Sunday, June 22, 2008

Manifesting Perfect Health

We have a tendency to be well. Each cell of the trillions of cells in our bodies knows this and diligently plays its role to help us maintain optimum health and vitality.

However, quite often throughout our lives we may find ourselves faced with health challenges, some small and some big. The key is to understand the metaphysical reason for dis-ease and realise that our bodies are the perfect feedback mechanism, mirroring to us the quality of our choices of thought, feeling, emotion, breath and nutrition.

In each moment, we must endeavour to be self-aware and ask ourselves if we are affirming the life principle or denying it. Are we struggling against life or are we honouring it? Whenever we are unwell, no matter how big or small the condition, we are invited to remember that we are being given a message.

Total acceptance of one's condition and present state allows the possibility of perfect health to manifest again because it implies a state of non-resistance. In a neutral state, we allow ourselves the possibility of focusing our vibration (thought and feeling) on the desired outcome.

Whenever we focus on the discomfort, the irritation and the pain, we are merely reinforcing the reality that already exists. Being neutral in the face of discomfort allows the possibility of a different reality to manifest in the body.

Forgiveness of oneself, others and the condition neutralises any internal resistance which is continuing to create the reality we wish to be free of. Forgiveness brings mind, heart and body into a state of equilibrium and paves the way for a new, higher vibration to manifest.

Gregg Braden, author of The God Code, and The Isaiah Effect, points out that "the diagnosis of a condition is not necessarily either incorrect or correct. In the absence of allowing for other possibilites, it is simply incomplete."

In a world of infinite possibilites, prayer is a vital way to reconnect with the Godself within each and everyone of us and restore balance to our inner and outer worlds. Jesus always recognised his relationship to his Father, All-That-Is, by saying "my father and I are one" before he performed any sort of healing. His inner knowledge allowed him to tap into the power of the Universe to create miracles.

Today, many of us have been socialised to rely purely on Western Medicine which sees the body as a complex machine, whose parts need fixing from time to time. We have allowed ourselves to become separated from the truth and because we have given our power away so often, we struggle to regain our health and self-esteem when faced with a major illness. Anxiety and worry are the norm.

We must learn to recognise the body as the vehicle for the Soul, a living consciousness. We know that we are more than just a body and prayer can establish perfect pattern of health in the body by tapping into the divine blueprint. Rather than being an outdated form of healing, prayer is both a timeless science and art form. The Essene masters invited us to focus the power of prayer's individual elements - thought, feeling and emotion, experienced as our mind, heart and body - into a single, focused outcome. Essene texts remind us that our body, heart and mind work together in much the same way as a chariot, horse and driver.

The veil between worlds is quickly disappearing. Time is appearing to speed up and the effects of our choices are being seen more and more quickly in our lives. We are a part of all that we perceive in this world, so how will we choose to define ourselves as we begin to wake up and remember who we really are? Will we make self-empowered choices that tap into our inner wisdom and abilities to heal ourselves, or will we continue to be slaves to those who would disempower us, so that they can profit from our lack of trust in Spirit?

Choose health. Choose life. Choose to reconnect with the deepest part of yourself that transcends time and space and be free from the illusion.