Friday, November 07, 2008

Healing through the Heart

Most of our karmic patterning is set up within the etheric body, which we can sometimes perceive about half an inch away from our skin, and triggers in our daily lives cause this patterning to manifest itself as illness or dis-ease in our physical body.

Richard Gerber, M.D., in his book Vibrational Medicine, describes how "in reality, it is the organising principle of the etheric body which maintains and sustains the growth of the physical body."

Living in a state of limitation and feeling alienated from our physical bodies, we cannot activate our heart chakra and predominantly operate from the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras. Most of our interactions stem from karmic patterning, power, lust, greed and negative ego. The chaotic results of this behaviour are only too apparent in our world today.

To experience higher, peaceful, spirit-oriented communication and interaction we must learn how to be fully in the body. Soul-level healing modalities such as Reiki and Spiritual Response Therapy activate the heart chakra, empowering clients to begin to tap into their higher chakras, transcending their karmic, limiting patterns of the past.

Today, our urbanised, technological world has greatly exacerbated that feeling of separation from our Divine Self and many of us feel constant pressure to complete this task or that, never taking a break, always reaching for the next goal post. We have forgotten how to just be.

This persistent state of alienation in both our personal and professional lives means we are less able to deal effectively with daily challenges and we often develop coping mechanisms which develop into bad habits and finally illness in the body-mind.

Stress is defined as a "state of mental, emotional, or other strain." Whilst most of us have been conditioned to believe that stress can be positive for us, strain on the physical, emotional, mental or energy body is never a good thing.

Illness, or the manifestation of disease, results from the manifestation of toxins in the body caused by stress and other factors such as, a lack of physical exercise, poor eating habits and constant negative physical, emotional and mental habits. If toxins cannot be quickly eliminated, the toxicity increases until the balance in the body tips from health to illness.

Since we perceive ourselves as separate from Spirit, we unwittingly screen out our higher impulses. Activating, or opening, the heart chakra helps to develop compassion, connection and understanding for those around us as well as our own life circumstances and conditions, allowing us to become open to the higher messages of Spirit and the healing forces within. We are empowered to understand and transmute any negativity we may be feeling.

Healing is about becoming whole again, understanding that we are more than just a physical body. We must recognise that the body has its own consciousness, that it serves as a vehicle for Spirit, but that we are also operating through our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It is important to balance all of our bodies for a lasting transformation to occur.

If we continue to maintain the illusion of separation, we will only experience more pain and suffering because we have not remembered who we really are, nor understood the lesson.

"The heart chakra, as the exact center of the personal mandala, suffers the greatest loss, and causes the greatest damage if it should fall too out of its place. Imbalances within the heart (the central core) can throw the entire system off balance. Not only is balance between the upper and lower chakras and between the mind and body necessary, but also between inner and outer, between self and transcendence." Judith Anodea, Ph.D., Wheels of Life

As the heart chakra opens up, we shift into deeper and deeper levels of consciousness and it begins to take predominance over the other chakras. Most chakras are portrayed as conical, narrowing in the center, and spinning. As the heart chakra opens up, we mutate and the chakra system begins to merge into a unified field, as well as the energy bodies around us. This is a beautiful experience because it frees us from fear so that we can experience who we really are.

Breath, as related to the element air, is one of the primary keys to opening the heart chakra. Unfortunately, the average person does not breathe very deeply because of bad habits they have been taught as a child growing up and this keeps them functioning at a lower level of consciousness than they need to be. If we can learn to breathe deeply again, we can use our intention and breath to quickly transmute our negative feelings into positive ones. This is one of the golden keys for healing the body-mind.

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