Monday, March 31, 2008

Awakening to our true identity and place in the Universe

This universe, as many of us are beginning to realise, is infinitely vast and complex and this life that we see is but a reflection of a much grander, vaster truth. God's infinite universe is filled with life and it is the height of egoism to think that humans are the only life form to exist or be self-aware. I have verfied the information I present to you here through working with my High Self and I believe that it is completely accurate.

Virtually every year across the world we are blessed with the formation of Crop Circles - a term used to describe complex geometric shapes, often circular, that have been "made" by the flattening of crops such as wheat, barley, rapeseed (also called "canola"), rye, corn, linseed and soy.

These astounding patterns have been largely dismissed by the media as fake but when you consider the evidence, it is obvious that these shapes could not have been created by mankind at its present level of consciousness, using its comparatively limited technology.

Wherever the crop circles are made, the stalks are gently bent horizontally, often with multi-level layering; the plants are not broken and continue to grow until harvested by the farmer. The plant and soil samples have been analysed in laboratories showing they are affected at the cellular level.

The hoaxes that were focused upon by our media actually insult the integrity of this incredibly intricate work, which is a major blessing from a highly advanced alien race called the Arcturians. My High Self assures me these patterns have been created each year across our entire planet for thousands of years - we have only just discovered them relatively recently.

The Arcturians believe that we all came from the same source and that we were all created in light. Seeing us as younger brothers and sisters, they seek to lift our consciousness and help humanity liberate itself from a course of self-destruction which is being instigated by darker forces at hand.

But much more than simply conveying a message of hope, the Arcturians are Masters of Frequency creating these powerful Sacred Geometric Shapes at key points on the World Grid to help restore balance to our sacred planet.

One aspect that unites all the crop circles across the world is that they occur in the vicinity of sites our ancestors considered sacred. Although these locations are known and watched during the summer months, no one has seen a crop circle in the process of forming. Usually there is a flash of light and the crop circle appears moments afterwards.

Our governments are very aware of the presence of extraterrestials, and their messages for humanity. So you wonder why more of this type of information doesn't come out in the press and on TV? Unfortunately, for many years, members of the dark forces have been acting insidiously; they have infiltrated key positions of wealth and power and own our networks. So, when such information has come out in the past, they have gone into action to stifle it or discredit it completely.

There was a great sense of awakening at the beginning of the 20th century and this was cut short by the short-sighted egotism of the few. We are now at that point again and it is time to open our eyes to the infinite possibilites and really demand to know what is out there.

For those of you who want to know more about Extraterrestrial Life and Sacred Geometry, I highly recommend reading "Hidden Mysteries" by Joshua David Stone and "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The walls that block our highest good

As we move through our daily experience of life, sometimes we encounter people, circumstances or situations that bring us pain.

The natural reaction is to put a wall up around ourselves to protect us from further harm or hurt. When we were children these actions may have been necessary but as adults these walls that shield us from attack also serve to imprison us, breaking our lines of communication with ourselves and others, and preventing us from receiving intuitive guidance from our higher selves.

The responsibility of forgiveness and letting go rests with us. We have to learn to tear down these walls we have built around us. If you live in house surrounded by stone, how can you know what the sun feels like? Perhaps at first we need a window or doorway that will allow a little light in?

The way to do this is through the heart. This organ actually has an intelligence of its own far, far beyond what our mainstream scientists recognise who merely see it as a passive organ, a slave to the brain. However, those on the cutting edge of science are recognising what we light workers have known for ages past - that the human heart has its own intelligence which links us to the cosmos and all of life.

"Love is more than an emotion, it is the beam of energy that guides us Home into the arms of Infinity. And compassion is the nest that protects us from the unknown and our fears. The Sacred Space in each of our Hearts is the key, my friends. There, beyond the mind and its insistent thoughts that never tire, is a pool of calm clear water that is older than the most distant star." Drunvalo Melchizedek.

For those of you who are guided to, please read "Living in the Heart" by Drunvalo Melchizedek which is cutting-edge material on this most profound subject.

Notice that when you are feeling good, you feel light and you can probably sense that your heart feels open. However, when something happens that causes you pain, notice the tendency to move out of the heart down towards the area around your belly button. This area is where the seat of individuality and ego lies.

The key to breaking down these walls it to try to remain in the heart whenever something is going wrong. If you allow your attention and consciousness to move into ego, then it is likely that you will want to cause harm or hurt back, and that you will build a protective wall around yourself.

Whenever something causes you pain or tension, breathe deeply and let go. This is the first step since much of our tension can be released through the conscious act of breathing. Usually breathing is an automatic habit but it can be controlled through intention and will power.

Secondly, try to see the situation with the eyes of love and not hurt. Why is the other person acting that way? A loving word will often diffuse the situation quickly whereas a spiteful word will add fuel to the fire.

Thirdly, bless and forgive the situation. Ask yourself what life is trying to teach you. If you can quickly move to discovery of the "lesson", it is more likely that you will move beyond your own limiting response.

Fourthly, notice if you have constructed any walls to protect yourself and mentally affirm that you are loving and open. Say a prayer to connect you to your Mighty I Am Presence and ask your Higher Self to remove these walls and align you with your highest truth, letting the love and wisdom flow down from above.

There is great strength in being open and vulnerable. Society has taught us to be closed, which is causing us separation from God and those around us.

However, please be aware that being "open" does not mean that you should offload your emotions onto everyone around you. Being open means being aware of your thoughts and feelings and sharing them at appropriate times.

Being open means that you can let go of negativity so much more quickly than if you are closed. The river that has a dam around it has no outlet and the water level rises. If you consider that the human body is made up of 70-80% water and that water is responsible for carrying our emotions, we can quickly see that our negative emotions get trapped by our walls (dams) and become more intense (raise their levels).

Best to remove the dam and let the water circulate - let your emotions move through you and learn to let go of negative ones quickly.