Monday, January 07, 2008

Manifesting your dreams

2008 is a “1” year numerologically speaking, which means it is a good year for confident, creative new beginnings.

Adding all of the digits together, 2+0+0+8, we receive the sum of 10. Add these two digits together 1+0, and you have a 1. The number 1 means that our thoughts are instantly manifesting into form, so the key to enjoying a blissful 2008 is to keep your thoughts focused on love and everything that affirms the highest and best within you.

In order to take advantage of the high spiritual energy that is creating massive change across our planet, it is important to be aware of the different levels of our being that we use to co-create our reality.

Firstly, we have the action plane, the physical. This is the one most of us are familiar with - i.e. what are we doing to achieve our goals? However, it is not the only one and if we are constantly “doing” things without being aware of the other levels of our being, then we might just be missing the mark.

Let us start then with the mental plane and come back to the physical later.

The mental plane is where our thoughts reside. As mentioned in a previous blog “Thought forms” (April 08, 2007), whenever we think about something, we immediately form a mental image of it called a 'thought form'.

It may surprise you to learn that thoughts have shape, size, weight and even texture. If we have the same thought over and over again, it gains strength and may actually appear in our reality in some way. This process of thinking about something and then seeing it in our lives is called manifestation.

Our consciousness, or mind, then is responsible for producing the results we experience which we label as either good or bad. If we are fearful in some way, the energy tends to produce a negative outcome and if we are harmonious and loving, the energy we carry tends to produce a positive one.

Today, in our society, the most common ill is that our minds are constantly cluttered with all kinds of random thoughts which aren’t in alignment with our true purpose. If our thoughts are all over the place, then perhaps our lives are mirrors for our vacillating thoughts? As well as focusing on love, having steady thoughts is essential for conscious manifestation.

It is also important to be aware of our emotions. How do we feel at any given time and point of space? Usually, we move through the day entering various different states – happy, sad, joyful, disappointed, irritated, relaxed, nervous, to name just a few.

If we are thinking about something, we will usually have a conditioned, emotional response to it. As we become more aware of ourselves, we can learn to undo past conditioned patterns and stop generating negative emotions when we start to think negatively. It is the energy behind any thought which gives it strength and power.

Spiritually, we must be aligned with our purpose. It is important to realise that certain wants, needs and desires have been programmed into our subconscious but they may not bring us the inner joy, wisdom and peace of mind that we crave. If things are not working in your life, if you are hitting blocks and feeling down, you need to take time to just be. Relax, go for a walk in the local park and commune with nature, visit a place of worship and let you body and mind be filled with thoughts and sounds of a higher vibration.

Take the time to connect to your Higher Self/Higher Aspects of Consciousness. Please read "Short meditation for connecting to Spirit", published 07 June 2008. Once you feel connected, ask for guidance on moving forward. You may ask for advice on any subject. Once you have asked, let it go "knowing" that you will receive an answer. Ask that the answer be delivered clearly to you.

Lastly, is the physical aspect of manifestation. What are we doing to bring our dreams and goals into reality? What are the key steps we need to take?

It is important to listen and act quickly on inner guidance. At first, you may doubt yourself, but with practice you will develop your ability to sense what is right for you and what is not. Similarly, it is also important to analyse your results and do this with detachment and discernment.

We can now see that just “doing” without being aware of our thoughts and emotions, or the deep feelings we have about ourselves and situation we are involved in, is akin to walking in the dark. To really see, we must endeavour to bring our physical actions and our thoughts, feelings and emotions into one coherent, harmonious whole.

A good affirmation to say upon waking up is “I am a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual magnet attracting to myself all people, places, circumstances and events that bless and prosper me in all ways.”

I would also like to leave you with a powerful prayer from Doreen Virtue: “I ask that you open my heart to Divine Love, and help me to feel safe, protected, and energized. Please help me to adjust my life so that it is in alignment with my truth and integrity. Help me to release any emotional energy drains, now and completely. Help me to release any old anger, unforgiveness, resentment, or other emotional toxins, now and forever. Help me to have the courage to be my true self in all ways. Thank you, Amen.”

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