Saturday, September 13, 2008

The natural ebb and flow of money

There is a natural rhythm to money, just as there is a natural cycle to everything in life. Every business has an ebb and flow. Every person has cycles in life, times when money is coming in more than it is going out and vice versa.

Our challenge is not to go up and down emotionally with the natural ebb and flow of money in our lives and to instead use these cycles in a way that furthers our prosperity.

This is particularly important at this time of financial insecurity and prophesies of doom and gloom. The economy has been in a state of ebb for the previous twelve months with many feeling the effects of the "global credit crunch" which has been caused by various factors - an increase in petrol, food and fuel prices and negative equity in the property market to name a few.

Unfortunately, our media are conditioned to draw our attention to these negative "facts" over and over again, which is making daily life a much more painful reality than it needs to be. Remember that whatever we give our energy, focus and attention to, we attract more of - economic conditions are more affected by our beliefs and expectations, than by oil prices or political acts. This is true for each of us personally, as well as for everyone globally.

The challenge of an ebb state is to believe in our future prosperity whilst taking positive action steps to affirm that prosperity now. If you are living your life with joy, affirming abundance through every thought you think, every word you speak and every action you take, you will not be as harshly affected as others might be. With higher and higher levels of self-mastery, you will be able to draw to you what you need when you need it, and be less affected by natural or global cycles.

An excellent affirmation to start the day with is, "My energy is open and flowing in every area of my life."

Have you noticed that there are, in fact, many honest people who find their abundance increasing during an economic downturn. This is easily shrugged off as mere chance but closer observation often reflects a degree of awareness and mastery.

The demand for organic food is a good example of a market where sales have actually been increasing despite the pundits sounding the death knell for the organic market earlier on this year. Since organic farming relies less on expensive chemical inputs and uses less energy than conventional farming methods it has been shielded from escalating seed, spray and fuel costs. Further, many consumers have realised that not only is it great for the environment and one's bodily and energetic health but it can actually be far cheaper than buying "low cost" food from the supermarkets.

My personal experience of the global credit crunch has been that demand for my services has actually doubled over the last twelve months. I have found that, rather than people seeing energy work as a luxury service, clients and students have seen it as a vital step to bring themselves into balance, which in turn has allowed them to attract greater physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial abundance.

During this time of personal and planetary change, we need to avoid internal and external criticism as much as possible, refraining from blaming politicians, countries, or anyone else for our personal circumstances or the global economy. Blame is a sure method of giving our power away and places us in the victim role energetically speaking. This lowers our energies and brings us yet more experiences of lack and victimhood.

I suggest trying to find daily examples of prosperity and good fortune to buoy your faith and increase your own magnetism to abundance. We all need to feed our minds, hearts and bodies with loving energy, and give ourselves permission to see with "rose tinted" glasses.

Picking up a copy of the latest Big Issue (September 8th-14th), I felt blessed to read some fascinating stories of vendors who have used the magazine as a springboard to fulfil their potential. It filled my heart with joy and deserves a mention here.

Three years ago, Spanish born Big Issue vendor, Carlos Gonzalez was on his pitch doing his customary magazine juggling tricks when something amazing happened. A photographer for the National Geographic magazine, who he had shown his own photos to a few weeks before, gave him a professional camera.

The photographer was in his seventies and couldn't work much longer due to his Parkinson's disease, so he gave me Gonzalez one of his cameras. It was a turning point for the 33-year-old, who from that moment began to take his hobby for photography more seriously. He started going out specifically to 'hunt' for photos, discovering what subjects he preferred and developing his style.

Gonzalez's launch as a professional art photographer came about soon afterwards, when the Big Issue Foundation was the guest charity at the Affordable Art Fair. Seeing an opportunity, he asked if he could have a stand. He was told to "be realistic" and that he "probably wouldn't sell anything" but he wanted to do it anyway. Following his inner guidance he ended up selling 75 prints at £80 each!

Since then, his images have proved hugely popular, selling in their hundreds and prompting six exhibitions around the capital. Many of shots, which are never digitally retouched, show iconic sights of London but from a totally new perspective.

Focusing on stories such as these is an effective way to step out of negativity, whether internally or externally generated.

Doreen Virtue, well-known author and clairvoyant who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended-master realms, offers us the following loving advice: "If you are around someone (including a media report) who is making negative statements about money or the economy, silently (or aloud if the person is open-minded) say: 'Cancel, Clear, Delete' or 'In spiritual truth, we are all perfectly and abundantly supported. I now open my arms to receive and share plentifully.' "

The key to mastery is detachment from the outcome, both mentally and emotionally. We are invited to bring joy into our lives and to rest our minds knowing that our finances are already divinely resolved.

Whenever we receive strong intuitive leads to do something positive, we must take action without delay, honouring our inner guidance. Important messages often come to us as an emotional or physical feeling, an idea or flash of inspiration, a vision or dream, or words that we hear.

If you are experiencing ebb, release yourself from fear and self-punishment. Use ebb periods to get clear about money in your life. Continue to see yourself as prosperous and ask yourself what advantages the situation brings. There is always a higher reason for changes in the flow. You may have more time to start doing the things you have been wanting to do: acquiring new knowledge, thinking, relaxing, exploring new avenues, going away for a few days, having some me-time. Not being busy might offer you the opportunity to look at new directions your work could take.

Ultimately there is always a way out of an ebb. The key is to recognise your ever-present abundance and allow your creativity to flow from within you out into your external world. Expect the best! The more you can appreciate the gifts you are receiving, even though the tide is out, the rapidly the tide will come back in.

Rest assured that the economic gloom will soon pass since a new wave of energy and economic prosperity is already flowing in. Be like the surfer who waits patiently and attentively in the water - ready to catch it!

Friday, September 05, 2008

The science behind sound

According to quantum physics, everything in the universe is in a state of vibration - from the nucleus of an atom to planets spinning around suns in both our own galaxy and distant galaxies. If it is vibrating, then it is emitting a sound.

One of the basic principles of using sound as a transformative and healing modality is that every part of the body is in a state of vibration, every organ, tissue, muscle, bone, system etc. Together they make up a composite frequency, a harmonic that is unique as a fingerprint. This personal vibratory signature encircles the whole body with an electromagnetic field, which clairvoyants perceive as the human aura, and which can be recorded by means of Kirlian photography.

Each of our bodies is a finely tuned instrument, capable of instantaneously changing its frequency based on its surrounding environment. This principle is known as entrainment. We only have to compare how we feel when we are lying out on the grass in an open field with being cramped on a crowded commuter train after a long day at work to realise that we are, in fact, changing our frequency, or state, all the time. Our environment affects us to a greater or lesser degree, depending on our physical, emotional and mental makeup.

When we are in a state of wellbeing or "sound health", we can say that the body is emitting an overall harmonic of health. However, when there is a frequency in our body that is counter to our health, it creates disharmony which often results in dis-ease. Using an externally created sound, coupled with clear, focused intention, it is possible to project a "healing" sound into the body, reminding the body of its natural resonant frequency, thereby restoring the blueprint for perfect health again.

In 1787, Ernst Chladni published "Discoveries in the Theory of Sound", describing patterns seen by placing sand on metal plates which were made to vibrate by stroking the edge of the plate with a bow. This caused a particular sound frequency which was transmitted through the plate to the sand.

cymatics photographInspired by systems research and the work of Ernst Chladni, Swiss scientist Hans Jenny began showing the effects of sound waves on many different types of material, including pastes, liquids, and plastics. Jenny placed these various substances on a steel plate, vibrating the plate with a crystal oscillator, and photographed the effects. He coined the term Cymatics, derived from the Greek kyma meaning "wave" and ta kymatika meaning "matters pertaining to waves".

Oscillators are devices which produce vibrations, for example an electronic massage device. If you turn it on and it will vibrate or oscillate. If you place the massager on a bone you can feel how the vibrations are amplified over your body. Touching the massager to your bone is akin to Dr. Jenny attaching his oscillator to a metal plate. The plate amplified the vibrations of the oscillator. From this, it is easy to see that our bodies are amplifiers of sound waves, or vibrational frequencies.

Dr Jenny's work demonstrates positive proof of the amazing power of sound to create form, and to change form. Water, which we all know makes up at least 80% of the human body, took on extraordinary geometric forms in Jenny's experiments.

Many who are attracted to Dr. Jenny's work are artistic and "right brain" by nature because they are inspired by the beauty of his cymatic pictures and are able to sense instantly what they mean. Yet Dr. Jenny's writings are pure science, setting forth a thorough study of vibration befitting an accomplished physicist and systems researcher.