Thursday, August 28, 2008

Learning to receive: staying in the Heart

Learning how to receive is just as important as learning how to give because the law of circulation governs all areas of our lives.

If we are good at loving others, we must also allow ourselves to be good receivers of love and let others love us. If we are good at giving our time to our loved ones, we must also become willing to let others donate their time and energy to helping us when we need it.

If we do not honour this natural cycle of give and take, we will at some point experience lack because will not have enough to give to others. The universe is made of energy, moving in waves and cycles. There is a natural rhythm to life and as you tap into that rhythm you will notice there is a natural exchange of energy between you and the outside world.

Have you ever had someone offer you a gift for some work you had voluntarily done and you found yourself saying no, even though you would have liked to receive it at the time? Perhaps you saw the other as being poor and not able to afford to give you anything.

We are here to focus our spiritual power and create Heaven on Earth. We must choose to hold the other in abundance, gratefully receiving the gifts that the universe brings us through whichever channels are right and appropriate for us.

We are constantly choosing what we wish to manifest at each moment of time and point of space, with conscious intent or unconsciously. Therefore, let us choose to accept that abundance is everywhere, even where we cannot see it.

Often when you ask for something, you will find yourself going through unexpected changes to prepare you for having what you want. Your attitude or perspective may need changing to free an energy block.

If you are asking for more money but do not value your time and energy, spending all your time giving away your services, or pursuing activities that do not bring you joy, it will be much more difficult to attract it.

We need to give thanks in advance. Gratitude is not something we have to do because our parents told you to do it. The resonance of gratitude in your body takes us out of our head and into our heart. It allows us to open to receive more, raising our consciousness and magnetising us to what you want.

When we give thanks, the Universe sets up a sound to match our Heart Song.

Mental thanks is okay but it is the emotional, heartfelt sense of gratitude which is the most important. By giving thanks, you bring light through your crown center at the top of your head, through the gateway of your heart. If we can focus our attention on what we want, and stay open in our heart to receive the essence of our request, then we will have it that much quicker.

A feeling of gratitude and inner peace provides access to our abstract mind, balancing the left and right brain, allowing us to conceptualise with frameworks of beliefs and realities that lie beyond our habitual way of thinking. The abstract mind is able to see the larger picture of our lives.

You may have noticed that highly evolved souls and great teachers spend much of their time appreciating and thanking the Universe. In their meditation they feel true humility and gratitude for everything they are given, even during their darkest moments.

Creating a gratitude journal and listing the things you appreciate each and every day is a powerful way to link to the heart and become a conscious co-creator of your world. The process of writing down ideas and speaking them puts them out into the world of form infinitely more quickly than just thinking them. The hands and throat are two powerful centres of manifestation.

Gratitude is healing to the emotions. Imagine that your body is a pool of water and that your thoughts and emotions cast ripples, much like throwing a stone into a pond. Most of us have so many ripples that we are not able to distinguish between them. In fact, some ripples cancel each other out!

A state of mental detachment and emotional surrender from the outcome allows us the inner peace to receive the essence of what we have asked for. If we are tense, nervous, or stressed, then it will take longer for the outcome to manifest. Our energy flows best when we are relaxed.

To know what we truly need and manifest the essence, it is important to be still. When we are calm and clear and use the emotion of gratitude, we are using the most magnetic part of ourselves to attract events, people and objects.

A good affirmation to say each day is "I am a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual magnet, attracting to myself all people, places, circumstances and events which bless and prosper me in all ways. I am attracting my highest good."

The challenge then is to give thanks every day, no matter what. To feel this in your heart and to express it with your words and your actions.

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