted, absorbed and internalised, to that degree will you accept it as your reality.” Conversations with God, Book 3

The best-selling book, Heal Your Body, which later became You Can Heal Your Life, was written by world renowned healer and teacher Louise Hay back in the early 1980s. A timeless masterpiece, the little book of metaphysical causations points out, for example, that cataracts represent the inability to look ahead with joy, that myopia represents fear of the future and long-sightedness represents fear of the present.

Whilst this may not always be true, it makes the clear point that body and mind are one by highlighting the interconnectedness of the two. What are we choosing to see, or not see? How is our perception of life limiting our choices and our health?

So, do we really need glasses, contact lenses or eye surgery? Are we looking for a mechanical fix to a spiritual imbalance?

We have forgotten that our eyes do not see, it is the brain that “sees”. The eyes are the organs that gather visual information for the brain, like our hands gather tactile information which the brain interprets. The eyes receive high frequency light signals which pass through the visual system of the brain and we magically “see”. Indeed, blind people who gain their sight later on in life have to learn how to interpret the signals they are receiving since they cannot make sense of them initially.

The brain’s interpretation of our reality is so fast that we no longer question what is happening but have you ever been looking for something that was right in front of you but you couldn’t see it? I’m sure many, if not most, of us have had that experience on at least one occasion. This experience shows us that we are seeing with our brain.

The visual system, as part of the brain, is at the top of the chain of command and needs to be addressed directly. By bringing our consciousness to the visual system, we can dissolve negative patterns at their source allowing eye, brain and body functions to become integrated as they were meant to be.

I recently came across the brilliant work of Peter Grunwald who has created an amazing system of healing through the visual system called “Eyebody”. In fact, he has mapped out the entire body as related to the eye, and teaches people how to let go of wearing glasses and contact lenses, either permanently or with dramatically less reliance on them.

He takes great care to point out that clear sight is a secondary, not a primary, function of the visual system; and that habitually inefficient ways of using the visual system are what cause difficulty with our eyesight, imbalances in our emotions and functional problems in our bodies.

The primary function of the visual system is co-ordination of our internal world, our physical, emotional and mental states. Indeed, the visual system and pathways pass through each of our three brains, reptilian, limbic and neocortex, which is why it is so fundamental to our overall wellbeing.

Each layer of the brain has a specific, overall relationship to the visual system. The reptilian brain relates to the physical functions of the body, the limbic brain relates to the emotional functions and the neocortex the mental functions.

Peter says that “symptoms or malfunctions in the eye, brain and body are the manifestation of underlying misuse of the visual system”. He speaks of Conscious Depth Perception as a spiritual function that integrates and co-ordinates all three parts of the visual brain.

My work with Spiritual Response Therapy has taught me just how fundamental the eyes and brain are to the over wellbeing of the client. High Self always carries out brain restructuring, or brain repatterning, towards the end of a clearing session, ensuring that the logical and gestalt functions are being performed on the correct side of the brain and that eye positions are testing strong. The degree of peripheral vision is also checked and corrected.

If the visual pathways are not being activated properly, or not at all, our overall functioning will be impaired whether we are aware of it or not, resulting in poor eyesight, bodily pain, an inability to think clearly, and/or disconnection from self and others.

Wearing contact lenses or having surgery, only deal with the symptoms and not the cause of dysfunction. Let us remember that everything that has manifested externally is a result of choices made internally.

I would like to conclude with a story of pure faith, which allowed a blind woman to see. Madame Bire of France, recorded in the archives of the medical department of Lourdes, France was blind, her optic nerves atrophied and useless. Yet, she visited Lourdes and received an instantaneous, miraculous healing. Ruth Cranston, a Protestant woman who investigated and wrote about healings at Lourdes, wrote an article in McCall’s magazine in 1955.

“At Lourdes she regained her sight incredibly, with the optic nerves still lifeless and useless, as several doctors could testify after repeated examinations. A month later, upon re-examination, it was found that the seeing mechanism had been restored to normal. But at first, so far as medical examination could tell, she was seeing with ‘dead eyes’.”

Life is mirrored back to us through our perspective; disease is not real; everything can heal.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Be The Architect of Your Reality

"If two [thought and feeling] make peace with each other in this one house [body-mind], they will say to the mountain [block/obstacle/illness/difficult circumstance] 'move away' and it will move away." Nag Hammadi Libaray, verse 48

There are essentially two types of feeling we can have at any given moment in time. One being the feeling of love which leads to peaceful, harmonious outcomes, or the lack of love (which we may call fear or hate) which leads to destructive patterns of behaviour and negative outcomes.

In our day to day lives, we tend to use the words "feeling" and "emotion" interchangeably but, although related, they are quintessentially different. In essence, it is the feeling we have which causes us to experience our emotion. We constantly have thoughts and we energise them through our feelings, creating a positive or negative effect in our heart, mind, body and our reality.

We are all conscious beings, living in a physical body but we do not all yet own our ability to direct our consciousness. All too often, we are caught up in our own misbeliefs, the misbeliefs of others and the negative energies of the world around us.

For things to change for the better, we must endeavour to become aware of our thoughts and feelings moment to moment. This takes constant practise and vigilance but the rewards are truly great because we can free ourselves from the prison of our minds.

Without awareness, we cannot change. It is our greatest gift to be self-aware. We need the desire to change and we must maintain our focus, directing our attention to our preferred outcome.

Listening to any inner guidance is crucial to maintain our direction because life is a dynamic interplay of seen and unseen forces, dancing the eternal dance, moving across the boundaries of our space-time reality.

We steer our ship on the ocean of life and we must keep watch, adjusting the rudder to keep ourselves on track, moving us safely and with the least effort to where we wish to go.

Many people have been made aware of the power of the Law of Attraction and have reacted strongly to it. Some have been relieved and empowered to recreate their vision of life, whilst others have been frightened and angry, believing it is too much responsibility to adapt to.

In essence, the Law says that whatever we give our attention to, we create, whether wanted or unwanted. This can understandably be a shock, especially when we begin to realise just how many negative thoughts and feelings we have during each day.

Luckily, it must be said that most people currently do not direct sufficient, sustained energy to their thoughts and feelings to cause destruction to themselves and others. So they must repeat a negative thought, and accompanying feeling, many, many times for it to become part of the fabric of their reality.

A thought without the necessary feeling and emotion to actualise it is a wish; a fanciful thought, if you will.

When we marry our thoughts with a sufficiently strong feeling, we get a chain reaction cascading through our mind and body. The amount of energy we experience coursing through our energy system is always proportionate to the feeling.

Beliefs create our feeling about something or someone, and they are fluid. It can also be said that our current beliefs are based on our level of consciousness. As we raise the bar, old, limiting beliefs drop away to be replaced by ones that serve us better.

We must all purify our hearts and minds to really take advantage of the great gifts of enjoying our ability to focus our attention and direct our will to bring forth our highest and most joyful outcomes. The only thing separating us from what we want and desire is us, and all of the negative programming that is in our cellular memory.

We are all self-programming each and every day, whether we realise it or not. If you read the newspaper every day, ask yourself, "do I believe in all of the hate, conflict, sorrow and ego-ism that afflicts much of the world or do I believe in the goodness and kindness of the world and our ability to transcend our self-imposed limitations?"

Are you telling yourself that the world "is going to the dogs" or are you looking for all of the benevolence, kindness and love that mankind/womankind is giving to his/her fellow brothers and sisters?

Ask yourself, in each situation, "which perspective am I choosing right now?" "What do I truly believe?"

Are you watching too many dime-a-dozen soaps filled with conflict, despair, and separation as its main themes, feeding your unconscious desire to act in ways that separate you from the ones you love the most? Are you learning, or reinforcing, your modes of behaviour from the TV Programs you watch?

We can, and must, reprogram ourselves to think, feel and act differently; and you can start today, if you choose to.

The best times to re-program the mind are in the morning as soon as you open your eyes and just before you close your eyes to go to sleep. The subconscious is more amenable to suggestion because the conscious mind is not fully engaged and we can take great advantage of this.

Advertisers take advantage of you when you watch TV because your brain drops from beta state to alpha or even lower, depending on how tired you are. That is negative programming, causing you to want things you don't really need and repeat modes of behaviour that are not conducive to a joyous, loving and peaceful life.

I have found re-programming statements to be extremely effective when working with SRT and Reiki clients and would like to share this with you, so that you can choose to start now, if you so wish.

I invite you to start off with something you want to really want to change; for example, a lot of us have the unconscious belief that we must suffer on some level, called a self-punishment program in SRT terminology. Search deeply, and you may find it is true for you.

Saying the statements in the order shown is an effective way to bring about a positive change in your thoughts and feelings but it is essential that you connect to the words through your heart, and not just say them like a robot!

The first two statements release the negative pattern, and the last statement replaces the negative pattern with a positive one.

"I release all belief, perception and judgement that I must suffer"
"I release all need and desire to suffer"
"I now completely accept and believe, and instruct my subconscious mind to believe, that men, women and God support and love me in my life."

You may choose the word "life" instead of "God", if you are more comfortable with that:

"I now completely accept and believe, and instruct my subconscious mind to believe, that men, women and Life support me unconditionally. I am loved."

The word God, unfortunately, is loaded with negative perceptions and judgements just as much as positive ones, which is why I have chosen the word "Life" as a possible substitute. When we replace the world God with Life, the meaning becomes a little clearer. God is simply life expressing itself, to know itself, and return to itself having gained the experience of knowing itself.

Even in our modern world, with all of its technology and advancement, we have failed to remember who we truly are and continue to deny who we are because our early programming says otherwise. Most of us seem to be half asleep, trying to get through the day, rather than trying to learn something from each day that we are blessed to live.

We seem to be quick to judge and dismiss that which cannot be "proven" by our science and technology. Yet, so much of our lives is based on the intangible thoughts, feelings and beliefs that underpin our entire existence and expression. These things are real but we cannot prove them because our technology cannot begin to compare to the inbuilt technology that lies within us:

"Your experience and your feelings about a thing represent what you factually and intuitively know about that thing. Words can only seek to symbolise what you know, and can often confuse what you know."
Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch

How we interact with our world is governed by our core beliefs about ourselves and our lives, which ultimately lead us to our experiences.

We need to reflect on life's journey, where it has already taken us and where it can take us. Ask yourself, "what are my beliefs about my closest relationships?" "What do I feel about those people and situations that are foremost in my mind?" "How can I change my perception?" "Can I forgive and move on?"

Ask yourself, "do I get up every morning and feel excited about the possibilities that life has to offer me?"

Asking pertinent questions of oneself is key to breaking limiting patterns of behaviour. Listening to and acting on one's higher purpose is essential to creating a life filled with joy, love and harmony. We can achieve our goals the hard way, or we can invite the presence and power of our higher nature to be with us and guide us in our thoughts, feelings and actions.

As Mahatma Ghandi said: "Carefully watch your THOUGHTS, for they become your WORDS. Manage and watch your WORDS, for they will become your ACTIONS. Consider and judge your ACTIONS, for they have become your HABITS. Acknowledge and watch your HABITS, for they shall become your VALUES. Understand and embrace your VALUES, for they become YOUR DESTINY."

The power of thought and emotion must be channelled and focused for it to serve us in our lives. Clarity comes from a release of discordant energy through awareness of what needs to change, the desire to grow and evolve to a more expansive state and the faith that we can achieve this in our lifetime.

Faith transcends our beliefs. We may believe that something is true because of a direct or indirect experience of it but, ultimately, faith is the feeling that we can achieve something despite all evidence to the contrary. The best way to nurture faith is to go inward and search for the ultimate presence that has always existed within you, one that is timeless, birthless and deathless.

Trust that you can find your inner strength and power, and it shall be revealed to you in due course. Let us trust ourselves again, let us trust life again, forgiving ourselves and all of the hurts of the past to embrace a new and glorious future.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Challenging the Primacy of DNA: How our beliefs control our biology

It is our inner interpretation of our life experience that determines whether we experience frustration and self-limitation or inner growth and evolution to a more peaceful, joyous way of living. It is my belief that deep within our hearts, each and every one of us desires to understand ourselves better and our relationship to the world in which we live.

Finally science is beginning to understand and admit to the great, underlying potential that each of us has to shape our reality and the destiny, not only of our own lives, but that of our planet. However, by their very nature, scientists are overly cautious creatures and tend to downplay the ramifications of discoveries which have the potential to change the world's view of reality.

Some older theories are so ingrained that they have become dogma and it is akin to heresy to state otherwise; indeed, a serious scientist can risk disrepute and the total rejection of esteemed peers and colleagues, thus leaving his or her career in tatters. Only the brave or foolhardy risk putting groundbreaking theories out there, even at this time.

I recently came across an article in The Big Issue on James Lovelock, the eminent scientist who was ridiculed forty years ago for developing the concept of Gaia. His theory stated that Earth was a huge self-regulating mechanism in which all things including the atmosphere, oceans, rocks and living organisms, exist in an ongoing feedback loop. Serious scientists then dismissed it as hippy nonsense but today his holistic concept of Gaia is now referred to as "Earth system science" and tops the political agenda.

Lovelock recognised this when he said "but that's what happens in science - it takes a long time to persuade colleagues it's real. You can't expect to do it in under twenty years."

Fortunately, we are all blessed at this time to have the work of key scientists appear in a language we can understand. Their insights are hitting the mainsteam through various new age publications. Anyone who is willing to take the time to explore this field, will find themselves being led through a fascinating journey to a greater understanding of themselves.

For those of us who are not keen to read such material, we do not need to have science validate everything we know and feel to be true in our hearts. Science cannot yet measure a thought or weigh an emotion but we know they exist and we witness their powerful effects every day in our lives, consciously or unconsciously. We are learning how reality functions in the laboratory of our own bodies and minds.

We have been taught in our schools and science books that we inherit disease and that we are they way we are because of our genes. It is such a disempowering view because we feel helpless to change anything about ourselves. If you believe that you cannot change, you won't even try.

New information is showing that we are not at the mercy of our genes. Our genes contain the potential for function and dysfunction but it is our environment that determines the manifestation of health or illness in our bodies. The environment certainly includes what we choose to eat, how we breathe, where we live and so forth but I believe it is our inner environment that is the most crucial factor here. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions create a positive or negative charge inside of our bodies and minds which affects us at all levels of our being and determines what happens inside our cells.

From a SRT perspective, we preprogram illness and disease at a Soul level and when the exact mix of frequencies occurs in our lives, the illness or disease is activated. This is something we have chosen to experience.

By clearing the program we allow the body-mind the possibility of tapping into a new state. We tap into the quantum field of possibilities, swapping our unhealthy vibration for a healthy one so that healing can take place. When a healing does not manifest, we must not apportion blame to the process but ask what we can learn from the experience.

You and I have the power to direct our physiology if we can understand and change our underlying core beliefs. The work of Dr Bruce Lipton, eminent scientist and cell biologist, led him to witness this first hand through his lifetime of study and application. As stated before, it is the energy that surrounds our cells determines what is happening inside our cells and this is a radical departure from current scientific beliefs which views us as chemical reactions, at the mercy of "faulty" genes.

The primacy of DNA is incomplete as theory. Genes cannot determine how we function because they are responding to something else, the environment. What makes this of critical importance ot us, is that our cells are responding to an invisible field of energy which is molded by our beliefs, so our beliefs control our biology. Gregg Braden, whose work has been critical in bringing this work to the general public in terms which are simple and easy to comprehend, has called this field The Divine Matrix.

Braden puts it to us that the power of human emotion, expressed as our beliefs, changes the quantum reality of our world and our body.

A profound study in the New England Journal of Medicine, 30th March 1996, stated that researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, reported unambiguous evidence of a baby boy who tested positive for HIV twice at 19 days of age and again one month later, yet this same boy appeared to have been HIV clear for at least four years when he was mandatorily re-tested before entering primary school.

This should have made front page news because it challenges everything that we currently assume to be true about our biology... but it didn't.

Through a process that mainstream science has yet to understand, this young boy created conditions in his body that eradicated the virus. It offers clear evidence that HIV does not have the 100% mortality rate that we once believed and it also shows the change that eradicated the virus happened in the boy's lifetime instead of showing up as a genetic mutation in a subsequent generation.

In my own work, a client who came to see me was an accident and emergency nurse, with a vast array of medical expertise behind her. At 34 weeks old, utrasound scans of her unborn child were showing that the kidneys had not developed properly, there was a large cyst on one of them, and that it was highly likely that the baby would lose one, if not both of them.

Fortunately, she knew about the power of belief and was not afraid to look beyond the boundaries imposed by her profession. After a full SRT clearing was done, she contacted me two weeks later to say that the scans were showing two healthy kidneys for the foetus and went on to have a normal, healthy baby despite all medical evidence to the contrary.

Both the above cases are viewed as a welcome anomaly by the mainstream scientific community. However, we must consider the far-reaching implications for these case studies and others like it. What is possible for one is possible for all.