Thursday, October 02, 2008

Reiki as a spiritual practice

As the pace of life continues to accelerate, it is even more imperative that we all learn to slow down and focus inwardly.

Many people are being drawn to learning about healing modalities such as Reiki because it promotes self-awareness and helps them to find a sense of balance and perspective. With daily practice of simple energetic techniques and clear intent, Reiki students find they are able to relax, detaching from the moment to moment pressures of the outer world and understanding at an energetic level what inner changes need to occur to bring about greater peace and health.

Yet others are being drawn to yoga, tai chi, qi qong, and pilates and other forms of body movement which naturally brings through an experiential understanding of the invisible energy, commonly referred to as Chi or Ki, that permeates all of life. Body and mind are one, so working with the body will naturally have an effect on one's thought processes.

A practice is something one does with regularity, consistency, and a strong desire for improvement but whereas a practice often reflects the needs and desires of the personality, a spiritual practice is something one does that honours the Soul.

A spiritual practice can renew our sense of purpose, removing the outer mask that prevents true self-expression, allowing more love and joy to unfold in every area of our lives, from performing the most mundane trivial task to the exciting new experiences that we wish to embrace.

We are all born with a sense of wonder and a knowing that we are interconnected with everyone and everything around us. Challenges throughout our lives often cause us to put up a barrier which prevents further harm but which begins to isolate us from others and from our true self. We simply need to find a way to feel connected again.

In truth we are never separate from our world but we can easily perceive the world to be a fearful, harsh place, one that is separate from our own existence and from which we need to shield ourselves and our loved ones.

Many people are drawn to Reiki through what I call limit situations, a string of seemingly unrelated bad experiences that continue to plague their physical, emotional and mental health.

Reiki is an ancient form of healing and spirituality that honours humans as spiritual beings and reveres the Earth as a living, conscious entity. Practicing Reiki can help those of us living urbanised and technologised lives to understand how to understand themselves and their place in society and how to live in harmony and kinship with each other and with Mother Earth herself.

The gift of Reiki allows a practitioner to begin to view life and life's challenges from a detached, spiritual perspective, not easily achieved in a state of ordinary consciousness. The daily practice of Reiki can help us create that little space for ourselves now, realising that outer distractions and commitments will always be there.

Have your dreams fallen to the wayside? Did you have ideas about what you would like to learn, do, or try out? So many of us have said to ourselves, "when I have more time...", "when I have more money...", "when the kids grow up...", "when I get a pay rise...", the list of limiting ideas is endless.

Most of us have had deep, inner longings that we have brushed aside because we were socialised to do so from a very young age. We did not stop to question the outside authority that dictated to us. With the planetary shifts that are occurring with increasing frequency, it is becoming harder and harder for many of us to continue ignoring these stirrings of the Soul.

Are you watching too much TV, slumping down on the couch, snacking on unhealthful foods, only to realise that the evening is over and you feel even more tired than before. What would happen if you changed your routine and went for a walk after dinner? What would happen if you gave yourself permission to have a bath and curl up in bed with an inspiring book, one that would give you new ideas about what you could do?

It is not so much about learning new ideas than breaking down old, limiting patterns that have accumulated during our lifetimes. By committing to self-healing, by breaking away from these old habits, we can gradually discover our true natures. The universe has a flow and so do we. It is much easier to go with the flow than against it. Reiki can allow us to heal the timeline and synchronise our hearts and minds once again.

Reiki can teach us how to own our power again. When we block our own power and expression, we are withdrawn and appear cold and controlling. This control takes energy to maintain but it does not produce energy. Our natural enthusiasm for activities diminishes and we have to “manufacture” energy for our projects, reaching for stimulants such as coffee or sweets.

When we withdraw from life, we become a closed system, instead of the naturally dynamic system that we are meant to be. Our expression turns in on itself, often in anger and self-criticism, which wears us down further. Reiki can help us love ourselves again, getting in touch with our true desires. If we are not loving with ourselves, if we are not connected to Spirit, we have no spark.

Within a culture and educational system that teaches powerlessness as a way of fostering social co-operation, we must re-examine our concept of power. Reiki teaches “power within” as opposed to “power over”. Reiki is heart centred. Reiki focuses on the unity of all life, helping us to act in way that empowers our own lives and everyone whose lives we touch.

The system of Reiki is for everyone, whether young or old, whether child, teenager or adult. Each can benefit from drawing more Ki through them to strengthen and cleanse their inner core. No matter what the physical, emotional or mental state, it can only be of benefit.

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