Friday, December 12, 2008

The healing journey

As spiritual beings, we have ever-present access to higher guidance from SPIRIT. To receive this guidance, we need to practice being clear and neutral. When our emotions are running high or we are holding unforgiveness in our hearts, our High Self disconnects and we experience the illusion of separation.

Of course, there is no separation but we can experience life as being so. It is our choice in each moment which determines the quality of that moment. Ask yourself, am I willing to let go of my personal judgements and invite the warmth and compassion of SPIRIT to guide my interactions with self and others?

My experience of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is that it is one of the most effective healing modalities available to humanity at the present time because it allows the practitioner to be neutral and grounded, allowing SPIRIT to do the greater part of the work necessary to effect change. When using this system of healing, the practitioner can check for percentage accuracy and completeness, ensuring infinite accuracy and completeness on all levels of being.

One thing that is vital to understand, however, is that healing often happens in layers. When one is ready to heal, the changes can be dramatic and swift but just because SPIRIT can heal us in zero time (no time), doesn’t mean it will heal us of all our “problems” in one go. There may be a lesson that our situation is teaching us and it may also be teaching those who are closest to us as well. We also need to let go of our attachment to when the healing should happen or how it should happen.

I was teacher assisting on a SRT course recently and one of the brave souls present decided to bring up a lot of past and present life issues for clearing, which caused the person great difficulty in breathing properly.

We trusted that SPIRIT would do the necessary work to clear the energy but still the student continued to suffer… we needed to let go and trust that the healing would manifest in divine order at the right and perfect time for that person.

Just a couple of days after the course finished, this happened... a natural outpicturing of all the work that had been done earlier.

Often, down the road, other issues may come to light because we are ready to handle them. As we grow spiritually, we increase our vibratory rate and are capable of handling greater tasks and challenges.

We never stop creating challenges for ourselves because we are here to learn. Powerful healing modalities like SRT serve to give us better insight into how we can handle these challenges as well as removing discordant energies which prevent us moving through them quickly.

How many times do we hang on to old, destructive energy patterns that aren’t serving our highest good? SRT can help us understand the many archetypal patterns which are stored within us and any erroneous beliefs stored within us which are sabotaging our desire for love, peace and joy.

No healing modality is able to clear something that the soul is not willing to let go of. Therefore, we must work with the soul to effect real change. As the planet’s consciousness rises, we can more easily clear our programming back to the void.

It’s not what happens to us but the energy we attach to the people, circumstances and events which enter our lives that causes us to experience love or suffering. We make decisions that take less than a nano-second and it is these choices which lead us to the outcomes we see unfolding before us.

SRT and Reiki help to clear the Akashic records, giving us the possibility of making clearer, self-empowered decisions which will bring harmony and wholeness. This is not a library stored in heaven somewhere, just as SPIRIT is not an old man sitting on a cloud watching over us. We contain the spark of our Divine Creator within us, and the Akashic records are stored within our first six bodies. We are walking around in the Akashic records, or at least a subset of it.

Darkness is a part of the great eternal that we call SPIRIT. It is not necessarily bad and we can choose to move to a greater understanding through bringing things into the light. It is only by accepting the totality of ourselves that we can become whole and free. We cannot push our feelings down into the depths of ourselves and choose to ignore them. We can only release that which we love, otherwise we are bound to repeat the lesson.

“Man minus ego equals God” – Sai Baba

We must constantly practise perception or discernment. No one can make us feel a certain way - our perception causes energy to move, creating an emotion, so if we can quickly recognise our judgement about a situation, we can choose to release it.

SRT and Reiki allow us to focus on the spiritual aspects of healing. From SPIRIT’s point of view, everything is okay, even when we are dealing with terminal illness. SRT and Reiki allow us to find and clear energies that are blocking the healing process.

Modern medicine has its place but falls into the trap of seeing the body as a mechanic device whose parts need fixing from time to time. Cutting edge quantum science is much closer to proving the truth of the matter. We are light stepped down vibrationally into physical form.

We actually know very little from our limited conscious mind perspective. Soul healing modalities like SRT and Reiki allow us to go to the highest (or deepest) level possible since we cannot merely address the symptoms to effect real change. The only way to greater understanding is through the Higher Power, the grandest part of ourselves.

We must endeavour to remember that everything is in Divine Order, whether we like it or not. Affirming this in our thoughts and actions allows us to be in the flow. When we resist life, we create more of what we don’t want, and this ultimately brings us more pain and suffering.

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